Understanding Different Job Opportunities of Data Science

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Job opportunities in Data Science

To maintain and sustain any job opportunities in data science is a bliss in life, not only because it rains money but for the professional stability and experience one gets about technology. Generally, people assume only “Data Scientist” is to become by getting in Data Science, but that is completely false. Data Science is vast of a field containing multiple disciplined technologies working efficiently with each other, to each specific technology requires a respective specialist. Which means, working of various specialists of different sectors is mandatory in Data Science. There are different job opportunities of data science, let’s elaborate further.

Let’s see some different job opportunities of data science (job roles that Data Science provides):

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Applied Machine Learning Engineer
  6. Analytics Manager
  7. Researcher
  8. Data Product Manager
  9. Big Data specialist
  10. Project Manager

Trust me, even though they all sound almost same, are very individual in their specific terms.

Position Job Description Salary in Rs Salary in $ Tools used
Data scientist They find the rational value by processing the datasets. Mostly they resolve the problems regarding businesses. 16 lakh rs $113,435 SAS for statistics, Apache to handle datasets, MATLAB, Tableau, R programming and Python
Data Analyst They inspect, clean, transform and structure the data to goal discovering the concealed information between patterns of data. 4-8 lakh rs $67,445 SAS, Rapidminer, R
Data Engineer they handle large scale processing systems like databases, while also maintaining the analytical infrastructure. 8,28,244 rs $127,878 Hadoop, Scala, Java, C++, SQL
Big Data Engineer One who creates and manages company’s Big Data in infrastructure and tools. Should jumble with datasets and should know the methods to reduce the mountain size data into solution. 7,22,422 rs $139,463 Hadoop, Hive, ML, scala, Java, Sql, NoSql, C++
Business Analyst They dwell into maintaining Business domain. They document and assess the business related queries with the help of technology. They overall focus on keeping the business steady with the help of data. 6 lakh rs $74,751 Ms office suite, Google Docs, SmartDraw, SWOT
Machine Learning Engineer They basically be software engineer specialized in Machine Learning. Their job is to enhance the intelligence of a machine by upgrading them, testing several numerous problems on them. 1,103.K rs $187,362 Probability statistics, Data modelling, algorithms of AI and ML
Analytics Manager Utilizing the analytics in the business efficiently, working on creative strategy in collecting, modifying, modelling, implying data for products and services of business. 9,12,174 rs $108,531 AI, Big Data, Cloud, communication skills
Research officer They are required to find rational solutions for any problem bu using tools to research. They should father, build and provide final model of solution for the problems. They schedule the projects regarding the process of researching. 3 lakh – 8lakh in rs $84,180 Data collection and analysis, qualitative and quantitative, data research, project management.
Product Data Manager They will look after management and publication of product data for every insights regarding the product, they will be responsible. Average 3.5 lakhs $85,751 Microsoft visio, Google Drive, analysis tools like pendo, customer survey tools.

I hope this would help you in understanding about the diversity in one Data Science field.

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