Top IT Certifications in Demand For 2023 - Learnbay Blog

Top IT Certifications in Demand For 2023 - Learnbay Blog

By Manas Kochar Category Hot Topics Reading time 10.5 mins Published on May 02, 2023

Top IT Certifications In Demand For 2023

Certifications can help you reach the next phase of your career, whether you are a beginner or a professional in information technology (IT). If you're finding it difficult to get a secure and growing IT job or want to expand your skill set, you need contemporary, demanding IT certifications.

The tech sector is seeing a major shift, with high demand for IT specialists. Due to this demand, the competition has become vast. Professionals need to showcase their skills in specific areas that interest recruiters. They can learn and master in-demand skills. But a certification plays an essential role in displaying their unique abilities.

Though many think certifications are not as necessary as resumes, that's not true. Certifications are useful for more than just your skills.

You may find many online courses with certificates where you can gain relevant knowledge and experience in the field.

Best IT Certifications To Consider - 2023

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web Services is a well-known system for cloud computing. Candidates mostly prefer it as it provides a great approach to learning AWS cloud computation. The cloud computation technique has gained huge popularity in the field of IT technologies. And these AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications stand among the best IT certifications in cloud computing.

Students can display their basic AWS knowledge with this certification. It proves to be the ideal approach for beginners entering the IT sector. Amazon provides the exam, which covers different topics. These include:-

  • Cloud Security

  • Coding

  • Troubleshooting

  • Creating cloud architecture

  • Business use cases

  • Implementation

  • Performance and load testing

  • Migration

How to get the certification:

To qualify for the exam, you need to know at least the basics of AWS uses and services. After the above six months of experience with AWS, you qualify for the certification.

2. CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Commonly referred to as ITF, this basic-level certification is ideal for students to check their abilities for an IT job. This certification helps students or professionals looking for a switch aptly analyse an IT career.

The certification includes important IT skills like

  • Features and uses of OS (Operating Systems)

  • Managing network links

  • Working with basic software apps

  • Best security methods.

As such, no specific requirements related to working experience are mandatory for the exams.

How to get the certification:

The exam includes infrastructure, software and applications, IT basics and terms, networks, security, databases, and software development. This certification can also be attained by appearing for and passing the CompTIA IT Fundamental exam.

3. Microsoft 365 fundamentals

If you want to work with Microsoft technologies and products, then the Microsoft Fundamentals certifications are a good place to start. It covers basic technological skills. Most companies invest in Microsoft for their IT needs, making it a valid certification that will be in demand and globally recognized.

The certification includes the basics of the Microsoft 365 range of services and products. Through this certificate, you may display your knowledge of Microsoft 365. It includes cloud service importance, Microsoft 365 cloud service management, and the SaaS (software as a service) cloud model.

How to get the certification:

You can study the cloud basics, the main Microsoft 365 utilities and principles, and other concepts in Microsoft 365. Your knowledge of the services and products of Microsoft 365 is also helpful.

4. IBM and Microsoft Course Completion Certificate from Learnbay

The IT Data Science Certification Course from Learnbay is offered in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft. These are valuable certificates for individuals seeking a career in software development. You will gain knowledge and experience in programming concepts, with advanced techniques in Clouds and Devops, through the software development program.

The certifications are globally recognized and can help candidates stay ahead of others. They will get many job opportunities in the sector, and professionals also get the chance to boost their earnings.

How to get the certification:

You can complete the course and pass the certification exam to gain completion certificates from IBM and Microsoft.

5. Cisco Certified Network Associate

This professional certification is important for those joining the IT networking industry. Also called CCNA, this associate-level certification includes basics such as IP services, network access, IP linking, programming, and automation. The certification can help you get started in your IT profession.

You can prepare for jobs such as help desk technician, network support technician, beginner network engineer, and network professional.

How to get the certification:

You can earn this certification with just a single, specific exam. It does not require prior knowledge. However, you can get one year of experience and practice with networking.

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6. CompTIA Security+

The certification will help you understand the basics of cloud security. You can gain the skills to carry out security tasks with ease. You will learn about topics such as encryption, wireless, and physical security.

Through this, you can become

  • Security manager

  • Security Engineer

  • Network administrator

  • Security analyst

  • Security consultant

  • Security specialist

The Security+ certification shows your knowledge and experience in setting up and managing systems. It shows that you can provide security to programs, networks, and systems in line with proper rules.

How to get the certification:

It is a 90-minute exam. It includes

  • Threats, attacks, and weaknesses

  • Tools and technology

  • Risk assessment

  • Access and identity management

  • Architecture and design

  • Cryptography and PKI

7. CompTIA Network+

This is a basic certification in network concepts. It is an excellent option for candidates preparing for a job in networking, as it's easier than other networking certifications. It teaches basic concepts, tools and techniques, troubleshooting, security, and operations.

Before taking the test, you should get CompTIA A+ certification. You can gain experience with networking for a minimum of 9-12 months, although it is not necessary. It is a great certification for those wanting to work in IT networks.

How to get the certification:

The test will check your knowledge of forming, organising, and managing network devices. You should also learn how to create and execute functional networks, troubleshooting, and security.

8. Cloud Digital Leader

The Google Cloud Digital Leader is one of the main IT certifications from Google Cloud. You will gain a broad understanding of Google Cloud's basic concepts and how to use them to benefit businesses. The certification test is enough to earn you proper knowledge of Google Cloud.

The certification is mainly for business executives and leaders who take part in the decision-making process. The course will teach the role of Google Cloud in digital transformation and its various services. Knowledge of business services, products, and the field will assist you in understanding how to drive growth using Google Cloud.

How to get the certification:

The Cloud Digital Leader exam includes security, operations, apps, and digital transformation. You must display your knowledge of Google Cloud services and their application to transform businesses.

9. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

CAPM is a well-recognized certification program administered by the (PMI) Project Management Institute in association with project management courses. It offers knowledge of project management for IT professionals. Many IT jobs need candidates to display project management abilities for technical work.

This certificate is worthwhile for professionals with a technical background wanting to dive into project management-based work. There is no specific experience required to manage these certification courses. It is a basic-level project management certification but can add a huge value to your career growth.

How to get the certification:

You need to learn

  • The project management basics and a project manager's duties

  • Project integration management

  • Project management environment

  • Managing quality, cost, scope, resource, and schedule

  • The risk management, communication, procurement, stakeholder, and other aspects of project management

10. Comp TIA A+

CompTIA A+ is a properly defined IT certification that offers the required field knowledge. After completing the exams, you can tackle major problems in operating systems, networking, security, and other areas.

The professionals can specialise in specific IT fields. These include security, networks, cloud, etc. They can do so by getting the necessary certifications or gaining relevant experience in the field.

How to get the certification:

You have to clear two examinations to gain CompTIA A+ certification. Getting almost 9-12 months of experience is preferable before continuing with the certification exams.

The first exam covers hardware, cloud computing, virtualization, networking, mobile devices, and troubleshooting.

The second one includes:

  • Configuring and setting up operating systems.

  • Boosting security.

  • Debugging software and functional processes.

Benefits of IT certifications

  • IT certifications are useful in proving your abilities, especially in the IT field, which is fast-paced. Therefore, gaining a certificate is a quick way to meet the current standards.

  • Certified professionals can be offered a higher pay scale because certifications prove the candidate possesses the required skills and field experience, which is an extra beneficial approach.

  • You can easily grow in your career with certificates. Getting additionally certified enhances the better chances of career advancement.

Salaries of IT professionals

A Glassdoor report shows that the average IT salary for professionals in India is Rs. 7,91,081 per yr. Their salary increases as they gain more experience in the field. According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, an above 15 percent growth is predicted in IT jobs between 2021-2031.


After analysing their various benefits, it is understandable why professionals choose to pursue IT certifications. Besides the job-related aspects, certifications also improve self-confidence, understanding of the field, and work effectiveness. With the added advantage of a salary boost, there is even more reason to go after a certification.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are IT certifications more valuable than degrees?

Degrees are important as they assist learners in grasping ideas and fundamentals. Certifications help to gain a better in-depth knowledge of the basics and concepts. Both are essential in an interview to display your skill sets.

2. Are IT certifications in high demand?

The IT field is on the rise. These days, many professionals find flexibility in their jobs. IT certifications provide better job opportunities for candidates. Additionally, choosing or opting for a Data Science Certificate can add value to career growth.

Employers need professionals with extensive knowledge; the best IT certifications can help you find your preferred job.

3. What are the basic credentials for finding employment in the IT sector?

The required credentials to work in IT are basic degrees with CS or IT relevance. If you have certifications to show your relevant experience in industrial projects, you will easily find work in IT.