Investing 3 lakhs on Data science Certification Course? Is it really worth it

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Should a working professional invest 2-3 lakhs on Data science Certification Course?

The world of data science comes with endless possibilities. With the advancement of time the scope of data science career is getting extremely rewarding. Data scientists, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning engineers are high in demand. Not only the fresher, but also the working professionals are becoming crazy about data science career transition. The craze has reached such a level, where professionals are ready to invest 2-3 lac in pursuing data science courses or its certifications.

Are you also going to do the same? If so, then please hold back your application for a few minutes and read this post, then decide.

Nothing is wrong in investing in data science career transformation. Rather, it’s an intelligent decision but doubt comes with the investment amount. 2 to 3 lakhs. Is this investment really worth it? Certainly, ‘no’.

Certification is the key for a successful career switch to data science career switch: Myths Vs Facts.

Lots of certification, master degree programs on data science advertisements comes throughout the professional network sites, social media sites, and rode-side hoardings. Massiveness of data science course promotions are making everyone believe that certification is must to shift your domain into data science.

But the fact is this is nothing but a myth. Yes, as a working professional, certification can never be the entry gate of your data science career. Instead, at this ‘level ‘hands on experience’ becomes the key to your data science career.

Is a data science course or certification a complete waste?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the same time.

Getting confused?

Well, let me explain.

Perusing a data science course is too worthy if it makes you competent in the data scientist Job market . But the same becomes a complete waste of money if it makes you only knowledgeable, not job ready.

Remember, you are going to shift your career toward the data since domain, not starting a new career.

Your goal is to get a hike not getting an entry level job in the data science domain. So, to ensure the maximum possible return on investment, choose such a course of certification that makes you a successful competitor of the current data science job market.

How to choose the right data science course for you?

To choose the right course you need look into following aspects:

Course Curriculum: There is no defined, universal module for data science certification/ Master degree program. Every institution and universities build up their own course on the basis of contemporary market demands and upcoming scopes. So, you should be very cautious while choosing such a course. Check out for the course that offers in-depth learning options for programming languages and analytical tools like python, R, java, SAS, SPSS, mathematical and statistical modules like numpy, pandas, Matplotlib, and algorithms on demands. As you are at the intermediate level of your career, dive deep into the programming and algorithm. The basic courses of data science remain limited to the entry level projects and data analysis. So as a professional choose such a course that includes k-means algorithm, word frequency algorithm for NLP sentiment analysis, ARIMA model associated with Machine Learning, Tensorflow, CNN associated with deep learning.

Timing and class type: Being a working professional, it’s obvious that you can’t opt for full time courses. So choose courses that offer flexible timing. Live classes (online/offline) are always best but if it’s impossible to commit for scheduled classes, then choose a flexible one that offers both recorded and live classes options. If you enjoy offline learning choose courses offering weekend classes. But keep in mind, your learning should not hamper your present jobProject experience: If your chosen course is not offering any real-time data science project option, immediately discard it. Companies only search for candidates having hands-on project experience. As a working professional, experience is everything for your next job. Some institutions let you practice your data science skills on a few completed projects. Be cautious in this regard. Before joining any data science course verify the offered projects are real time or not. Choose only that course, where you will get to work on hands-on industry projects. No matters if the projects are from MNC or startups. If you can manage time then choose a course with a part-time internshipThroughout assistance: Being a dynamic field, data science needs more personalized assistance. As there is no domain limitation in data science, your chosen course must fit your targeted domain. Doing an investment on a generalized course is nothing but wasting your hard earned money. A valuable data science course assists you with domain specific interview questions, mock tests, and interview calls from growing companiesCertification/ non certification courses: As mentioned earlier, certificates become only a decorative entity for a working professional’s CV. So don’t run after certification courses, rather you can choose any non certification course that really benefits your next job application in the field of data science. If you are already working in a core technical domain and own an impressive amount of python, R, java, etc, then you can choose a specific course like Tensorflow, a Machine Learning algorithm that will fill up the gap between your current job and targeted data science jobs.

How much money should you invest in a data science course?

Here comes the final answer. Up to 80k INR investment is fair enough to crack a promising career transformation. Yes, it’s true. Because, the main goal of doing a data science course is to upgrade your current experience to such a stage that will let you enter into the world of data science with a good hike.

You don’t need to master every subdomain of data science, in fact it’s impossible. Rather you need to learn and up-skill yourself in the data science subdomain of your interest or offer huge possibilities with respect to your present experience….and yes, again, the first priority of real-time industry projects.

Fulfilling above criteria doesn’t need investments of 2 to 3 lacs INR. Rather, plenty of promising and reliable online and offline courses are available that can make you highly competent in the data science and AI job market by investing 40k to 90K INR.

You can check Data science and AI courses offered by Learnbay. They offer customized courses for candidates of every working experience level. Their courses cost between 59,000 INR and 75,000 INR (without taxes). The top most benefits for their courses are multiple real-time industry projects with IBM, Amazon, Uber, Rapido, etc. You will get a change to work on your domain specific projects. They offer both in class (online/offline), and recorded session video classes.

Best of Luck ☺.


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