Data Science at Intern Level

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Introduction: Data Science at Intern level

As Data Science holds the grand title of sexiest job of the decade the idea of pursuing it becomes still more uneasy, more to that there is the viral notion of “Data Science is the toughest to build career in”, but it is infact much more sorted to become a part of it. All you need to have is smartness and consistency in your efforts. Let us know briefly about it down in the post.

Quick fact: A Data Scientist is not obliged to have knowledge on all the programming languages that has ever existed, people think a data scientist must know everything but it is too fictitious to be true. You will be asked to have expert knowledge in at-least 2-3 languages and on the tools that are frequently used in the field, get confident with absolute knowledge in those concepts that you choose in the beginning, further get into other concepts slowly and steadily. Make sure you will attain absolute knowledge on the languages and concepts that you start learning with, they act as the foundation for your knowledge over the field.

All the insights given on further are provided directly by Data Scientists in various interviews, merging all of the information we can understand the responsibilities, environment, requirements in the field of Data Science.

Data Science at Intern Level

Getting into the field of Data Science

When asked about how to easily get into the field, a data scientist told that there are many ways to do that by coming up with any one of important processes of the field. All that is required is right knowledge upon whatsoever process you choose and must be swift in pacing up with the levels of the processes. There are Data science courses available in various colleges and also in education centers that will not only help you have the knowledge on the fundamentals of the field but also support you in finding a deserving company.

Being an intern in Data Science

Because of the high popularity the field has gained it would nervous even the brightest scholar on the pressure of being the best, but all one must do is relax because the Data Science activity happens in a team and everything an intern would need is the absolute knowledge on the language and tools they have preferred. A Data Scientist explained how daunting it will be especially as an intern because no matter how many different languages they learn the insecurity of other person is more talented than me would haunt now and then, maybe this is because the dynamic behavior of the field. Every Data Scientist will be put in a team, for the sole reason of it is impossible for any individual to be skilled in all the programming languages.

If we interpret the importance of teamwork in a Venn diagram there will be intersection and overlapping of various languages one among another. This way one pack of the team will be knowledgeable of all the required languages but be always humble towards what you do not know, social etiquette is also necessary. As an intern your focus must be on following the patterns of how the activity works, analyse which language will be appropriate to learn because one’s journey of learning Data Science does not end when they get a job, but it starts from there.

Ideal education background to become a Data Scientist

This is another issue seen among the aspirants of being from an education background that is nowhere related to the technical field. Addressing to this issue a Data Scientist revealed that there are so many data scientists from different background fields like biology, physics, psychology, business and are still triumphing through their way. Even if you are from technical background you will still have to study Data Science because the concepts of it are different from any other technical field, there are specific concepts that must be learnt and practiced, also since it is a dynamic the requirements and essentials will be changing regularly so it is necessary to be well groomed before stepping into the field.

For the people of domain or education background different to it must find themselves a training center that will ease them into the field by providing knowledge of the concepts right from its beginning. Getting into the field is easy but for sustaining in it you will have to pace up your game by handling the toughness and by updating yourself according to the trend in the air.

Useful information by a Data Scientist of sources where you can learn Data Science easy and efficiently:

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