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10 Best Data Analytics Startups to Work in 2023

By Manas Kochar Category Data Science Reading time 12-13 mins Published on Jan 4, 2023

Discover the Cutting-edge Data Analytics Startups Shaping the Future Data Analyst

Data analytics, as we all know, is the new resource for how companies are leveraging business today. There are trillions of megabytes of data generated each day, worldwide. The figure is massive and qualified data analysts are the only eligible persons to deal with this massiveness of data.

Data analytics startups have helped most businesses grow, mostly startup businesses. The entire world has been data-driven, but analytical business solutions have been quite costly for data management till now. A range of big data analytics startups is trying to provide efficient data analytics solutions to businesses. Hence, the demand for data analysts is skyrocketing.

There is an increase in demand for data analytics across all business sectors, which seems to prove a great career opportunity.

This becomes really effective for working professionals and all the non-tech background individuals for a great career boost.

Five reasons to join a data analytics startup:-

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1. Growth opportunities:

In startups, we frequently have a smaller team and a flexible structure, allowing data analysts to take on more responsibilities.

It has a significant impact on the company's success. This can lead to rapid career progression and growth opportunities in various analytics platforms.

2. Flexibility:

In a startup, we can easily have a flexible work structure with a diverse range of projects and challenges.

3. Exposure to new technologies:

Working in any startup can undoubtedly aid in keeping up with the latest technology, helping in exploring new technologies.

4. Collaborative work environment:

Startups often have a more collaborative work environment, allowing data analysts to work closely with other team members.

5. Potential for equity ownership:

Many startups offer equity ownership to employees, providing data analysts with the opportunity to share in the company's success.

Overall, joining top analytics startups in 2023 can provide data analysts with exciting growth opportunities and exposure to new technologies.

So, where to target to get highly paid data analyst positions?

10 Rising Data Analytics Startups in 2023

An image lists the logo of different rising data analytics startups such as databricks, logz.io, Fractal Analytics, Fivetran, BioCatch, Solidus Labs, Coin Metrics, Unsupervised, UserTesting, Uptake Technologies.

1. Databricks

The real Apache team, MLflow, and Delta Lake created Databricks. While established in 2013, it was the world's leading lakehouse cloud platform. It offers unified and open data and artificial intelligence, combining the best of data warehouses and data lakes.

This is one of the best data analytics startups. It offers unified analytical solutions for enterprises. Businesses, data engineering, and data science teams can collaborate and create data products on the platform.

Databricks, headquartered in San Francisco, has offices around the world. They provide global partners such as Amazon, Microsoft, Tableau, CapGemini, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

In general, the starting salary for a data analyst position in Databricks can range from around INR 4-6 lakh per annum.

Additionally, a fresher with a master's degree can expect to make between INR 6 and 10 lakhs annually.

2. Fractal Analytics

Fractal analytics is one of the main competitors in the AI field. It provides artificial intelligence solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. Their services include retail, technology, and insurance.

The venture started as a data analytics startup in 2020, it has now been listed as a unicorn company.

Fractal Analytics' vision is to reshape businesses through data analytics tools. They aim to use AI, design, and engineering to empower every company's decisions.

Fractal rose to prominence within the data analytics startups as a top analytics service provider. The company has initiatives in place to support the career development of its employees and create a culture of belonging. Additionally, Fractal Analytics has been recognized by various organizations for its diversity and inclusion efforts.

3. Fivetran

Fivetran offers efficient and highly comprehensive tools for building data pipelines. These data pipelines link cloud applications to data warehouses. Over 2,000 enterprises presently use Fivetran's services.

The company has a strong reputation in the tech industry and has been recognized for its culture and employee satisfaction.

Fivetran has been included on various lists of the "Best Places to Work," by the San Francisco Business Times in 2021.

4. Logz.io

Logz.io, a monitoring platform for advanced applications, provides a flexible and efficient data analysis tool. It's used for monitoring advanced applications based on ELK and Grafana.

A laptop on a table shows various analytical data in the foreground. The blurred background shows two data analysts seated at the same table, working.

Logz.io manages to combine cloud-native simplicity and flexibility with crowdsourced computer vision AI technology. It assists engineers in identifying critical issues before they occur. It enables them to monitor, troubleshoot, and protect essential applications through a unified framework.

It is one of the fastest-growing data analytics startups in the world. They have made it to the top 100 positions on the list.

5. BioCatch

BioCatch examines the physical and cognitive digital activities of an internet user. It helps offer advanced behavioral insights using session monitoring. BioCatch is a pioneer in Behavioral Biometrics.

It aims to one day help develop a world where an online user's virtual identity is based on trust. It analyzes behavioral patterns to unlock insights and eliminate friction. Top financial institutions use BioCatch across the world to prevent fraud efficiently.

They have helped drive digital transformation and boost corporate development. The business states that its services helped clients attain a $10M yearly revenue increase.

6. Solidus Labs

Solidus Labs is one of the best data analytics startups to work for. It was founded in 2017. It is a crypto-tracking business.

The firm offers ML-powered trade tracking and transaction monitoring system designed specifically for digital assets.

It features a SaaS web-based interface. It allows machine learning startups in blockchain-based asset trading to detect, monitor, and respond to suspicious activities.

An illustration shows a smartphone perpendicularly dipped into a stack of metallic currencies. The background shows an illuminating globe.

7. Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics provides financial service companies with crypto intelligence services. They accomplish this by offering market information, indices, and cyber risk remedies. This assists their clients in making good decisions.

Coin Metrics was established in 2017 as an open-source venture to assess the financial value of publicly available blockchain networks. They have since extended that basic goal to empowering individuals and organizations to make educated monetary crypto judgments.

The firm has received funding from ten prominent investors, such as Castle Island Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, and Fidelity Investments.

8. Unsupervised

Unsupervised is an AI-powered analytics tools provider that examines complex data to uncover hidden insights. The platform will assist businesses in various sectors in making data-driven choices. Customer support, advertising, streaming data, and stock control are all included in this.

The organization claims to have helped a Fortune 500 store in saving $1 million using supply chain efficiency.

9. UserTesting

UserTesting Inc. provides market research tools that help in fetching actual customer data for new items and messages. According to UserTesting, businesses may collect consumer feedback within hours, allowing advertisers and project managers to make data-driven decisions.

The world's largest corporations, like Walmart, Microsoft, and Domino's, have placed their faith in this firm. Here you have the greatest chance of learning and growing.

10. Uptake Technologies

For industrial organizations, Uptake Technologies provides data modeling and optimization solutions. Their products are intended to improve company value, streamline procedures, and boost ROI. BloombergNEF included Uptake in its list of New Energy Pioneers in 2019.

So if you want to switch to the endless possibilities of a data-driven world data analytics is the best option for you.

Additionally, you can follow up on these best data analytics startups' official career pages. In case you still have not stepped into the world of data analytics, it's high time to upskill yourself. Join a top-notch data analytics program and make sure you won't miss the upcoming data analytics employment growth.