Know The Best Strategy To Find The Right Data Science Job in Delhi?

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Data science careers are buzzing everywhere, and so the data science courses. It’s true that data science salaries are too lucrative and offer sample scopes of career growth. But the majority of candidates struggle a lot to grab the right data science job after competing in their data science courses. After Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai, Delhi will be the next promising destination for data science aspirants. In this blog, I’ll discuss the best strategy for grabbing the right data science job in Delhi and a brief understanding of the growth orientation of the data science salary in India.

Is data science a good career in India?

We always keep our concerned eyes on the 1st world countries job market and keep regretting the lack of opportunities in our own country. In some cases, this becomes a very hard truth that our country lacks job opportunities and growth, but if it comes to data science, then India is also proudly participating in the data science advancement race.

According to the Analytics Insight survey, by the mid of 2025, India will experience a huge data science job boom. It’s expected that the number of data science and associated job vacancies at that time in India will be around 1,37,630. The Indian job market has already experienced massive demand for a data scientist in the first phase of 2021. Even after the pandemic effect, 50,000 data science, AI, and ML job vacancies have been filled from 2020 Jan to May 2021. So, there is no confusion that the data science discipline is holding a promising option as a future proof career in India.

What is the data science salary in India?

According to the data available in Glassdoor (as of Jun 15, 2021), the average data scientist salary in India have already reached the figure of 10,00,000 INR/ year with a lower limit of 4,00,000 INR/ year (freshers) and a higher limit of 20,98,000 INR/ year (for senior-level). In the case of the other subdomains of data science, such as Machine Learning engineers, AI experts, deep learning experts, India’s companies offer more lucrative packages.

And not only the MNCs but SMEs are also stepping forward to invest in sky-high salary packages for data science professionals.

Is data science in demand in Delhi?

Now let’s enter into our core topic. What is the position of data science skill demand in Delhi?

According to the Linkedin job search, including all sub-domain like ML, AI, data analytics, etc., around 2000, data science jobs are now available in Delhi. At the same time, Naukri has listed an additional 4800 data science job approx.

If you search for the salary insight of data science in Delhi, then you will land on a result that indicates the average yearly salary of 10,10,000 INR. While for senior roles, the figure easily reaches 16,31,000 INR. (Source:Glassdoor Salary insight).

Which companies keep hiring a data scientist around the year in Delhi?

Below are the companies that keep hiring data science professionals of different expertise levels throughout the year in Delhi.

These are the top companies of Delhi location that offer lucrative salaries and career opportunity growth and keep recruiting a data scientist (not in bulk) 365 days a year. Apart from these, there are plenty of other options for data scientists and ML engineers in Delhi.

To find the right data science job in Delhi?

Delhi is indeed growing very rapidly in terms of job opportunities but compared to the three prime locations, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, digging out the opportunities is a bit hard in Delhi. But that does not mean the capital of India lacks data science job opportunities. Rather, if you follow the right strategy of job searching, you can land on the best data science opportunities in this location of India.

Let’s explore the 6-step data science job searching strategy to grab the first data science job in Delhi.

  1. Target the right Job title
  2. Typing ‘data science job’ in the job search bar and hitting ‘enter’ is the biggest and most common mistake related to the data science job search. The keyword ‘Data science’ indicates the entire data science domain, but while searching for a job, you need to focus on specific job roles like
    • Data scientist
    • Data analyst
    • Machine Learning engineer
    • AI expert
    • Business intelligence analyst
    • Marketing data analyst
    • Database administrator, etc.
  3. To land on the appropriate list of available job opportunities, you need to target your job title first. Apart from this, to make sure your profile gets shortlisted for the interview, check the job description and skills required section before applying. Applying randomly doesn’t increase the chances of getting a job. Rather continuous rejection due to relevant skill lack might discourage you.Don’t roam across different domains.
  4. The Data science job field is highly domain-specific. Even for freshers candidates, it is always recommended to study data science, keeping a specific domain in mind. At present, about 70% of data science candidates remain associated with career switch. Even such candidates are very high on demand. But why so? Well, data science is not a completely new domain. Rather, it’s such a discipline that introduced magical, rapid, and sky-kissing advancement across all types of industries like BFSI, Health and Social CareMarketing and sales, FMCG, and so on. Hence every data science job roles demand appealing domain expertise in terms of
    • Core working concept
    • Domain-specific business theories and postulates
    • Customised working strategies
    • Dynamic trends
    • Special skills like extremely proficient time management or highly polished communication skills, extraordinary negotiation skills etc.
  5. In case you switch for the domain, then you will lack in the above-mentioned expertise aspect, which seems too harmful to your data science career initiation. Hence Stick to your domain and target for an associated data science job role. For example, you have been working in the FMCG industry as a marketing executive. While switching to a data science career, your target should be securing a marketing data analyst or BI analyst career only in FMCG companies.Invest sufficient time in making your online portfolio and CV
  6. No matter how credible your skill sets are or how unique your capstone project. The shortlisting for your CV, as well as visibility of your online portfolio to the right recruiters and talent acquisition team itself, undergoes several data analytics. Yes. Starting from possibilities of your profile view to resuming selection includes automated keywords matching processes. The associated AI-powered data analytics tools select the profiles based on keyword research. Hence to ensure the higher chances of your profile visibility and resume selection, you need to describe your skill sets and domain experience using the exact keywords that recruiters use. While making the online profile and portfolio, keep the following things in mind.
    • Make your profile to the point.
    • Mention only those skills that are relevant to your targeted job role and you own in reality. (always be loyal in this regard).
    • Keep it more important to list your working experience, hands-on achievements rather than academic achievements.
    • Mention your project in the resume briefly and provide an elaborated (but to the point) description of the same in your project portfolio.
    • Your online resume must contain information about your specific requirements such as location, work-timing, etc.
  7. For insane, as you are searching for a data scientist job in Delhi, set the preferred location as Delhi only. This will help you to find a customised job opening based on the Delhi location.Don’t be conventional regarding job board choosing
  8. What are the first few names that come to your mind while someone discusses a job search? Linkedin, Naukri, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Right? No doubt these are the most popular and exposed job searching platforms, and securing the right job from such a platform, especially when you are going to grab your first data science job, will be too tough. As mentioned, these platforms are extensively exposed, so the competition per job post remains too high. Such platforms are a better option for the expertise and senior-level candidates. So, are there no chances for data science new bees like you? Well. Now I am going to tell you the biggest secret that most data science aspirants don’t know. The field of data science has its own dedicated job boards, where you can find the right job as per your domain specifications, locations, and years of working experience. Even the majority of MNCs nowadays have stopped using generic recruiting sites like Linkedin, Naukri for filling up their various data science positions. Rather, they post their vacancies on the job boards dedicated to data science. Below are a few examples of such job boards.
    • Outer Join
    • Analytics Vidhya
    • Kaggle Jobs
    • Github Jobs
  9. Apart from these sites, parallelly, you need to keep your eyes on the dedicated career portals of your targeted companies. The best options in this regard are to join the Linkedin and other social media groups of those companies. You can even find location-specific groups too. Such groups will provide you with the present as well as upcoming data science opportunities of respective companies.Target the designation as per your experience level

Switching to a data career does not mean initiation of a fresh career restart. Rather, it is a kind of career up-gradation. So if you are already at the leadership level, then don’t target for a normal BI analyst, marketing analyst role. Rather target for leadership and managerial level in the data science field too. At present, data science is offering equal opportunities to all aspirants from variable working experiences. And especially in the case of leadership positions, the data science domain is suffering from a talent shortage. So to land on the right job that you actually deserve, target the higher or at least the similar level designation. But keep in mind to grab the right job, you need to be very cautious from the initial state of your data science career transition trajectory. The data science course you choose must be according to your experience level. This is the key to grab the right data science job at the earliest.

So, what’s next?

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