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6 Must-Have Skills Every Data Analyst Needs

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 6.5 mins Published on Jul 21, 2023

Become a Skilled Data Analyst With an Industry-paced Data Analytics Course Online

The technology boom changes the face of the global labour market in the field of data. Data analysts are searched in every industry for their proven skills in handling complex data and simplifying them. Yet, a solid command over in-demand analyst skills has an endless demand for industry experts. So, to shape an astounding career in data analytics, upskilling through a data analytics course online proves useful.

The last 20 years have seen radical shifts in the tech world that have transformed our lives. Compared to broadband access in the late 2000s, today’s generation sees internet usage as their lifeline. With such technological shifts, the rates of data created daily keep on increasing at a fast pace. Undoubtedly, this creates a need for data-driven job roles like data analysts.

As per the World Economic Forum report, the data analyst job role was predicted to be the most in-demand job role by 2020. Also, the global data analytics market expects to see a growth of 27.60% by 2030.

Certainly, the one with in-demand skills can sustain in this growing data field. The data analytics market needs skills that are unique yet useful for leading a data-driven work culture. From domain-specific knowledge to trending analytics skills, a data analyst needs career nurturing through a data analytics online training program.

Let us review some core skills that a data analyst needs to develop over time.

In-demand Skills to Learn for a Data Analyst Career

The rise of the digital era brings a tech-driven future for many. While on the contrary, with a persisting skill shortage in the industry, this digital transition faces certain pitfalls. The data analytics field is a part of this era and needs a team with proven skills to sustain the hard times. An online certificate in data analytics can help you survive the challenges.

Yet, the global skills market opts for re-skilling and upskilling ways to build a team of real talents in the data field. By 2025, job scope will grow by 25% for highly skilled experts, and 25% – 45% of jobs will open in the field of automation. — European Commission

Yet, how to get into this promising data future? How to upskill with the latest technologies and skills in demand?

There are many data analytics online certification courses in India, but how to choose the right one?

The best online data analytics course can solve your worries with 100% of career growth in data analytics. Here a query arises, ‘What is a data analyst course?

An industry-paced course in data analytics helps to learn both tech and soft skills that a data analyst must have. To make you clear, we will further discuss core skills that are trending in 2023.

  • Critical Thinking & Problem-solving Skills

A survey states that around 94% of people think critical thinking is vital.

When a firm deals with larger volumes of data, it gets surrounded by many issues. But only some issues need to be solved. Here, it needs critical thinking skills to measure the level of the issue. A data analyst must be a logical thinker so that he can dive deep into business problems.

Do you know three soft skills are surveyed, being major missing amongst the experts over the years? Yes, such skills as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Amongst the top 3 soft skills, a 37% skills gap in problem-solving and a 32% gap in critical thinking is marked globally.

A critical thinker can plan ways to get out of the business concern. Analysts can study the data well if they can think wisely. Plus, with good insights, they help managers and leaders reach data-driven solutions.

[Pro Tip: A data analytics course online provides real-time learning scope to refine brainstorming, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.]

  • Applied Mathematics/Statistics Skills

Numbers are very common in the field of data. Data analytics deal with larger data and market trends. If you are planning to get into data analytics, then you must be easy with numbers.

A common need for this career is basic knowledge of applied mathematics/statistics. The basics of statistics help analysts track market trends and derive insights. Regression analysis, probability, and linear algebra require strong hold-over numerical skills.

A strong knowledge of MS Excel works here. Excel connects with statistics, which makes data analysis easy. Data analytics market deals with the latest updates and trends in complex formats. With the use of basic statistical commands, data patterns get simple.

Hence, if you wish to see yourself in the data analytics industry, upskilling with statistics is a must.

[Pro Tip: A graduation degree or data analytics online training helps to learn basic numerical skills to apply them in real life.]

  • Programming Skills

The data analytics market has endless scope for career growth. Due to the increasing need for skilled programmers, the global software developer field expects to reach 28.7 million by 2024. This fact confirms the reliability of the firms in various programming languages. In such context, Python comes at 4th rank (48.07%) in the globally favoured programming languages.

A person with sound knowledge of programming languages like Python can have a fortunate beginning in a data analytics career. In data analytics, Python helps the experts to handle the data. Python libraries help in having data processing faster & analyse the data more. Python uses simple syntax that makes the data easy to process & study.

[Pro Tip: A data analytics course online sharpens your programming skills along with the scope of working on real industry projects.]

  • Database Management with SQL

SQL is a programming language that is vital for the data analytics field. To have a good career in analytics, the knowledge of one query language (SQL) is a must. Recent years have marked constant requirements for SQL skills in the data field, making it prominent for career growth.

Firms deal with huge amounts of data, but managing them effectively gets hard. Hence, they hire skilled data experts with SQL knowledge to update and manage the data records of the business.

[Pro Tip: You must opt for data analytics online training to know the real-time use of SQL in handling data records.]

  • Visualization Skills

Data visualization is useful for the data analytics field. According to reports, the global data visualization tools market expects growth of 11.6% by 2026. Industry verticals from healthcare to education use data analytics tools to have seamless operations and insightful decisions. In such a context, visual tools have become reliable weapons to enhance the quality of data used by the fields.

The data experts use MS Excel & Tableau tools to view the data findings and convey the insights to the teams. This skill demands both visualization and storytelling. A data analyst must learn storytelling to convey the facts, but before that clear view of the trends and patterns is a must.

[Pro Tip: Any course can help you learn Tableau & Excel. But, the best online data analytics course with certificates improves visuals with storytelling skills.]

  • Communication is the master key!!

Reviewing the in-demand skills in 2023, employers count communication & leadership as the most desirable. The data field demands skills in extracting insights & reading them. From analysis to business report creation, communication plays a vital role.

Business managers cannot read the data patterns or insights until and unless they are expressed. Hence, data analysts must gain the skill to convey hidden facts. A good communicator tells a great story, leading to informed decisions by managers.

[Pro Tip: You can learn professional communication skills from any online course, but to be specific to the data field, an online certificate in data analytics can help.]

End Notes!!

The data analytics field is growing. There is no specific skill set for the data experts. From domain knowledge to the latest trending skills, a data analyst carries a vast need for technical & soft skills. Hence, to match with the latest trends, one must stay constantly updated.

Here, data analytics online training proves effective for a data career. But you may have a query, ‘Is learning a data analytics course online beneficial?’ Yes, of course, a data analytics course online with placement can be useful for the learners hopeful for a data career.

Data Analytics Program by industry experts helps you upskill your data skills at every stage of career growth. Its learning sessions with the latest tools, followed by capstone projects, offer real-time learning scope with 100% job assistance. Plus, a data analytics course online with certifications from IBM & Microsoft enhances your success rate.

With an affordable data analyst course fee, your journey of becoming a data analyst turns easy.


1. Which institute offers the best online course for data analytics in India?

Any data analytics course that offers placement & real-time learning scope is the best. Hence, you must opt for the best online data analytics course in India with placement to increase your success rate in the industry. This course will groom your skills & make you job-ready to crack any MNC interview. Learnbay is such an option where you can utilize top-class career support to ensure your placement.

2. Can I learn from an online data analytics course program?

Yes, anyone can learn a data analytics course online, but it must have features like -

  • Learning of latest analytics tools
  • Fresh Capstone projects
  • Job assistance program
  • 100% placement guide
  • A globally recognized certificate

With these benefits, becoming a skilled data analyst is not a hard nut to crack. But yes, for projects and mock interviews, if possible, try to attend the online class as it gives the maximum possible level of learning efficacy.

3. Is a data analyst an IT job?

No, ‘data analyst’ is not an IT job role but needs some coding or programming skills. The best online data analytics course for beginners offers specific programming training for non-IT experts. Hence, with numerical skills, one can start pursuing a data analytics course and then develop coding skills. But this is not too hard, so non-IT pros can also learn it very easily.