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Full Stack Software Developer Course - The Guarantee of a Lucrative Career Restart for Women after a Break

By Milan Jain Category Full Stack Reading time 9-10 mins Published on Sep 30, 2022

Women can now easily grab an unbelievable hike even after a long career break… Just earn industry-level full-stack developer skills.

Career break- the nightmare of a successful or passionate woman. The reason can be anything. In most cases, family planning generates barriers for most female professionals. Especially in the corporate world, this is the key reason why women's percentage lags a lot compared to male pros.

But yes, we can't deny that on the global scale, as well as the picture of the Indian job market, it is changing very fast. Now we can find plenty of successful women in A.I., data science, web development, and software development. In fact, women are now leading the tech world.

So, a career break is no longer an issue if you are really passionate about making your own professional identity.

Yes, it's possible. Why not become a full-stack developer? You just need a passion for coding and the basics of computers. That's it. A job-ready full-stack software developer course will do the rest. Alternatively, you can even start with a DSA and a system design course.

A woman sits in front of her computer, considering her next job after a long career break.

Why do women drop their careers after a break?

Women are often afraid to restart their careers after a long career break. Even after pretty much all family support, many women refrain from returning to their professional lives because they fear a lower salary or designation-related negotiation. So, to restart a job again, they tend to accept any pay or designation that does not even match their previous experience as well as professional eligibility. A DSA or a full-stack software developer course can easily break this myth.

How can a full-stack software developer course help women restart work after a career break?

Utilizing the career break phase to upgrade yourself as a demanding full stack software developer can let you stand out in the professional world with power after a career break. And as already mentioned, any passionate person can learn it.

A full stack development is not a normal tech course for which one needs a so-called B.Tech degree. It just demands end-to-end training as per contemporary job market needs. Once you are done with it, no one can stop women from restarting their careers in tech.

Even non-techies can switch their career to the tech world via system designing and DSA skill upgradation. That will also provide an adequate hike for women returning to the workforce after a career break.

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How can you easily learn the current job market demands for full-stack software developer skills?

1. Choose the right course -

Choose a full-stack software developer course conducted in live online classes. Women who do not know how to code and have a non-CS background can learn to code from basic coding classes. In fact, job-ready full-stack software developer courses and DSA courses offer additional coding classes to non-programmers free of charge.

2. Opt for an industry-paced capstone project -

However, while choosing a course, be aware of the fact that some offer industrial and first-hand capstone projects along with software deployment opportunities. Don't get confused between capstone projects and practice projects or live projects. First-hand capstone projects are those that offer you the opportunity to do a fresh project with new ideas as well as solutions. On the other hand, live projects or practice projects are like projects already done by someone else, you will be just redoing them for some hands-on experience.

In order to ensure your successful comeback through a software developer career, just ensure that you have learned everything under the right guidance, like any MNC experts or industry leaders.

You can complete a capstone project in hybrid learning also if you manage your time well. In fact, this type of learning mode fosters the job guarantee to a greater extent.

3. Look for domain specialized training -

Keep in mind that, in most cases, women fail to switch careers as they randomly try to change their domain. But when you are restarting your career, you will be joining a mid-level designation. So, try to land a job in the job market with some expertise.

An illustration shows a woman is sitting in front of a laptop and looking for domain-specific instruction in a full-stack web development course.

Women can choose to excel in a software developer course. You can choose from-

  • Full-Stack.

  • Product engineer or manager.

  • Data science and A.I.

  • Web 3.0 developer.

  • DevOps and Clouds.

4. Look for Job-oriented training -

Finally, you need to choose a course that offers proper job training and dedicated interview sessions until you get a job. Earning all the skills in full-stack development is not only the thing that helps in getting a job after the career break. You need to get trained in proper interview cracking tips and tricks. This becomes very crucial when you are facing an interview after a career break. Check whether the course offers an interview guarantee and adequate job referrals or not.

3 Reasons Why To Choose A Full Stack Software Development After Career Break

1. A Lot of potential in a fast-growing field

Indeed has named various software developer roles as one of the highest paying jobs and the other reason is it is a very fast-growing sector within tech. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted that the number of software developer jobs in the U.S. will grow by 22% by 2030. There are around 250,000 software developer jobs vacant in the U.S., and this number can increase when there are adequate software developers who can fill in this vacancy.

So, any woman who dreams of working in a foreign land or wants to make a career abroad can learn full-stack software development and fill these vacancies. So they can not only start their career after a career break or get into the tech industry but in top organizations.

Software development jobs pay handsome salaries, an average of $110,140, as per the data given out by BLS.

2. Women Can Learn Full Stack Software Development Without A Degree

Women who do not hold a science degree or C.S. degree think they cannot learn full-stack software development. But No one would have informed you that women without a computer or science degree can learn full-stack software developer courses very easily.

For your referral, a survey showed that 27% of software developers do nots own a college degree, and 69.1 percent have learned this all by themselves. Academics is not the only requirement, but the candidates should have soft skills such as problem-solving and communication and require new tech age skills and tools.

3. Software development is a flexible career

The work culture for the software developer roles is quite impressive. This helps women to handle both their family-related and professional responsibilities hand-in-hand. Companies like TCS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Accenture, and even a range of SMEs offer quite women-friendly employment policies.


Software development is one of the best fields for women to pursue. Other than making a lot of different aspects better, the compensation is the same in the field, which is worth considering. Suppose you cannot afford to pay for big universities or pay fees for fancy outdated colleges. In that case, a full-stack software developer course is ideal and beneficial at the same time for the features and student support that they provide.

So, a career break is not a nightmare anymore for a woman; in fact, it is an opportunity to achieve a better career.