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Top Courses in 2023 for a Full-Stack Software Developer

By Manas Kochar Category Full Stack Reading time 8-9 mins Published on Jan 13, 2023

Which Courses Can Help You Develop the In-demand Skills in Full Stack Development?

Nowadays, almost every business, whether a startup or an SME, has gone online. This helps brings them global reach. Today we can deliver any product to anyone in any location with just one click. In fact, as a customer, while paying for a service or product, we don't do the same until we cross-check a minimum of its online presence.

Yes, it's true that there are so many cheaper third-party options to develop a website or software application. But are the professionals associated with such third-party service provider experts? If they are not properly trained, then your business can face a lot of issues because of their created apps and sites.

There is no substitute for an in-house software developer. It requires a lot of work from the company to do this efficiently. They need effective work on websites, servers, software, and applications. A full-stack software developer is required to do the job. But finding someone with the right skills is difficult.

That's why the demand for full-stack developers is enormous in India. The average salary of a full-stack developer in India ranges from 3 LPA to 17 LPA. A professional full-stack developer's salary depends on their skills and experience.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack software developer is a professional who designs, develops, and implements software applications. 'Full-Stack' means possessing knowledge of both the front and back end of an application. Full-stack software developers are involved in all stages of software development.

They can develop software as well as web applications. In addition to this, they lead other teams in the development process. For example, a full-stack software developer works on

  • Architecture layout

  • Code analysis

  • Data structures

  • Performance analysis

  • Updating, etc.

Note: A Computer Science (CS) degree is required to become a full-stack software developer. Those who do not possess a CS degree can start through a Full Stack Web Development Course. Full Stack Software Developers have web development knowledge and hold a CS degree required to work on software applications.

Here are the Top Full Stack Developer Courses in India

1. Full-Stack Software Development Program (Learnbay)

Learnbay offers a full-fledged program in full-stack software development. Students and professionals study in live online courses conducted by industrial and MAANG experts in the Full-Stack Software Development Program.

The full-stack software developer course comes with elite domain knowledge. Students can now choose the domain they have experience in or want to specialize in. In addition, they get to work on live projects, participate in group discussions, and study through 1:1 sessions with mentors.

The classes are live and interactive. Students learn full stack development fundamentals and gain real-world project experience under the direct supervision of industrial experts. In addition, they get prepared for cracking MAANG interviews with ease.

Duration: 8 months- Weekday Batches; 9 months- Weekend Batches

Level: Expert, Professionals with a CS background can pursue this.

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2. IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate (Coursera)

This program is ideal for beginners who need programming and tech knowledge. You are taught fundamental development from beginning to end in this course. It will take you to the advanced level of project deployment. Students will learn about managing the whole developmental process of a software application.

The modules teach students about creating and deploying cloud apps with JavaScript, Node.Js, and GitHub. Principles in cloud computing like SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

It is a self-paced study that helps students learn according to their convenience. Real-world projects and quizzes are present for students to master the topics. However, you will miss the capstone project feature here.

Duration: The program takes 14 months to complete.

Level: Beginner

3. IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer

The program will teach you the essential hard and soft skills for a career as a full stack developer. You will practice creating cloud-based applications. In addition, the course also teaches you how to construct native cloud apps in Python.

Students get a solid understanding of cloud computing. They will learn through specialists provided by IBM to gain expertise in dealing with their technology. In addition, the training helps students enhance their technical abilities as full stack engineers.

They'll not only teach the development of a software application but also encrypt and authenticate a software application. Students with basic knowledge of Python and coding can enter this course to study.

Duration: The program takes six months to complete, with 5-8 hours per week.

Level: Medium

Note : If you are particularly interested in cloud computing, then you can also opt for a machine learning course that focuses on cloud computing.

4. Learning Full-Stack JavaScript Development:- MongoDB Node and React (LinkedIn)

The course provided by LinkedIn helps professionals to sharpen their full-Stack Javascript Developers skills. This thorough course teaches everything needed to become a full stack developer. Such as using the latest frameworks and technologies to build and deploy real-world programs.

It provides essential knowledge on developing user interfaces by reading and writing data using MongoDB. Students learn Node.js, MongoDB, and JavaScript in addition to learning React as a client-side framework.

The Linkedin course helps us create data-driven websites faster and much more efficiently. It involves all modern Javascript concepts. In addition, they provide hands-on projects through live coding demonstrations. This can be a good start if you are a Java expert or passionate about Java.

Duration: It takes around 3 hours to complete this program.

Level: Medium

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5. Executive PGP in Software Development and Full Stack Development (UpGrad)

This course is offered by UpGrad in collaboration with IIT Bangalore. This is one of the most hyped full stack software development courses online. Industry professionals teach this course. Professionals in the field and IIT professors regularly update the modules.

The course teaches different industry projects with real-world applications. The study also provides career assistance. It includes various live sessions, 1:1 mentoring, and programming tools and languages.

Students scoring 50 percent in bachelor's degree with coding knowledge can enroll in the course.

Duration: 300+ hours of on-demand video.

Level: Beginner

Why should you take a full stack software development program?

A full stack developer program thoroughly studies front-end development, back-end development, and database management. The study of full stack software development helps students explore and train themselves in building software applications from start to end.

Below are a few clear-cut reasons why you should choose a full stack development course.

I. The demand is high

The demand for proficient developers has risen in the last few years. The projected revenue of software enterprises was estimated at $237 billion in 2022, according to a software engineering statistics report by Kinsta.

Tech companies prefer hiring professionals for their invaluable full stack developer skills. With the rise in startups, the demand is only going to increase. But yes, keep in mind that the job market competition is also getting tougher with the increasing demand. You can look at the blog 'How to Become a Demanding Full stack Developer in 2023.'

II. Become a leader

A full stack developer has complete knowledge of the software development process. Their skills are much needed in the marketplace today.

Mastering frameworks like Angular, Node.js, React, and languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript can help professionals gain in-demand full stack developer skills. Plus, the trends are constantly changing in the industry, keeping the field exciting. Therefore, being a full stack software developer, you will always be a preferred candidate by recruiters for various IT leadership positions.

III. Growth Opportunities

Finally, developers will find multiple development opportunities as they keep upskilling themselves to the latest trends. A full stack engineer with technical skill sets can fast-track their growth inside an organization. In addition, working as a full stack software developer you may find it easier to work with multiple languages. This skill set is much needed in the industry these days.

A full stack developer program helps you upskill yourself with real-world problems, thereby gaining working exposure. Companies need people with practical problem solving skills as they move their business online.

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IV. Lack of talent

There has been an increase in the number of professionals in the workforce. However, companies still face a significant issue: the need for job-ready and skilled people. Most professionals not being able to meet the challenges or responsibilities assigned to them is the reason.

With less competition due to a lack of talented or skilled individuals, enhance your abilities to move ahead of others. You can focus on developing your skills as a full stack developer through a proper full stack software developer course. When you are advancing in your course, you will be prepared for the job. You can become a job-ready individual through a comprehensive educational program.

V. A good option to restart a career after a break

Career break is quite scary, whatever the reason is. Mainly for women, full-stack software development can be a promising option to get back into professional life. Due to the high demand, full stack software developer courses offer a promising career restart for women.


Full stack software development is an invaluable skill to have today. Organizations need these professionals to push their companies toward success in the online environment. Proficient developers in software technology have a bright future ahead of them. Due to the increase in software development, their services will rise.

A full stack is a unique course to study. There are multiple programs to help you become a full stack software developer. Unfortunately, you can easily fall into the haystack of outdated classes. The above courses are the top full-stack courses for beginners to experts/professionals.