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A Guide to Select the Right Data Science Program for Your Career

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Master Visualization & Storytelling Skills With Online Data Science Course

The 4th Industry Revolution was coined in 2015 that declared fast-paced growth of some technological fields to create a more seamless tech future. Data science is one of them that intersects with the evolving digital era.

As a result, firms are packed with larger datasets that need proven skills to handle them. But the absence of the right skills can let your career down. Thus, with the best online data science course available, you can be a part of this rising industry.

With the forecast to grow to 230.80 USD by 2026, data scientist job roles have become a worthy and reliable option. The data scientists' job roles may see more than double growth in the next five years.

With the rising head of the demanded roles, business leaders prefer two skills. And they are 'data visualization' and 'storytelling.' Yet, these two skills are mutually reliant. Current hiring teams demand data scientists who are experts in storytelling for insightful visuals and the study of datasets.

An industry-paced data science online program can give you the scope of real-time learning of said skills.

The Idea of Storytelling with Data

Storytelling has a massive influence on people, and every word keeps them engaged. But facts that miss the creativity of depicting the story behind fail to reach the human mind. Around 5% of people hardly recall the facts provided, but 63% of people remember a story depicted.

But how? How does the human mind react differently in recollection of stories rather than facts?

Storytelling holds a psychic power that eases the human skill to see through complex data models and draw insights. The human brain recalls the facts for a long term when said in the form of stories.

The field of data science demand storytellers who know data and analytics and form better stories to keep the crowd engaged. If you lack such skills, then online data science training may help you better.

Suppose you are a data scientist in the e-commerce sector and have to present market updates in real time. During sales promotions (social media & print media), you need to design various marketing strategies.

In such cases, if you show trends and facts to support the marketing strategy, it may only reach a few. But facts backed with tales, images, and graphics deliver an interactive outcome.

A data scientist needs to communicate the findings for decisions; hence, it must be engaging. In data science, storytelling becomes a way to express things better. Data scientists must be good storytellers since they study market trends, extract insights, and help firms make decisions.

A team consists of technical and non-technical people, no matter which roles they play. Anyone dealing with data might need help reading through complex data. The decision-makers do not necessarily have data science skills. So, wrong interpretation of facts can lead them to make wrong decisions. Hence, a data scientist must master storytelling skills to back up the facts with proper visual skills.

Are you worried about how to master storytelling and visualization skills? You can go for the best online classes for data science that help you to learn such skills in real-time.

Data and facts are helpful for any business decision. But if experts fail to present accurate findings, it may degrade business values. Hence, storytelling is the way for the experts to present enticing views on the facts and convey them to the decision-makers.

Why are Data Storytellers in Demand?

A data storyteller is an expert who is capable of viewing complex data and cleaning the same to process better insights. Every fact needs to be logically right and fair. An engaging narration skill with advanced data science tools presents a better view of the facts.

After getting into an online data science course, you will learn the actual use of Tableau & visual analytics for designing facts. Through predictive models & graphs, the experts present facts in dashboards. But not all have access to facts and updates at hand.

Storytelling is a general skill, but highly helpful for data scientists to gain success in the industry. Facts and updates are essential for business decisions. But if data experts fail to provide accurate insights, it may downturn the business growth with wrong moves by the leaders.

For any firm, available insights help in forming strategies and making decisions. But your audience may only connect with the facts if the presenter (data scientist) stays caught up in narration ability.

The best online classes for data science provide room for learning to trend data science tools, trending with various business cases. Careful practice with these tools can help you build a bright career in data science.

A data scientist takes the role of easing complex data and establishing them as per the need. This becomes a part of business analysis that goes through many steps to design flowcharts and data modeling. Here, the need for the narrative skill of the data expert is valuable. Business leaders and managers find narration an exciting way to make insightful decisions.

Data Visualization Compliments Storytelling-

A narrative approach to Data and analytics help business leaders make stable choices supporting the trends. In the case of breaking business deals, leaders must have regular updates on market trends & insights.

Visual works for -

  • Expressing data elements
  • Relative analysis of datasets
  • Trend analysis (Time series forecasting method)

Is visualization efficient enough to make a non-data scientist read through the facts? Does it convey the correct info?

The answer shows the supportive link between visualization and storytelling. Through leading online data science course programs, real-time use of a storytelling approach is possible.

Yet, does the data story connect to the visuals to present insights?

The human brain needs logical reasoning to read through complex data. Data visualization is a vital part of data science or data analysis that deals with three factors -

  • Data
  • Visuals
  • Narrative approach

A data scientist's role is not only to work with data analysis or imaging but also to cover narrative analysis. But, due to the skills gap in the field of data, such expertise is difficult to conceptualize. To limit the issue here, a data science online program comes to focus on holding a growing career for the experts.

Each data has a hidden story. The broader landscape of data science explains the vital roles of data exploration, data analysis, and imaging. Basic programming languages do the primary work, while an interactive display requires advanced skills.

Excel, Power BI, business intelligence, and other valuable tools help in data processing & imaging. Yet, insights with a story are helpful for the teams. Business leaders not belonging to the data & analytics field may face risks in reaching actionable insights.

Hence, visualization with storytelling always works wonders. Suppose you presented the fact that 'Nearly 5.02 million people faced premature death in 2019 due to obesity'. Now this info may only attract some people's sight rather than be backed with interactive graphics.

Here, visual image & storytelling skills apply that dive into actual trends of obesity and premature death rates. Data scientists in the healthcare sector use various data visualization tools. But with a storytelling way, they reach the factors liable for such deaths.

Data scientists gather abstract ideas from complex data, and storytelling provides substantial knowledge about the scenario. But this skill needs regular practice and learning. Through an online data science training program, upskilling with data visualization & storytelling is possible.

End Notes-

Storytelling and Data visualization always complement each other while dealing with complex data sets. A successful data display requires good visuals backed with an engaging story. It not only does convince the crowd but also brings out better decisions to aid business growth. To become a successful data scientist in the 21st century, you must upskill with these two non-tech skills.

But how to upskill in data science? Is it feasible to learn data science through an online course? Which is the best available online program to go for in data science? — These doubts pop up before going for any online course for a career move in data science.

A Data Science & AI Foundation Program paves the way to finding career growth scope in the field of data. This data science course duration is 13 – 15 months, which shapes your career with industry-proven data science skills. With this program, you can stay ahead of the race with real-time knowledge of data science tools.

Do you want to know whether this online data science course placement is guaranteed?

The best online data science course in India comes with better placement scope. This master's program supports your learning with three real-time industry projects and a certificate from IBM. Becoming a part of the globally known data science industry has become a reality.


1. Is it feasible for a PCB student to become a data scientist?

Students from any background can become data scientists. With a basic knowledge of applied mathematics/statistics, one can start a data science career. The best available data science courses in India provide help in learning data science tools to shape a career in data science.

2. Which certification is best for data science?

Any online data science course with a placement scope helps in the career shift journey in the field of data science. The 1:1 mock interviews by industry experts refine your learning according to the industry trends. Plus, 100% job assistance increases the chances of becoming a data scientist.

3. How much does an online data science course cost?

The fees for the data science course program come cost-effectively. With the EMI options and other financial help, your worry about investing in a data science course stops here. With an easy payment option for data science course fees, you can plan your upskilling.