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Data Science and AI Master's Degree! A Gateway to Data-driven Career Opportunities

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 6.10 mins Published on Nov 29, 2023

Educating Pros on Digital Literacy with Master’s in Data Science and AI

Continuous tech innovations have controlled the current digital age, making significant changes to business and job markets. Regardless of their industries, businesses opt for a data-driven future to produce better yields. Data science, data analytics, and AI have made a promising place across firms, resulting in insightful business methods. As a result, business leaders or decision-makers find some tech shifts compatible with data-driven decision-making. Thus, enrolling in a Master’s in Data Science program is a wise move for experts.

From a career-building perspective, the data-driven era has opened up many opportunities with a promising future. According to the market reports, the global data science market expects a rise of 16.2% by 2032. Plus, the global AI market will mark a rise of 36.8% by 2030, setting up a data-driven future. Market reports convey that the forthcoming years may become crucial for businesses to sustain themselves in the digital age. Thus, employers are looking for skilled data scientists with knowledge of the latest tools and trends.

Upskilling with an industry-paced data science and artificial intelligence degree is driving working professionals to have a successful career switch. Steady learning of trending concepts and skills proves helpful for retaining a career with attractive pay scales and hikes. Yet, opting for the right course program or degree certificate is the most important step in the career growth journey.

Significance of Master’s in Data Science and AI for Career Growth

Upskilling has become an effective weapon to fight against career stagnancy and remove redundant skills. Enrolling in data science programs online unlocks ways to rebuild data-driven careers. Amidst many courses online, pursuing a master’s degree is much more helpful for a successful career switch. A data science and artificial intelligence degree can expand career opportunities with attractive hikes and salary packages.

Learning with any industry-paced course program is beneficial for career-building, yet, pursuing a master’s degree upscales the benefits to an upper version. Experts can have better paychecks, job offers, and deeper exposure to the global data community than a generic course program.

The present job scenarios intend to fill the skill gaps in data science and AI. The global employment of data scientists will see a rise of 35% by 2032, unlike other job roles. In the cutting-edge tech shifts in the job market, upskilling with a proven master’s degree can safeguard one’s career from future risks.

A master’s degree in any field expands the learning sphere exponentially and equips one’s career with the latest trends. Learners get comparatively more exposure to real-world business situations with an industry-proven master’s degree. A notable degree lines up benefits – 360-degree knowledge building to promising placement support with higher paychecks. Learning with a Master’s in Data Science can increase career switch options in India and abroad.

Check Your Eligibility

An image shows a person using a screen and pen to check eligibility for a data science and AI master's degree.

After knowing the significance of a master’s degree, let us check the basic requirements to make one eligible for the program.

  • Professionals from diverse industries: Some proven master’s degree programs come with open learning features that welcome tech and non-tech industry experts. Experts from IT/non-IT fields in diverse streams can switch their outpaced careers with a master’s degree.

  • Professionals from diverse designations or roles: Proven course programs allow working professionals, business managers, decision-makers, and business owners to pursue a Master’s in Data Science and AI. Upskilling through a master’s degree program helps business owners drive better yields and attain competitive success.

  • Learners willing to relocate overseas: Expertise with the latest AI trends and tools future-proofs one's career and improves the ability to secure a promising position in the digital age. Plus, if you are eager to explore overseas opportunities, a master’s degree is helpful.

  • Learners from diverse educational backgrounds: Anyone with basic statistics or mathematics knowledge in any domain (, B.Sc., or UG degree in CS, and working pros) can kick-start a data-driven career with a master’s degree.

Yet, a question persists: Why go for a master’s degree program? Is a master’s degree in Data Science and AI worth pursuing? Let us explore reasons to pursue the program.

Proven Reasons to Pursue Data Science and AI Master’s Degrees

There are several data science programs online to support the career transition journey. Yet, pursuing a master’s in data science proves to help cope with the digital age.

Let us know the prime reasons for opting for an industry-paced master’s degree.

Comprehensively Designed Course Curriculum

A master’s in data science and AI unlocks a realistic learning scope for working pros. Its comprehensively crafted curriculum considers the latest generative AI trends. Learning via a master’s degree program helps you to know the use of ChatGPT, Bard, and many more Generative AI models. Plus, learners will get regularly updated curricula with each new model introduced in the market.

Inclusive Learning Approach by Renowned Faculties

A master’s degree is vital for career success. Enrolling in the digital age master’s in data science program takes you through an inclusive learning platform. Experts from diverse disciplines (tech and non-tech) come together to upgrade their skill sets, following the latest data science and AI trends. Renowned faculties from eminent MNCs/MAANG mentor experts with hybrid training sessions, 1:1 doubt clearance, offline project handling, and many more. Mentorship from industry experts helps learners know real-world business challenges and ways to tackle them.

Custom-tailored Master’s Program for Working Professionals

An industry-paced master’s in data science program crafts a custom-tailored course suitable for mid-level or seniority-level working professionals. Data science and AI-driven changes are in demand at present. Firms are focusing on building a data-driven culture to lift decision-making qualities and earn higher yields. Thus, a master’s in data science and artificial intelligence considering the latest trends can drive better career growth compared to generic ones.

Globally Recognized Master’s Degree Badge to Career

Upskilling from Learnbay’s master’s degree in data science and AI can expand growth options. Such degrees are identical to overseas universities that upscale your career's worth. Adding a master’s degree badge to one’s career helps experts get placed across eminent MNCs overseas like the US, Canada, Europe, and many more.

Industrial Accreditation for Practical Learning

Pursuing a master’s program is vital for career growth, with a 100% success rate. Industrial accreditation for practical learning from prime giants like IBM, Microsoft, Woolf University, and many more enhances its worth. A promising master’s in data science program leverages knowledge-gaining abilities and expands growth scope.

An image shows a person using a screen and pen to check eligibility for a data science and AI master's degree.

Immigration Opportunities

Some master’s degree programs are vital for unlocking overseas placement options. Experts upskilling with an industry-paced program get the scope for effortless immigration to many countries. A master’s degree helps learners extend their networking to a global level of data experts. Seamless visa opportunities increase the chances of getting into global data roles with lucrative paychecks.

Affordable Global University Degree

Many learners resist upskilling decisions due to expensive course programs. A Master’s in Data Science and artificial intelligence is expensive for many experts who opt for generic learning. Yet, there are some famous master’s degrees that include flexible financing plans. Plus, the worth of such master’s programs increases when a global university degree is associated with your resume. Getting the benefit of a global university degree with a hybrid learning model costs much less.

In Conclusion,

Indeed, the rise of Data Science and AI has changed the business and job landscape with more growth scopes. Learnbay’s Master’s Degree in Data Science and AI supports upskilling with 100% dedicated job offers in India and overseas (US, Canada, and Europe). This master’s in data science and AI program includes an open learning platform, welcoming tech and non-tech pros from diverse disciplines. An industry-paced course syllabus includes generative AI (ChatGPT) led subjects followed by the latest tools and trends. Getting mentored by eminent mentors from MNCs/MAANG refines your skill sets to stand out in the career growth race.

This master’s in data science program offers a career service pro benefit where learners will get instructor-led training with 7+ domains. It also includes mock interviews, 1:1 doubt clearance, resume building, and offline experience centers for fresh capstone projects.

Learnbay’s globally recognized master’s program is similar to a master’s degree in the US, Canada, and Europe. A master’s degree from a global collegiate higher education institution increases the worth of your resume. Plus, adding a project experience certificate from IBM elevates your worth as a certified data scientist.