Why You Need Data Structures And Algorithms training

By Abhay Published in Data Science 9-10 mins
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The best of actors practice their dialogues in front of the mirror; they do several rehearsals before they start shooting for a film. The best of cricketers spend hours in the net,practicing. Practice makes man perfect. It is true in case of job interviews too. The more your practice how to present yourself and your skills the better off you will be in the real interview.

A practical and in depth Data structure and advance algorithm coaching will benefit you to perform your programming jobs better and also help you to get to better positions, with confidence, in case you are looking out for jobs.This course will help you to to handle Algorithm based interview with more confidence.

Learnbayprovides practical and in-depth training for data structure and Algorithm/Competitive Programming with interview preparation for e-commerce companies and top product based MNC.

1. Practical training

Real Time Project Implementation With Assignment and hands on.

2. Expert Instructor

Instructors from premier institute - IIT Roorkee, BITS Pilani ,IIITs and working with tier one product based MNCs like NVIDEA,McAfee,Directi .

3. Placement Assistance

Interview Guidance And Placement assistance for job seekers

4. Limited Batch Size

To make class interactive and improve faculty ­to ­student interaction,

number of student in our classroom never exceeds ten.

5. Recorded Class

Class recording is provided for every class ,which can be used in future for revision.Flexibility to attend class online.

6. Coding challenges

Two coding competition among batches monthly. Six months of technical support even after course completion.

For Course Content And Other details ,Please visit Data Structure And Algorithm Training


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