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Top 7 Women Full Stack-Software Developer | The Inspiration for all women in Tech

By Milan Jain Category Full Stack Reading time 9-10 mins Published on Oct 04, 2022

Full stack software developer career can change the game for women in Tech

When we talk about software developers, we hear famous names MARTIN FOWLER, KENT BECK, GEORGE H. FAIRBANKS, MARK RICHARDS, UNCLE BOB, and a few more. The tech industry is flooded with men. Most of them think that when it comes to software development or any other job role in the tech industry, it is only about men.

This is why we want to share with you and clear your thoughts that full-stack software is not just about men. In fact, it can change the growth direction of a woman's career no matter whether she has a career break or has an impressive career flow. Industry-paced full-stack developer courses are helping women to remove the gender gap in tech by assisting women in restarting their careers after a career break.

In fact, we can say a full-stack developer's training is like a career booster for women professionals irrespective of their professional background, tech or non-tech. Alternatively, you can consider the data structure and the algorithm course too.

Here are seven highly recognized female full-stack developers who have set examples for other women in tech and non-tech.

Let us know the Top Women Full Stack Software Developer And Data Structure Algorithm professionals

1. Elizabeth Hendrickson

A portrait of Elizabeth Hendrickson.

Elizabeth Hendrickson is the first woman who we want to share about in our list of top women full stack developers. She takes all the responsibilities for R&D (engineering and product development) for Gemfire and associated Pivotal cloud cache products.

Elizabeth has even written a book, Explore it!: Reduce Risk and Increase confidence with exploratory testing. This Book includes risks, potential serious bugs, and even surprises.

She shares essential skills that one has to gain in order to be a master explorer. Learn how to analyze software and find vulnerabilities, how you can design experiments quickly, and how to acquire observation skills.

2. Mala Gupta

A portrait of Mala Gupta.

Mala is the developer advocate with Jetbrains and the founder, as well as a lead mentor at JavaGuru.com. Mala actively supports people who want to take up Java certification as a path to their career advancement. Mala Gupta has written Java books under a publication called Manning (USA) and is top-rated for oracle certification all around the globe.

She has 18 years of experience in the software industry. She is a speaker, author, mentor, consultant, high tech code developer. Recently she was selected as 'Java Champion' by the oracle corporation. This is the most prestigious recognition within the global Java ecosystem.

Mala Gupta is a speaker at JBCN (industry conference) in Spain, C# corner, Eclipse day, and Tech Influence. She conducts lectures and workshops for India's leading institution IIT Delhi. Mala is co-leader of Java User Group, women who code in Delhi and is responsible for initiating diversity advocacy in technology for women.

Here is the list of publications by Mala Gupta that full-stack software developers books you would like to read :

3. Dani Roxberry

A portrait of Dani Roxberry.

Dani Roxberry is a battle-tested software architect with over 15 years of experience in coding. When she wrote her first BASIC PROGRAM, she was just 5. She gained a lot of experience while working as a senior system engineer and CTO with clients such as IMAX and NFL and a CTO of patented software that is used in products like Twitch and instructor for UC Berkeley extension.

She has achieved a lot as a developer and is famously recognized in the list of women full stack software developers because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Redesign higher education at Make School.

  • FrameBuzz is a free online video chat platform that she still consults with. She is also the founder of it.

  • She teaches Bootcamp full-stack development Bootcamp and Data Analytics and Visualization Bootcamp (UC Berkeley).

  • Ranks in the list of Top 2% of coders rank and is one of the members of top50 Go and Python developers in the United States._

4. Teresa Shih

A portrait of Teresa Shih.

Teresa Shih was often shy and afraid to ask or answer questions in class among the other boys in the class, as we all know that women are usually not renowned in the full-stack software developer role. She continued to be a full-stack software developer, however. She loves coding and problem-solving and likes to learn while working. H At present, she is the engineering product manager at HackerNest. She is handling the Engineering product manager role at HackerNest. Even after being shy and getting neglected by others in the class, she is now leading HackerNest towards unbelievable software development-related success.

5. Alicia Sykes

A portrait of Alicia Sykes.

Alicia Sykes is an experienced full-stack web and native mobile developer who is determined about great code. She is among the top 5 Vue coders in the U.K. and spends her time participating in international hackathons and answering questions on StackOverflow. She even contributes to many open source projects that include:

  1. digital-defense.io - Series of guides to help people learn about personal cybersecurity and online privacy.

  2. Happy app - finds how team members feel about the project and visually displays results.

  3. Unwasted app - blockchain technology reducing food waste

Alicia Sykes is also a reservist soldier of the British Army.

6. Judit Pacasi

A portrait of Judit Pacasi.

Judit is a front-end developer and obsessed gamer girl. She is among the top 5 Vue coders in the U.K. and spends her time participating in international hackathons and answering questions on StackOverflow. Even for young girls and women who want to learn how to create and implement unique designs, Judit is the go-to person for whom you have to watch and learn.

Judit Pacasi is in the top 4 percent of codersrank's top developers and is also one of the top 10 CSS/SCSS developers on the platform. She is highly skilled in multiple computing languages like Javascript, React, React Native, Vue, Redux, SaaS, NextJs, TypeScript, Jest, Puppeteer, and Python.

Judit is a lot more active on GitHub with various interesting projects. She has even developed a lot of applications like a neighborhood app, book tracking app, matching games,

classic arcade games, and a restaurant review app. Judit even holds multiple certifications from Codeberry, Udacity, and FreeCodeCamp.

7. Lyndsey Padget

A portrait of Lyndsey Padget.

Lyndsey is a Kansas City-based full-stack Javascript developer.Her 15 years of experience in web and software development has been gained from her work with top companies and startups.

Lyndsey is a MEAN stack expert in Express, MongoDB, Angular (2-7), and NodeJS. She has a great experience in Typescript, Javascript, and Coffeescript - ES5/6/7. She even walks TDD and specializes in designing maintainable intuitive RESTful APIs, release management strategies, and Git workflows.

She is proficiently trained in agile methodologies. She is even known as Stunt-double and a project manager for using tools like Jira and Asana and is also the owner of GitGrit.com, where she offers training/consultation on Git.

Lyndsey speaks at tech conferences and teaches soft skills like healthy terms, inclusion and diversity, public speaking, and pursuit of badassery. Lyndsey even actively participates in local organizations encouraging young and older women to explore and pursue a career in science and math.


You would have read a lot about the tech industry and even know the gender gap in the tech industry. We listed out The 7 women full-stack software developers so other young women do not think that they cannot succeed in the tech industry as full-stack software developers.

You can also enlist your name in this list if you are adequately passionate about making a lucrative career as a full-stack developer. All you need to do is responsibly complete a job-ready full-stack software developer course with domain specialization. Women who are from commerce or any other non-tech background need not worry because we even get basic coding classes for them to learn from and hybrid classes where they can complete real-time industry projects. So they can learn all the theories in live online classes and work on projects in hybrid classes. For women who are preparing to come back strongly after a career break, the full-stack software developer program is highly recommended.