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What Are the Next Big Trends in AI? | Latest AI Trends to Look Out

By Manas Kochar Category Artificial Intelligence Reading time 6 mins Published on Apr 26, 2023

Know the AI Trends Set to Shake up the World This Year

The willingness of businesses to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology confirms the rising state of AI in the upcoming years. As the technology evolves into bigger and better applications, more investments may occur, resulting in an AI expansion beyond belief. Businesses must be prepared with the latest AI trends to ride the wave of technological advancements in the next few years.

We have already witnessed the latest trends in artificial intelligence, as examples in ChatGPT, DALL E-2, and many others that came last year. This year also brings the possibility of advancements in the field of AI. Because AI technology trends in 2023 leap forward with applications like Metaverse and chatbots. The potential of such technologies in solving problems occurring in the real world can be observed.

Recent trends in artificial intelligence suggest a push toward the execution of AI programs, which will be focused on addressing some critical issues. Such issues include security and fraud, environmental problems, medical care, and more. These programs will confront world issues straight up rather than just increase profits for businesses.

Without taking much time, let's discuss the top AI trends in 2023 that will change the landscape of digital technology.

Trend 1:- Technological advancements in NLP

Advanced natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most eye-catching AI trends to come out. It is being used in many applications, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and language translation software.

As the market for these applications increases, NLP will also boost its usage in other areas. More companies are likely to realize NLPs potential this year as OpenAI's GPT-3 makes considerable strides in the market. In fact, we already have the latest version of the technology, GPT-4.

The NLP market is supposed to be valued at 357 billion dollars by 2030. The current trends in AI suggest that the technology is moving towards a bright future with speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and conversational AI.

NLP will continue to innovate and improve ways for machines to analyze text in a human-readable format. Businesses focusing on customer relationship improvement can apply NLP to increase their understanding of consumer behavior, resulting in a net profit.

A robot is standing before a screen and examining various analytic data.

Trend 2:- Innovations in AI search through Generative AI

As soon as ChatGPT was released, it took over the internet by storm, and a horde of consumers began testing its potential. Since then, the tech giants have started racing to develop the next big thing in generative AI. Among the top AI trends in 2022 was the implementation of generative AI in search systems to improve their accuracy.

The year 2023 has already witnessed innovative applications of generative AI early on. Microsoft has debuted its collaborative AI search engine with Bing-powered by ChatGPT technology. Google has also released Bard, their version of the AI search engine, to challenge Microsoft's search engine.

These generative AI trends introduced a fresh wave of development. Although they are still in their infancy stages, they are improving upon their previous versions quickly. Many analysts have pointed out glitches and errors they found, which are being worked on, so we can expect to see improvements in the coming months.

Trend 3:- AI in healthcare

Advancements in AI were helpful in battling the pandemic. Since then, AI has come into the public's eye as a critical component in innovating healthcare. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are accelerating several medical processes in the industry. Many healthcare data scientists believe AI initiatives are critical in providing better solutions.

Various tasks like genetic sequencing reports, identifying patients for research studies, scanning handwritten data into an online platform, recording and converting doctor-patient conversations to text notes, etc., will see improvement according to the latest trends in AI in healthcare.

Current trends in AI have proven to be really effective in improving operational performance. Hiring platforms powered by AI are popular among clinicians in finding job postings. Artificial intelligence systems for operating on patients are among some technologies getting a boost and assisting hospital staff.

An illustration shows three robots standing in a circular platform with a car in the middle examining the various analytical data.

Trend 4:- Autonomous AI

Artificial intelligence is significantly improving the automotive industry. Autonomous systems such as vehicles, robots, and drones are expected to advance with the help of AI. Technology helps these systems carry out tasks that may be dangerous or difficult for human beings.

Autonomous vehicles that increase the safety of passengers are among the latest trends in AI. Also, autonomous drones provide help in search and rescue missions, minimizing the chance of human error. Trending AI projects such as driverless vehicles also offer a more personalized experience to the driver by analyzing their moods using voice recognition.

Contrary to the artificial intelligence trends, however, the autonomous vehicle market is experiencing some bumps in the road.

Apple, which started 'Project Titan to compete in the autonomous vehicle market, has called it off. Many such trending AI projects were stopped due to the current technology not being sufficient in implementing the fully autonomous concept.

Trend 5:- Ethics Concerning AI

Regulatory policies to be placed regarding AI were a primary concern among individuals and companies alike last year. These arose mainly due to the ethical complications of systems using AI, such as ChatGPT. Such tools showed signs of bias and discrimination.

The current trends in artificial intelligence consider AI ethics regulation as a top priority. The main issue is the possibly faulty data these systems are being trained on.

Researchers are working on strategies for identifying and managing bias in artificial intelligence systems to solve this issue. The growing awareness of the ethical implications of AI, as well as the need for ethical frameworks and rules, are driving the AI ethics market.

AI ethics tries to address these problems by ensuring the responsible development and usage of technologies like ChatGPT. Apart from it, we may also see some AI laws being put in place. These will regulate companies using or providing AI-powered systems that risk being unethical.

Trend 6:- Computer vision

Computer vision is a significant component of AI. It concerns a computer's ability to process image and video data. Systems using computer vision have proven to be more efficient and faster than humans. One of the top AI trends in 2023 is the automation of manual processes in industries.

One such example is the manufacturing sector which sees a massive decrease in staffing numbers. The lack of a working force will get worse in the upcoming years. That's why computer vision is essential for the industry to thrive. Manufacturers are enhancing the effectiveness and operation of their facilities by utilizing computer vision.

Computer vision systems are among the recent trends in AI. They can monitor every stage of the manufacturing process. One key use of computer vision in production is the detection of irregularities. Companies using these systems mostly recorded a positive ROI.

The upcoming few years will be a watershed moment for many businesses in terms of building their worlds within the Metaverse. Most recent trends in AI concern the usage of AI in the Metaverse. AI can overcome the constraints of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to build realistic 3D visuals and places.

AI systems have an inherent capacity for progress owing to autonomous learning, which reduces the need for human intervention.

While the dispute over the Metaverse's limits and regularities continues, businesses are actively organizing and assembling it. Regarding this, the combination of AI systems with the Internet of Things (IoT) provides the required data and has enabled the construction of digital twins.

The future of AI

The future looks promising as we anticipate a broader applicability for everyday operations of AI-based, user-friendly automated devices. AI trends also correlate with the more significant economic trend of personalization of goods and services. The current trends in artificial intelligence provide all indications for further advancement in the next five years.

Among the latest trends in artificial intelligence, computer vision may be employed along with satellite photography to detect deforestation, prohibited logging, and unauthorized fishing in the rainforests.

This is the right time to invest in these artificial intelligence trends, not only for businesses but individuals who can benefit from learning all about the AI technology trends in 2023.

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