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Reliable Resources for Data Science

By Nisha Kumari Category Data Science Reading time 15-19 mins Published on Feb, 2022

Know The Best Platforms to Learn Data Science Online

New to Data Science Field? You must feel the need to learn data science right away. But wait for a second and consider your options before you proceed further. There are many resources for data science aspirants. You should first evaluate all the details and then come to a conclusion.

Data science is a fairly difficult career choice if you don't choose the right learning path and learning resources. Data scientists' jobs are the most talked about professions among fresh graduates and experienced professionals as well.

Data science has become the leading concept worldwide. Thanks to its lucrative career aspects and demand within various industries, the field has garnered everybody's attention.

Everyone who wants to become a data scientist has questions about their choice. Such as 'Where to start from' or 'Best platform to learn data science.'

In this article, I'll answer some of these questions you might have and how to learn data science online at best possible level.

I should start by stating that there is no one method that works for everyone when determining how to learn data science. The measures depend on the personalized goal and existing professional experience or expertise.

Just keep five things in mind:

  • Choose updated and latest content only.

  • Choose reliable and reputed platforms.

  • Check for reviews and ratings.

  • In the case of data science online training (if you have a goal of successful career transition), always choose regular live classes over recorded ones.

  • Focus most on the practical learning aspects.

One can find a number of helpful resources for data science online. These resources contain valuable information to help you start your career in the right direction. I've compiled a list of data science resources from which you can learn to build your career.

Below are some reliable data science resources to impart knowledge and expertise.

Some Useful Resources for Data Science:-

YouTube Videos:-

For the one who wants to know more than just the definition of data science, here are some data science resources on YouTube. The channels mentioned below share genuine experiences in the field of data science.

Check them out.

1. Springboard

Data science is a practical field. Theoretical knowledge alone can't offer the expected outputs to the modern industrial's competitive needs. Hence knowing the real-world experience of contemporary data science experts can only help you in the direction of data science advancements.

This channel interviews data scientists from leading companies and brands like Google, eBay, Reddit, etc. It is fascinating to understand the reality of the world's hottest trend. So far, they have gained more than 350k subscribers.

2. Joma Tech

Joma is a tech-savvy professional who has started Joma Tech. In his channel, he talks about his journey, the courses he studied, the data science resources required to study, and many other things related to becoming a successful data scientist.

Joma not only talks about data science but also suggests various courses on startups, programming languages, and software engineering. He also interviews numerous popular data scientists on his channel and gets deeper into the topic to help you clearly understand the topics.

He has amassed over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

3. Learnbay

Learnbay's YouTube channel provides helpful and relevant videos for career transition, benefiting non-tech students and working professionals.

You can understand data science with the help of live webinars and videos by industrial experts. Additionally, the information from their videos is very helpful in learning newer technologies and trending topics.

Here they cover topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, full-stack software and web development, DSA, and more on their YouTube platform. Experts provide relevant information in these videos through their years of industrial experiences and also educate students in Advanced Data Science and AI Programs about data science in detail.

4. Edureka

Edureka's channel on YouTube is one of the most useful resources for data science to learn codes and algorithms quickly. They provide videos of trendy programming languages, how to code them, and their uses.

Even though it is difficult to master what they provide, you can surely learn the basics of some languages. They are quite persistent in their work and have over three million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

5. 365 Data science

If you are a little confused with different definitions and perspectives on Data science, take a step back and surf this channel. It provides an easier understanding of the data science discipline and its evolution.

A basic introduction to languages like Python, C, C++, and Java is provided. In addition to data science knowledge, it includes details on other popular topics like data structures and artificial intelligence. They have more than 250k subscribers on the platform.

6. Krish Naik

He is an Indian data scientist who sheds light upon the situation of data science in India and explains how to enter it.

He talks about the prerequisites, internships, and which companies to target, and he also helps unemployed graduates capture a solid job by suggesting reliable companies to them.

This channel is like a data science guide and is very useful for making way for yourself to land a dream job as a data scientist. There are 700k+ subscribers on his platform.


Those keen on understanding the complexities of different studies in data science can use the information provided by books to learn data science through reliable resources for data science. In fact, apart from the online data science courses, books become an additional helping hand to clear complex theoretical doubts.

Some essential ones are.

1. Python for Data Analysis

This specialized Python book covers the fundamentals of data science. This book teaches you the basics of time series, data aggregation, and more. In addition, Python problem-solving approaches are also employed to teach you how Pandas is applied to real-world problems.

The book is the first of its kind on data science and data analytics. It's one of the reliable resources for data science to learn and practice its application in the real world.

This is likely the greatest book for handling, analyzing, cleaning, and processing data in Python which also deals with learning Pandas for real-world applications.

2. Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow

The book teaches machine learning, deep learning and neural networks, especially focusing on TensorFlow. Here the complex topics are taught using simple hands-on exercises.

Before starting with the book, a good understanding of calculus (linear algebra, vector functions, and gradients) may be required. This is probably a great book for beginners to get acquainted with most machine-learning coding demands.

3. Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

Another book focused on machine learning, deep learning, and data science. The book uses Python to teach the topics in detail. It has some well-explained examples to show the practical applications of the concepts in real-world situations.

It starts with common topics for learners, such as KNN, linear regression, etc. It then dives into deep learning concepts such as neural networks.

General Thoughts

As all these resources for data science are generally very helpful, choosing one would be a tough task. You have plenty of options with different topics to study. Therefore, focusing on what you want to learn firsthand becomes necessary.

A step-by-step process to learn data science with ease would be

  1. Select a topic of interest: You should study data science in your chosen field. Different fields offer different perspectives, so you must consider which area you want to explore in your understanding of data science. Getting a domain specialization as an automotive or healthcare data scientist can be a boon for your career if you have an active interest in the domain.

  2. Network with a few professionals in your field: Researchers, professors, etc., are great learning tools for any subject as they provide a plethora of information on the topic. The data science resources mentioned above offer insights from data scientists with immense knowledge and experience. You can get answers to questions such as "how to get started in data science," etc.

  3. Gain an understanding of the basics: The mathematics behind the equation, models being deployed, and methods used in a particular situation would help you understand the problem in depth. What challenges are these models attempting to solve? Getting a clear understanding of the basics is a must for data scientists.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt about the potential of data science in the modern world. The demand has created plenty of opportunities for data science professionals to have lucrative careers ahead of them. Still, there is time for aspirants to utilize this opportunity and create a hopeful future for themselves.

Now is the time to pursue a career in data science. The resources for data science mentioned in this post are helpful tools to achieve your dreams. Equip yourself with the necessary materials and qualifications to gain the upper hand in the competition.

If you want more info on the field of data science, visit Learnbay.

Hope this information will help future data science aspirants.