Top 5 Job-Ready Data Science Course For Managers And Leaders In 2023

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Top 5 Job-Ready Data Science Course For Managers And Leaders In 2023

Data Science Course For Managers- The Assured Way of a Lucrative Career Switch, even after 10 Years of Employment

8 to 10 years of career means you are gradually approaching your retirement. At this stage, no one wants to experiment. Rather everyone searches for a settled career space. But even after having 15 years of experience, so many professionals are now pursuing data science certification courses, in fact paying 2 to 3 lakhs for the same. Leadership level professionals are getting mad over data science certification courses

In fact, several ed-tech platforms are also introducing various Data Science and AI Courses like a rapid-fire. But have you ever thought about why such a sudden need to pursue data science courses was raised amongst the leadership level pros? And also, do these courses really help to achieve your desired career growth? This blog will provide more information on the identical.

The Gradual Advancement of Data Science field

Data science and AI are not new, as we know. When Data Science was first introduced, its focus was mainly on the IT field. As time went by and data science gained an advantage in virtually every field. Gradually it started advancing. Consequently, everyone said that Data Science was bigger than the internet itself. And somehow, it's become true. Now, approx 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generation occur on a daily basis across the world. Every single industry has now converted to the benefits of data science and AI, and so is project management work in the same. Without analytical knowledge, project managers' jobs will be directed to high risk. Here lies the importance of Data Science courses for managers and leaders.

Data science was induced as a small advancement in technology. It disrupted the market in all sectors, from warehousing to sales and marketing to consumers. It was a massive drive for companies to bloom their businesses, but it was even more massive when it started taking over the operational process in businesses. It took over the machines currently used by companies and forced many businesses to rule out their outdated business methods and update their systems with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Why should you opt to become a data science skill-equipped manager?

A background image shows partially torn brown paper on top of white paper. The torn part shows a text, 'Why?'

According to a Towards Data Science' Article, at the ending era of 2020, in the USA, the total number of data scientist job vacancies was 46.1%, and the lead data scientist role was lying at a percentage of 4.1%. But the scenario has changed to a broader extent. At present, In the USA and around the globe, there is a huge vacancy in the lead data scientist roles and managerial designations.

As of the mid of May 2022, over 72000 lead and managerial openings were available in data science worldwide. At the same time, the vacancies at the junior to moderate level are becoming quite stagnant.

The field of data science is suffering from leadership. So, it's very clear that the study of data science for managers and leaders will not disappoint you. If you have 7+ years of working experience, a data science career switch can provide you with a lead role with the best salary and job security. Other alternatives cannot provide this much career security and success.

In the below two figures, please check the percentage of vacancies in the lead/senior level positions.

A pie chart describes 'Demand of different data science job role 2020.' Figure 1: Vacancies at different-level data science jobs (2020) A pie chart describes, 'Demand of different data science job role - 2022.' Figure 2: Vacancies at different-level data science jobs (2022)

You might be wondering why I am fragging the topic regarding the importance of data science skills at the manager level instead of coming to the list of top 5 courses. Well, as I told data science courses are spreading like rapid fire. Hence the possibility of getting affected by the wrong course is also becoming huge. So knowing the exact thing about what type of data science knowledge you need or why you need the same at the leadership level will ultimately help you to choose the right course._

Six-word blocks and arrows arrange to spell 'Career.' This indicates the data science career.

Which Are The Top 5 Data Science Institute For Managers and Leaders?

1. Learnbay Data Science Course For Managers And Leaders

Learnbay is a pioneer in teaching Data Science. It has a specialized course for Managers and leaders who want to learn Data Science. Managers and leaders can re-skill their methodologies and make better decisions in their work process. Managers will be able to use data to make plans for future operations based on the data.

Topics covering these courses are SQL, Machine Learning, MongoDB, Tableau, Big Data, Spark Analytics, etc. You get certificates for the tools you have learned to work on.

Faculties are MAANG experts, Data Science manager's course is for 11 months and offers flexible membership to LMS. Managers even get to work on live projects and receive project experience certification from IBM.

Key Features includes

  • 100% interview guarantee
  • Upgrade option with 100% job or money-back guarantee
  • 7+ Domain electives
  • Domain specialized first-hand project with project experience certificate
  • MAANG expert as an instructor
  • Option for offline project work (via Project innovation labs spread across 7+ Indian cities).

Course Fee - 95,000 INR + GST

2. Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science- Upgrad

The Data Science course for managers by upgrad is said to be 12 monthly online programs. It has 5 specialized programs as per professionals' experience. They cover tools such as Power BI, Shiny, Keras, Tensorflow, Apache, etc.

Programming languages and tools: Python, tableau, Hadoop, my SQL, beehive, Excel, Power bi, MongoDB, Shiny, Keras, TensorFlow, Apache HBase, Apache

Course Fee - 2,99,000 INR

3. PGP for Data Science and Business Analytics- Great Learning

An online postgraduate program in data science and business analyst education offers excellent learning opportunities. It is specifically designed for professionals working in the field. The learning method is recorded videos that are pre-recorded and monthly live class sessions that include an academic lecturer since it's an online course. It covers tools such as Tableau, MongoDB, SQL, etc. This course is for 11 months.

Course Fee: 2,50,000 + GST INR

4. PGP in Data Analytics and Machine Learning by Imarticus

Imarticus PGP in Data Analytics is a classroom program but is conducted offline. It will be a wonderful place for students to begin their careers in data science. This program has a three-year track record. This is a rigid offline classroom curriculum with four hours of instruction every day. This Data Science course is For 12 months and is completely offline-based.

Tools covered in this are Python, R, Tableau, Spark, and Power BI.

Course Fee: 2,25,000 INR

5. Professional Certification In Data Science - SimpliLearn

This IBM Data Scientist course(in collaboration with Purdue University) includes IBM masterclasses. It conducts hackathons and provides ask-me-anything sessions for students' queries that have to be resolved. Their Data Science certification gives you hands-on experience with technologies like R, Python, Machine Learning, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark. Live classes with practitioners, practical labs, and projects.

Course Fee: 2,69,000


So, these are all the top courses that you can look into if searching for a data science career to switch to the managerial level.

The need for AI and DS experts in an organization is crucial. This career switch course would not only increase data science managers' salary, but they can even become self-dependent enough regarding project management.

Hope this blog helps you in finding the right course.

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