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A Look at the Top Industries and Jobs for AI Experts in 2024

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Hot Topics Reading time 6.16 mins Published on Jan 09, 2024

Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs to Pursue in 2024

The ever-evolving digital landscape has started reshaping the different job sectors through revolutionary technological advancements. Amongst all such revolutions, the AI revolution has already proven to be one of the transformative forces going to rule manpower in the upcoming years.

The AI-driven shift spotlights automation, which companies enthusiastically embrace. Hence, diverse job roles see a vital shift with the arrival of AI. The job opportunities for artificial intelligence in India are expanding rapidly. Around 85% of employers in India believe AI generates better job prospects with a bright future, encouraging upskilling with trending skills.

In recent years, the job outlook has been changing, and many experts are worried about job destruction taking place. Experts fear getting replaced due to AI-powered jobs. For example, digital marketing pros fear AI replacing copywriting, editing, proofreading, and translating tasks. Hence, AI-proofing has become an effective solution for experts to drive career success at present.

This blog sheds light on the trending industries, with jobs for AI experts in 2024 promising an automated future.

An image shows a human and a robotic hand holding a humanoid brain.

How AI is Navigating Today’s Digital Landscape?

In the race for digital transformation, AI plays a vital role. The advent of AI-driven operations in firms brings a culture of insightful decisions. Such tech shifts highlight the threat of artificial intelligence jobs replacing human-led ones. Thus, working professionals must opt for upskilling with the trending AI skills.

Businesses welcome digital shifts to control the future and drive success. AI integration with firms allows them to stay competitive and meet strategic goals. AI is vital in the digital era, as it reads human thoughts and processes tasks more efficiently. AI replaces human-led errors with accurate solutions that drive higher profits and assured success.

The current job landscape is seen replacing the generic IT/non-IT roles with AI-led jobs. Thus, demand for AI-proofing skills keeps on increasing at a faster rate. In such a case, experts from diverse domains must upskill to crack artificial intelligence job opportunities successfully.

Let’s review top industries building an automated future with skilled AI experts.

An image shows the demand for AI expertise in various sectors in 2024.

Top Industries Creating Demands for AI Experts in 2024

1. Revolutionizing Healthcare

AI in the healthcare sector helps experts with insightful info reach better solutions. AI-driven healthcare functions help experts in the timely diagnosis of disease and offer the best possible cure solution. AI tools help in disease identification, drug discovery, robotic surgeries, etc.

Firms with demand for AI experts: NuMedii, GE Health Care, RamSoft, etc.

2. Transforming BFSI

AI-led shifts in banking and financial services bring intelligent processing of operations into the limelight. The use of robo-financial advisors brings insightful decisions for the clients. AI experts help BFSI sectors resolve customer queries with realistic options, detect frauds, limit cyberattacks, process loans, and improve user experience.

Firms with demand for AI experts: SAP, Indian Banks (SBI, ICICI, HDFC, & Axis Bank)

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3. Innovative EdTech

In today’s digital age, personalized learning has become eye-catching for many. Virtual assistants to automated checking systems – The EdTech industry sees massive changes due to AI. Thus, the sector welcomes AI-skilled teaching experts who shall make the best use of AI tools and trends. A successful teaching career in artificial intelligence demands upskilling with the right course program.

Firms with demand for AI experts: Educational content providers (Pearson, McGraw Hill Cengage), EdTech institutes (Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, & Oxford University), and many EdTech start-ups.

4. Roaring E-commerce and Retail

AI-driven tools change the operating culture of the retail/e-commerce sector. Its empowering nature makes the digital shifts seamless. From automated stock handling to AI chatbots solving customer queries, AI controls everything.

Firms with demand for AI experts: Amazon, Myntra, Alibaba, and eBay

5. Ever-evolving Information Technology

AI-driven trends reflect the changes in the IT industry. AI-powered solutions prove efficient in making decisions, predicting threats, preventing risks, and empowering teams. AI algorithms drive success for IT sectors, making way for effortless workflows, informed decisions, and optimization.

Firms with demand for AI experts: IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

Similarly, many other industries (media, entertainment, research, HR, marketing, and many more) are welcoming AI trends to set up an adaptable culture.

Promising Job Roles for AI Experts in 2024

The AI revolution in recent years welcomes promising job roles for diverse industries. AI experts in 2024 will get an expanding scope to drive real-time career growth and success by upskilling with trending AI skills.

Some job roles and details are –

AI Job Roles Duties Salary Package
AI Product Manager
  • Developing product vision and business strategy with AI-led insights
  • Market research
  • Conducting customer preference analysis
  • Idea generation
  • Managing teams
₹25 – ₹33 LPA
AI Research Scientist
  • Designing AI systems
  • Researching on human behavior and thoughts
  • Solving business issues with proven AI-led solutions
  • Collaborate with teams with research insights
  • Help decision-makers make informed decisions
₹5 – ₹15 LPA
Big Data Engineer
  • Gathering insightful data
  • Preparing the firm’s data to integrate with big data tools
  • Managing data pipelines for better analysis
  • Data automation
₹5 – ₹13 LPA
BI Developer
  • Designs BI solutions
  • Deployment of BI tools and models
  • Maintain BI systems for managing complex systems
₹5 – ₹10 LPA
Machine Learning Engineer
  • Design and develop ML systems
  • Experimenting systems
  • Implementing ML algorithms
  • Solving complex tasks
  • Improving human behavior
₹7 – ₹14 LPA
NLP Engineer
  • Developing algorithms that understand human thoughts
  • Designing models to answer queries
  • Processing human inputs
₹5 – ₹12 LPA
Robotics Engineer
  • Designs, develops, and tests robotic systems
  • Debugging systems
  • Ensuring seamless functioning
₹1.9 – ₹12 LPA

Experts from diverse domains can crack the trending AI job roles with quality upskilling. One can become successful in getting artificial intelligence jobs across MNCs with lucrative pay scales.

In a Nutshell,

Artificial Intelligence job opportunities transform the current job landscape that no longer sees generic roles. AI integration with businesses brings automation and optimization into the limelight. Businesses find every possible way to reach their goals with better moves and make insightful decisions.

Amidst such changes in businesses, the job market sees a promising future with AI. The job opportunities for artificial intelligence in India unlock infinite options for career transition in diverse industries. Experts eager to switch to AI jobs can opt for upskilling with proven courses and remove redundancies from their careers.

Enrolling in the Master’s Degree in Data Science and AI unlocks endless career growth options. Learning with the trending AI trends and tools (ChatGPT, Bard) equips a career with proven skills leading to a bright future. Hands-on experience with live projects in diverse domains expands the scope of success. A 100% job assistance program mentored by industry experts helps learners make wise career moves. Adding a globally recognized degree from Woolf University followed by dual certification from IBM & Microsoft uplifts growth level.


1. Is AI a good career in India?

Yes, artificial intelligence is a good career option in India as it unlocks the scope of changing generic careers into AI-driven roles with lucrative pay scales. An expert can earn ₹2 – ₹40 LPA in India on average. Improving skill sets with in-demand AI trends can craft a bright career in India.

2. How do I start an AI Career?

There are two requisites to start an AI career – basic knowledge of mathematics/statistics with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of work experience in any domain. After that, upskilling with an industry-paced AI program is useful to kick-start an AI career.

3. Can I start a career in AI as a fresher?

Yes, you can crack a job in the AI field even if you are a fresher. With good academic records, a bachelor’s degree, and good numerical skills, you can easily learn theoretical and practical concepts of AI. Upskilling with the latest AI trends and skills will land you a better job.

4. Which AI job is best in India?

There is no specific AI job that is best in India. Experts can opt for trending AI job roles according to their interests, salary expectations, and growth options. Some trending AI jobs in India are –

  • ML Engineer
  • AI Engineer
  • NLP Engineer
  • BI Developer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • AI Manager
  • Robotics Engineer
  • AI Research Scientist

5. What is the career scope of AI in India?

The scope for AI jobs in India sees an upward trend that unlocks lucrative growth options. An expert can opt for their desired job role, shaping a dream career in diverse domains. Yet, one must have proven skills and hands-on experience to use trending AI tools and techniques.