Evolution of Data Science in India

By Learnbay Category Data Science Reading time 6-7 mins Published on Feb 7, 2020

When we talk about evolution of Data Science, we mean about the origin of Statistics, because the term “Data Science” is a tailored term_ to the original term “Statistics“.

Let’s observe the definition of Data Science, it is a vast field in where mountain sizes of data are jumbled by data scientists. They gather the data by different platforms and datasets, to analyze them, clean them, connect them and try to fetch sense out of them. All this process is to find a solution for the minor to major business problems of major companies.

Before knowing the evolution of Data Science in India, lets first know the history of statistics and why it later termed as the Data Science.

History Of Data Science

Statistics was always an obvious method used since era’s before, the great kings of the history also had made statistics as priority because it was their only way of calculating their kingdoms profits and losses, mathematicians were given high priority at these time. So yes, statistics is way older than what we think it could be. Before calculators, people used to count with their fingers, they couldn’t even imagine a machine performing mathematical intelligence. As people took baby steps in field of technology, invention of calculator resulted as a very useful and a greatest invention.

Ofcourse, when mathematics is present there will generally be a book like lodger to keep track of all the financial transactions, to analyze and to understand all the recorded transactions, there needed an organised methods of calculations. Statistics came into existence during this period. Obviously, it became immensely popular. Till then statistics only included general financial transactions, debt and loans. Then happened world wide web.

The world changed since then, as Internet became popular, data started to generate and also many different industries came into existence. The main method of Data science in finding solutions is by analyzing the likes, expectations of people among the world and to create the product that will complement to it. This method has been being used by many popular industries so far. So the point is, Data Science is not a brand new concept to the world, it is just termed up to the combination of the concepts of business intelligence analytics and statistics. It was specially termed as “Data Science” because there is a pensive science put upon the piles of data to reduce them down to a reliable solution. Since it is all because of the data it is being gathered, it was named as so.

Evolution of Data Science in India

From the year _2000 _the internet users increased vigorously, and thus data started to generate. Rather to put the generated data into garbage, experts thought of looking deeper into that data in expectation of understanding what people actually needs. By this method of strategy the most popular Amazon.com website got started, the application went highly popular in US, so much popular and profitable that it started in many other countries. India was one of the country which has its official amazon website.

Following Amazon website came many such similar websites in India like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Olx, etc. Data started to generate in high amount. Facebook also takes an important part in generating enormous data in India. Facebook is the application that is highly used by most Indians, the application got so much popular that it had users of all kinds of age group. Following Facebook came applications like Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and such, and thus, data got generated in uncontrollable way.

Since the year 2010, Indians have the record of highest social media users. If we observe the patterns among the popular apps in India, it is evident that data science has made its magic in here. Usually when any one app gets popular, similar such apps will be released along with extra interesting features. Various apps started to explore the field, from _grocery shopping to finance maintaining, apps got popular and highly essential.

India has always been admired for creating best Software engineers, it produces very reliable yet efficient scholars. Indian analysts are the ones to highly be in demand in data science oriented countries like US. US understood the business very quickly so it is pioneer in concentrating on the concepts of Data science, other countries noticed this strategy and wanted to adapt it, India is one of them. India is yet still crawling towards the beam of Data science but it is surely progressing in its way. In past 5 years,_ hiring of Data scientists in India has been increased by 20%_, Data scientists are on high demand right now in India. So much that Delhi, the capital city is paying 1.2 million annually for Data scientists. As we all know Bangalore being the IT capital of India is paying 1.1 million annually for data scientists.

As demand for Data scientists got high, learning Data science got a little tricky, because it was a new term of concept and there are still not much of university to offer course in Data science. But there are many Data science training institutes in India, 60% of such institutes in India is increased in past 2 years. Studying Data science is still slight tricky, since there are many institutes upon it, it is difficult to filter the right data science course.

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