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The 7 Best Data Science Project Ideas to Get Hired by Top MNCs

By Nivin Biswas Category Data Science Reading time 8-9 mins Published on Jan 16, 2023

Know the 7 Must-have data science project Ideas for a beginner CV in 2023

A weighty data scientist position with a sky-kissing salary is the dream of all data science aspirants. With the increasing demand for data scientists across the world, nowadays, most professionals are getting updated with data science skills.

But do you know that very few percent of people are landing their dream job? And the most interesting fact is that most of them hold renowned universities or institutional certifications/degrees. The only thing they lack is a recruiter's attention-grabbing data science project portfolio.

Yes, this is the only thing that obstructs the success of a range of highly capable data science aspirants.

7 Data Science Projects That You Must Look Into As a Beginner

An AI based based robot points toward the cloud.

1. Effects of Climate Change on the World's Food Supply:-

Climate change has a significant impact on global food supplies. It is, essentially, one of the most significant environmental issues. It is crucial to remember that extreme weather conditions seem to be quite dangerous for human life. In this research, you will gain a thorough understanding of how changes in the climate may potentially affect all world food production and what techniques may be used to evaluate those changes.

Accordingly, this project can aid in calculating the potential impact of climatic change on a key component of the global economy. It aids in gaining a better understanding of how changes in temperature and rainfall patterns affect plant development. Through this project, you can also see how carbon emissions affect climatic changes.

Effective data science tools for this project - Data visualization via Microsoft Power BI, Tableau QlikView, etc

(This tool helps to get the time zone of various regions within a certain period.)

A photo shows a man becoming drowsy while driving. The foreground of the image shows flashing warning signal.

2. A data science project on the monitoring of Drowsiness in Drivers:-

The majority of car accidents can be attributed to drowsy driving, and incidents like this have increased over the past few years. One of the most crucial tools for preventing these types of incidents is the ability to recognize drowsiness. This device is fairly simple to use and merely scans the driver's eyes and sounds an alarm if it determines that the driver is blinking excessively. This technique appears to be one of the most useful instruments for potentially saving a lot of lives.

You will just require a system or webcam that can accurately capture the driver's eyes and a sound amplifier to finish this project.

Useful Tools - Packages such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, and Keras.

(With the help of these tools, you can apply data automation, model monitoring, model retraining, and performance monitoring.)

A photo shows the face of a girl detected using data science showing an exact gender and age.

3. Data science project on gender and age detection:-

Gender and age detection is one of the most amazing data science projects for beginners; this project has captured the attention of many recruiters during data science interviews.

Gender and age detection is fundamentally a computer vision project, and you will get the opportunity to learn about the practical application of CNNs (convolutional neural networks)

The goal of this research is to develop a model that can analyze just one person's face in order to determine that person's age and gender. The classification method will essentially let you determine whether a person is a man or a woman and estimate their change in age. This condition will accurately forecast a person's age between 0 to 100 years.

Effective tools in this project :- Application of CNNs, OpenCV, and python library.

(This tool helps in various deep learning algorithms and image recognition systems.)

4. Handwritten digit recognition with 98% efficiency using a neural network:-

This data science project will be ideal for those with a better hold on deep learning technologies. For this project, you will have access to the MNIST database of handwritten digits. This project is a comprehensive bundle for learning data science and gaining a better understanding of data science technologies.

This project is primarily designed to compile and interpret handwritten characters so that they can be processed with a high degree of accuracy. By the end of this project, you will have a better understanding of the valuable abilities of data processing and various library implementations.

Effective tools in this project:- Convolutional Neural Networks, Python (Keras)

(Using Keras, we can create an effective Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and train it to resolve a real-life problem.)

5. A data science project to employ the Sentiment analysis technique:-

Sentiment analysis is an interesting project that employs natural language processing to determine the opinion of the data in three steps, which are positive, negative, or neutral. This is primarily important for public review sites and social media platforms where thoughts and experiences are constantly expressed.

In this project, you can quickly discern a person's emotion and how intense the emotion is. In addition, you can use this method to analyze a body of text to determine whether the overall emotion is positive, negative, or neutral. As a result, in order to proceed with such tasks, you must have the corresponding emotion, which is referred to as the lexicon.

Effective models and algorithms to be used in this project: - Deep Learning LSTM, Pre-Trained Rule-Based VADER Mode

(This tool is mostly used to create an (A-sentiment lexicon) that is generally based on semantic interpretation as either positive or negative.)

A photo suggests forest fire forecasting with a background forest fire.

6. Traffic sign recognition for self-driving cars:-

This research aims to develop a model that can achieve a high level of accuracy in driving automobile technologies by allowing cars to recognize traffic signals. Self-driving automobiles must efficiently maintain traffic signals.

To follow these instructions, the user must first understand how traffic signals look. In this instance, self-driving cars can employ CNN technology to easily identify traffic signs. We may quickly learn to make a model that recognizes various traffic lights by inserting images into such apps.

There are numerous data science projects, which a person can choose based on their perspective and preferences, but here are a few well-known projects that everyone should be aware of while learning data science.

Tools to be used :- CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks)

(This tool is used for image recognition that involves the processing of pixel data.)

A photo shows a  driver holding a steering wheel, with an alert sign flashing from the dashboard display.

7. A Data science project on forest fire forecasting:-

Forest fires are the most prevalent and horrific disaster in the globe. They are incredibly harmful to the environment as well as wildlife. We may easily use data science projects to identify the hotspot of the severity of the fire. This project will assist you in better understanding forest fires.

To forecast forest fires, we can use meteorological data. If we understand the seasons and meteorological variables that contribute to more fires, we can improve the accuracy of our predictions and respond more quickly when flames occur.

Effective models to be used in this project:- K-means clustering

(This tool can be easily used for sentiment analysis and prediction of data sets.)

Why does a data science project seem to be so important?

To understand the significance of data science capstone projects for the initialization of a successful career in the field of data science, first, you have to understand the significance of data science in various industrial scenarios.

Note: Get a broader idea about the significance of data science in different businesses, you can read the blog What is data science? | Uncovering The Explicit Truth.

You might think I was about to talk about the most trending data science project for beginners, but why am I talking about its importance!!

Well, the fact is, in order to plan and execute a commendable data science project, you must know the importance of data science. From such information, you will be able to identify the most effective and recruiter-hypnotizing data science project ideas.

Data science has remarked its own value in today's tech industry. But here are a few of the points which prove the importance of Data Science in every business sector:-

An illustration of data science professionals looking for the best data science project.

• Data Planning:-

Essentially, creating a strategy for opportunities seems to be crucial in determining the type of data we can obtain. It's also essential to identify how beneficial the data will be. On the basis of these methodologies and technological requirements, you may produce overall statistics.

• Data mining:-

Data mining is a crucial component of modern business to understand the customers better and develop effective business strategies for the organization.

• Data Engineering:-

Data Engineering appears to be a very effective method of developing software solutions for alternatively managing the database, as it allows one to manage and troubleshoot the system according to organizational needs.

• Data evaluation:-

In data science, data analysis is a crucial technique for extracting insights through the use of mathematical models to create predictions and minimize the need for human labor.

• Data visualization:-

Data visualization aids in better displaying the raw data that must be displayed in accordance with user operational demands and goals.

Yes, the above five aspects of data handling and uses are the basic needs of every single industry. So while doing a data science project, you must be aware of these measures.

What's Next?

So, these are the top data science project ideas for beginners. Just keep in mind, always keep researching because the trendings of today get obsolete tomorrow. And in the case of data science, the project resume only takes the idea. Starting from designing the problem statements to deriving the final output, everything should be done on your own.

Check the websites like Kaggle, GitHub, Learnbay, and Project pro for project ideas and data sources. In case you are new to data science, you can opt for a data science and AI master program, where you will get MNC expert help in your unique data science projects.