The Future of Data Analytics Career

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 10.5 mins Published on Jun 08, 2023

India has seen a rising number of active Internet users in recent years and expects to see a rise to 900 million Internet users by 2025. As a result, vast volumes of data get released from multiple directions. This dramatic rise in data usage needs effective control and constructive management for insightful outcomes. The rise of unstructured datasets gives birth to analytics to have optimised control over the same.

But 'Is having an integration of analytics to business solve the data issues?' 'Who is responsible for managing a larger database and providing insights?' Yes, here comes the significance of analysis, making the way toward a promising data analytics career.

Many sectors across India use data analytics for exponential growth. Gradually, data integration has become part and parcel of businesses operating around it. From managing research tasks to supporting leaders in business decisions, insightful data plays a supreme role.

Now the query is, 'Does data analytics hold a good future?'

The data analytics future is upholding bright and inspiring career growth for many individuals. In this 21st century, data analytics has become an inseparable part of businesses, and thus, you must not fail to reach the peak of success. But one can break career growth barriers with the right guidance and attentive learning of data analytics tools.

Before moving further, let's understand the fundamentals of data analytics.

What do you mean by Data Analytics?

Data analytics is buzzing everywhere as businesses with vast datasets look for real-time insights. From daily log files to business reports, handling complex datasets has become a burden for firms. Analytics integrated with businesses gives rise to the hope of arranging scattered datasets.

Data analytics demonstrate the process of analysing complex data patterns to see through the trends. With analytics tools, a transparent view of the latest updates and derivation of facts become easy. As a result, it leads to governing decisions by businesses.

A data analyst fulfils the duties of managing stakeholders to participate in business decisions. Since the demand for unleashing data trends rises, the opportunity for a data analytics career leaps.

Thus, with the right learning of data analytics applications, you get the benefits like:-

  • Better analysis of complex data patterns, reaching business solutions

  • Discovering a hidden set of information from the latest market trends

  • Informed business decisions with readily available facts and evidence

  • Quality improvements of the business functions meeting planned goals

  • Expertise in data analytics tools, embarking on a promising data analytics future

Outlook of Data Analyst Career Path

Recent years have seen an increased hiring rate for data analyst job roles due to a surge in demand for analytics.

A positive trend in the data analytics career path attracts candidates from every field. Career switches to data analytics show an upward slope that may change entire labour market dynamics in forthcoming years.

Major sectors across India prefer having insightful decisions to give an outstanding performance in their industry. These sectors are:-

  • IT & Consultancy firms

  • BFSI

  • Retail & Ecommerce

  • Education

  • Media & Journalism

  • Healthcare

The sectors mentioned above are racing against time to reach a zenith of success. The data analytics industry keeps growing, and so does the employment scope. Hence, shaping a data analytics future in these sectors will not disappoint you.

A data analytics career starts with a bachelor's degree in any discipline with good academics. Basic knowledge in applied mathematics/statistics can easily open the door toward building a career in data analytics. A data analyst plays the role of managing larger datasets of the business, irrespective of the sector.

If a data analyst knows the problem, solving it becomes simple with analytics. A career path in this domain starts with entry-level analyst roles with simple data-handling duties. Gradually, the level gets promoted to seniority levels and manager roles.

Every role is challenging, but you can succeed with conscious learning of data analytics tools and knowledge of applications.

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Future scope of data analytics career in India

The data analytics future in India is unstoppable and carries endless scope for continuous success. Data analytics proves a rewarding career for many with the right skill set. Since both programming and non-programming experts shape their careers in this field, data analytics sees a growing future in India.

In India, unemployment is still a concerning case. But with the rise of advanced technologies, specific job roles see a bright future. Their success is not limited to cracking MNC jobs but also getting frequent promotions and attractive hikes.

Businesses across India carry the intent of generating more profits. Furthermore, the endless scope of growth opens the door to success for many start-ups and MNCs in the country. Hence, having a proven business model to upscale growth has become essential.

If you hold trending data analytics skills and know its real-time applications, your future career growth scope keeps enlarging. With brilliant career roles in data analytics, you can construct your career path wisely.

Now the question is, how to learn data analytics tools and real-time applications?

Is the Certification course a Gateway to a Data Analytics Career?

Many professional courses are available in India that support career shifts in the analytics field. The experts wishful to have a career in data analytics can opt for an industry-paced course with assured job assistance. The benefits of registering for a course are as follows:-

  • Learning data analytics tools

  • Gaining real-time experience with capstone projects

  • Increased scope for the switch to a data analytics career

Let us discuss them thoroughly for a clearer knowledge of the career.

The benefit of learning through a certificate course

Data analytics course is a major weapon that can uplift the career of many experts. Such a course designs the learning modules that train you with analytics tools. A basic learning of Python programming will help you compress complex datasets into simple forms. A good hands-on experience in programming supports data analysis.

With the knowledge of machine learning techniques, decoding of latest trends from unstructured datasets becomes easy. SQL programming ideas help you work with the company's database that discloses crucial information regarding the employees.

Market dynamics keep changing frequently, and hence firms look for data analysts who mark the trends and help businesses grow. A certificate course here helps you build a data analytics career with expertise in tracing market changes and making sustainable decisions.

The knowledge of time series forecasting and statistics applications predicts forthcoming changes in the industry. In making insightful decisions, the expertise of data analysts matters the most.

The benefits of gaining practical work experience

An industry-paced course brings the scope for having real-time work experience through industry projects. Learners here can opt for any domain electives to pursue their data analytics future and work on real projects.

Capstone projects assist learners in seeing through real business scenarios, challenges, and scope for growth. Actual work experience through industry projects helps them in cracking MNC/MAANG interviews. Hence, course learning is proven evidence of a career shift in data analytics.

The benefits of a career switch with attractive hikes

The decision to switch comes with an intent to have attractive hikes and promotions. Without a unique skill set, building a lucrative career in data analytics becomes challenging. Yet, after completing the course, you can clear any job interview with MNCs/MAANG.

With all the tips and tricks applied, you can get attractive hikes. Data analytics career in India has a secured future for the ones who have expertise in related applications.

Apart from learning tools and applications, one must be able to tackle real business challenges. The more you are an expert in resolving issues, the faster promotions and recognitions are seen. Thus, a demanding professional course always comes helpful in terms of career switches or attractive hikes in the industry.

In Conclusion

Data analytics in India are making fast-paced changes in every sector, having vast scope for career growth. If you are thinking of building an aspiring future with data analytics, then register today for data analytics certification.

Data Analytics Program brings the scope of having a shining data analytics career in India with expertise in analytics tools. With industry-designed capstone projects in selected domains, you can fast-track your learning process. Plus, a globally recognized course completion certificate from IBM supports you in your career growth journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is data analytics important?

Data analytics is essential since it helps experts gather real-time insights and facts for informed decisions. It optimises business performance with the endless scope of industry growth. Data analytics makes complex data simple and easy to understand, which guides business leaders in decisions.

2. Who are constant users of data analytics?

Many sectors in India are regular users of data analytics for different reasons. They are BFSI, IT, business consultancy firms, healthcare, & media, and Journalism. From extracting valuable information to making insightful decisions, these sectors are uniformly using data analytics in their operations.

3. Is there any proven career path for the data analyst role?

Data analysts at the entry-level start with the role of junior analysts. Later with the right skills gained, they are promoted to senior analysts role, followed by data scientists & CTO. The career path and related promotions to different levels depending on the expertise of analytics tools and real work experience.

4. Why is a data analytics certificate worthy enough?

A data analytics certificate is noteworthy for anyone wishing to shape a career in analytics. A certificate after completion of the course upskills and makes you job-ready, cracking MNC interviews and attractive hikes. With demanded skills owned, the future success of your career is ensured in data analytics.

5. What is the average pay scale of a data analyst in India?

Many MNCs and MAANG interviews are going on in search of eligible candidates for data analyst roles. A data analyst with the right set of skills earns ₹4 LPA on average and a maximum of ₹11 LPA in India.