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By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 10.5 mins Published on Jun 12, 2023
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Today's corporate world sees data science as a force for uplifting business growth with data solutions. An analytical report presented by the Times of India has predicted that by 2026 there will be approx 11 million job openings spread across several data science companies in India.

However, I want to rectify one of my words here. Above, I have mentioned 'data science companies.' But in reality, nowadays, every single company needs to work with unstructured datasets to extract meaningful insights and reach informed decisions. Accordingly, the rate of hiring data scientists across companies has already increased at a fast pace since businesses are more focused on data-driven techniques.

With the growing demand for data scientists, the craze for a Masters in data science and even a self-paced data science course are touching the peak.

So, if you are already at the end of your course or planning to step into the world of limitless opportunities, here are the 25 most happening companies to focus on in 2023.

Top 25 data science companies in India

Do you think a course program can help you build an unstoppable career in data science? Yes, you got it right, but only up to 75%. To land a successful career in data science, you have to make yourself prepared from the very first days. Cracking the interviews of top companies is not a joke. Along with proceeding with your data science course, you need to do continuous research on the job openings and interview discussions of promising organisations (which you want to target).

Here are the 25 companies that you must consider in India for a data scientist job role :

1. Amazon

In the tech-driven world, Amazon hires the most skilled data scientists that align technology with business operations. Data scientists here work in handling measures like ML, deep learning, Artificial intelligence, Python, and MATLAB. Amazon is popular for its customer-centric yet innovative approaches in the industry. Through data science, it is taking charge of rebuilding the e-commerce industry and related operations.

Salary: 9 LPA – 50 LPA (based on years of experience and skill set)

2. Accenture

Accenture is one of the best data science companies operating in India. Its IT and consulting services reflect its potential to handle huge datasets. Data scientists in Accenture deal with modern tech solutions that handle enormous datasets and represent the facts. AI evolution is well-defined here, which may help you make an appreciable data science career.

Salary: On average, accenture data scientists earn 10 LPA, which may increase up to 40 LPA with years of experience and expertise.

3. Flipkart

A renowned e-commerce company, Flipkart concentrates on managing unstructured datasets to derive business insights. Data scientists work to manage cutting-edge technologies with the advent of data and analytics. Flipkart is one of the leading data science companies dealing with AI tools to track the latest e-commerce trends.

Salary: 14.7 LPA – 42.5 LPA (based on areas of expertise and experience)

[Note: Online IT certification courses in Data science help you learn DS & AI tools with practical projects.]

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, best known for its business and employment services, works on a data platform with many users and larger datasets. The most advanced application of ML, you can find in their recommendation engine. So, folks of data scientists are hired to manage unstructured employment databases to reach informed decisions. Data scientists on LinkedIn work on identifying patterns and connecting dots to derive valuable insights. Such applications help in providing proven employment services to users.

Salary: 8 LPA – 26 LPA (based on level of designation & expertise)

5. IBM

IBM is a global technology company that deals with a vast global client base, serving them with trending innovations. IBM believes in data-driven decisions and hires skilled data scientists who have expertise in running AI models. With AI and visual data science, IBM's data scientists help users have easy access to the datasets.

Salary: 7 LPA – 65 LPA (based on the right skills and experience)

6. HCL

HCL provides IT consulting services to its business clients across the globe. HCL's tech department consists of data scientists in research and development. Customer service enhancement is the aim of the data scientists at HCL. Data science solutions by HCL help clients get innovative resolutions to their industrial affairs. An attentive research activity helps the experts get facts about the current situation, leading to informed decisions.

Salary: 8 LPA – 28 LPA (based on skills and experience as a data scientist)

7. MuSigma

A renowned decision-making and data science company, MuSigma is well-versed in data science and AI applications. With a strong base of 3500 data scientists, MuSigma helps the global clientele have control over large datasets. Data scientists get the scope of aligning AI designs with research and development of insights.

Salary: 9 LPA – 25 LPA (based on expertise in AI tools and real-time experience)

8. Genpact

Genpact's professional services help businesses in managing complex datasets. Its control over AI platforms helps businesses see hidden patterns and make profitable decisions. Data scientists of Genpact provide an interactive insight into the latest trends available that develop a comfortable future for the firms.

Salary: 10 LPA – 30 LPA (based on expertise in data science & AI applications)

9. Wipro

Wipro helps its clients have informed solutions to their issues with data-driven consulting services. In this cutting-edge tech industry, Wipro's data scientists produce insightful solutions that uplift the growth level of clients. Data scientists in Wipro work to break down complex data patterns into simplified yet valuable information. Transformed business models designed by such giants showcase process improvements in an insightful form.

Salary: Data scientists at Wipro earn around 5 LPA (interns) to 29 LPA concerning their level of expertise.

10. Splunk

In the era of AI technology, Splunk designs software products that help users have regular tracking of data trends. Data scientists use the Splunk Insights tool that helps them have accurate access and trace the threats that can endanger lives. Through IoT applications, it alerts the users, safeguarding them from upcoming dangers.

Salary: 4 LPA – 10 LPA (based on work experience and expertise in the use of tools)

11. Cloudera

A software development company, Cloudera supports AI evolution across the globe, enriching the lives of the global client base. It works on an open-source technology that helps data scientists in the extraction of insights from unstructured datasets. The data scientists at Cloudera have the scope to manage their analytics platform to schedule and monitor their tasks.

Salary: 4.5 LPA – 52 LPA (differs with the level of expertise and experience of data scientists)

12. Tiger Analytics

An AI consulting services company, Tiger Analytics helps businesses to have better scope to enrich their profits and performance levels. With customised data and technology solutions, Tiger's data scientists support firms with available authenticated information.

Salary: 6 LPA – 25 LPA (based on areas of expertise and years of experience in the domain)

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13. Fractal Analytics

In the list of trending AI & data science companies, Fractal brings creative solutions. An intent of controlling human decisions powered by AI technology, Fractal helps business managers and leaders make strategic decisions. Fractal's belief in AI transformations brings out simplified decisions for businesses. AI supports business growth where the experts work to reshape operations and derive better values. Fractal enables its clients to face challenges and stay ahead of the latest updates in the industry.

Salary: 9 LPA – 23.4 LPA (based on job role and expertise in AI and data science tools)

[Note: A Master in data science can help you upskill and be a part of this growing industry.]

14. Bridgei2i Analytics

One of the best data science companies in the world, Bridgei2i supports data-driven culture led by AI. With an inspiring work culture, data scientists get the full scope of learning AI tools and strengthen their skill set. Their niche in data science helps their clients with simplified data solutions.

Salary: 5 LPA – 14.6 LPA (based on expertise level and experience in the relevant domain)

15. Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Company is listed among the best data science & AI companies in the world for its data-driven approaches. Data scientists here follow facts and insights that help them design business solutions. Reaching higher business targets becomes possible with its insightful approaches to business issues.

Salary: 6 LPA - 20 LPA (based on job role and expertise in AI and data science tools)

16. Intuit India

Intuit's data scientists help in bringing financial empowerment to their users. Their insightful marketing strategies and initiatives help start-ups and self-employed persons generate more revenue. Data scientists adopt new technology to derive solutions to business issues that shall support the financial growth of the users.

Salary: 14 LPA – 35 LPA (based on areas of expertise with years of experience)

17. Hansa Cequity

Hansa Cequity is well-known for its marketing consultancy services based on data science with data-driven features. Their connection with a larger number of customers integrates multiple channels. This needs supervision of the customer service lines for customer-centric values. Data scientists help leaders develop attractive marketing strategies with the latest insights available.

Salary: 4 LPA – 16 LPA (based on designation, expertise, and years of experience)

18. Analyttica

Analyttica is a globally recognized analytics company that helps users (customers) have a seamless data experience. Data scientists work to improve the customer lifecycle to have better business growth values. Data scientists work with well-versed AI technology, ML, and applied statistics to help leaders with informed decisions.

Salary: An average of 6.6 LPA for a junior data scientist position. Further increments follow industry hike trends.

19. Concentrix India

Concentrix is a leading business service and consulting company with an esteemed global clientele. It concentrates on customer management and business process development. Data scientists help leaders have better relations with their customers through factual knowledge of trends. Customers' insights from diversified grounds result in better team handling and structured decisions.

Salary: 10 LPA – 25 LPA (based on hands-on experience)

20. Cartesian Consulting

With the rise of analytics consulting firms, Cartesian consulting takes the lead in the industry. Data scientists help clients have personalised segmentation of the market. The available demand forecasts and supervised selling options support marketing strategies.

Salary: 6 LPA – 35 LPA (with years of experience and practical learning of data science tools)

[Note: Online IT certification courses in Data Science support career shift with real-time learning.]

21. Crayon Data

Most data science companies lead with a vision of building a data-driven future. It designs an interactive platform that digitally controls a larger database to provide innovative strategies. Expertise in data science & AI tools enables data scientists to derive insightful solutions to business problems.

Salary: 12 LPA – 20 LPA (based on areas of expertise and experience in the data science domain)

22. Manthan

An IT company, Manthan, works with predictive analytics software to provide insightful information to users. Data scientists here have expertise with data science and AI tools that read through customers' buying preferences. Manthan handles retail businesses by following the latest trends and serving the consumers accordingly.

Salary: Data scientists in team lead positions at Manthan make around 35 LPA, which stands out from other companies.

23. TEG Analytics

TEG is a leading data science company to provide better business insights. Data scientists here enable the clients to have data-driven strategies in their firms. TEG specialises in sales and marketing that supports the retail business established across the world. The data scientists in TEG handle efficient data systems that automate facts and support reliable decisions.

Salary: 8 LPA – 30 LPA (based on years of experience and skill set)

24. Impact Analytics

A leading AI-powered automation company that helps businesses have a better view of complex datasets. Data scientists help clients with real-time knowledge of facts and insights using relevant tools. Impact Analytics offers AI-driven SaaS solutions to business clients, leading to effective value chain management. Impact's predictive solutions help worldwide businesses run their business concern as per market trends and stay altered with the challenges.

Salary: 7 LPA – 25 LPA (based on skills and experience)

25. Latent View

The Latent View is a leading data science and analytics company. Digital solutions are backed-up with data-driven insights that support data scientists in handling the digital space. Data science tools help leaders have a 360-degree view of the projects, reaching transforming decisions. Their major clients are IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, and Cisco.

Salary: 8 LPA – 35 LPA (based on designation and years of experience)

Summing Up!!

You can make a career in any of the given data science companies if you own the right skills. An industry-paced Data Science and AI Master Program supports your career growth journey with attentive learning of skills. Plus, a certificate from IBM and Microsoft can be an additive advantage.