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Earn Data Science Certification:- Steps to Become a Certified Professional

By Manas Kochar Category Data Science Reading time 5.33 mins Published on Aug 24, 2023

Data Science Certification Courses to Ease Your Job Search

Data science certifications are a recent trend within the industries. The professionals contemplate opting for such diverse courses to gain a valid and reliable certification. It decides whether your knowledge and skills are suitable for an organization. You can develop skills in your desired field and validate them through certification.

There are many ways to pursue a data science education. A data science course in Pune provides you with relevant certifications to help learners easily crack placements and job opportunities. You can enroll in any appropriate online data science certification courses. However, it takes a huge effort to learn data science with a reliable platform to study all the methodologies properly.

Whichever data science certification course in Pune you choose to get certified in data science, you must ensure it prepares you for a top-notch career as a data scientist. Here are the different data science certifications you may want to consider.

Top data science certifications in 2023

1. Data Science Certification from IBM

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate lets you understand modern data science tools, ML fundamentals, deep learning algorithms, and data visualization. The course is delivered for beginners wanting to enter the data science domain. It offers them a chance to build vital skills and gain IBM certification.

It is available for learners via different e-learning platforms. This course provides nine modules on SQL, Python, statistics, data analysis, etc. You also get one data science capstone project that aids in gaining practical experience. It additionally helps you to develop a project portfolio through practical exercises.

You will work on projects such as Forest Fire Prediction, Fake News Detection, Emotion Recognition, etc., through real data sets and the IBM cloud.

2. Azure Data Scientist Certification from Microsoft

The Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification helps you grow as a subject matter expert. It offers advanced-level expertise in learning and applying ML models. Microsoft offers the course in two types- an online free course or an expert-led paid course.

Their expert training will help you develop and operate ML-based solutions with the help of Azure Machine Learning. You will develop your Azure cloud skills. You may also deploy a data science or ML model to earn a badge. This will help you serve developers or Cloud consultants in their problems.

You can find Azure resources management methods and Azure Databricks to operate on ML solutions and visual tools. It will prepare you to build an Azure workspace and operate ML models for production.

3. Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

This certification will help learners gain basic knowledge in ML modeling and how to make their operation ready. Those wishing to develop and monitor data processing devices can enroll in the course. You will also understand Cloud SQL, which helps configure databases on the Google Cloud Platform.

The Google course teaches BigQuery, which helps perform practical data analysis. Learners will understand how to gather data presented worldwide systematically. You will learn to ensure good quality solutions while planning, developing, examining, and implementing data processing devices or ML models.

4. SAS Certified Data Scientist

This data science certification offers online study modules, grading papers, and assignments. Aspirants without a minimum professional experience or a degree can choose this data science training program. You will understand and integrate data science with ML, AI, and complex analytics.

You will enhance your expertise in AI/ML and tools used in data science by earning this certificate. They provide modules on Python and R programming languages; HTML, CSS, & JavaScript; and several Data Visualization models. Learners will learn how to build advanced data management models.

The certification allows you to plan and manage efficient decision-making in a business.

What do you need to consider in your data science certification courses?

Finding a reliable data science course in Pune helps you gain relevant knowledge and skills. As many courses are available online, you may be stuck between many choices. Consider looking for the following features to determine the ideal course.

1. Enhance your skills

Data science online certification courses can sharpen your skills. Experts in a data science certification course in Pune provide constant feedback and advice on projects. Projects with real-world applications build exceptional skills in problem-solving required by most industries.

These are the skills to focus on in your data science certification course in Pune:

  • Programming languages

The job requires knowledge of relevant programming languages. You must carefully study and excel in any language of your choice. Python and R are two common languages in data science. Other than them, SAS and SQL are common languages recruiters prefer in their candidates.

  • Big data

Some recruiters assess whether you know big data and its uses. You can enhance your skills in big data through Hadoop and Apache Spark.

  • Machine learning

Being one of the trending technologies today, knowledge of machine learning helps learners gain demand skills. Machine learning and deep learning help enhance your data-gathering skills and help a business predict future events. Both of these areas are highly essential for companies.

  • Data visualization

You must learn how to create charts and graphical records for communicating data. As a data scientist, you will have to present the findings in a simple manner visually that is easy to understand. PowerBI, Tableau, and Excel tools come in handy to display data.

  • Communication

You can find helpful insights from data, but it won't be enough if you cannot communicate it properly. It would be best if you shared outcomes and ideas with important business partners by either speaking or writing.

2. Help you gain placements

It would help if you were ready to answer questions from data science technical and behavioural aspects. The interviews can be tricky, so prepare in advance through mock interviews, so you're confident while appearing for them. You can also show examples of past work or project experiences to display your knowledge.

3. Practice on relevant projects

Mostly, your knowledge of the concepts is insufficient while completing any data science course in Pune without projects. When you practice through real-world examples, you solidify your knowledge. It helps you to build an experience in solving real-time projects. Additionally helps you gain practical problem-solving and logical-building skills through practice.

4. Make your job ready

The most important feature that most certifications fail to deliver is getting you a placement. You can learn everything, but without proper help from mentors, it can be tough to get a data science job. You need to start by applying for beginner positions and developing your expertise from the interview perspective.

Need for data science certifications

MNCs and tech companies are becoming dependent on data, so they want to hire data scientists. With their help, the business can make sense of their data. Having a certification helps you easily get a data scientist job. According to News18, many professionals chose online data science certification courses in 2022, and the numbers are going to rise for sure in the upcoming years.

You require the skills gained during a certification course to land a job successfully. The necessary skills are statistical analysis, mathematics, programming, data analysis, etc. You will likely get hired if you gain knowledge of the tools and methods taught in a data science certification course.

Learners gain certifications after they have established themselves in problem-solving and logical abilities. These are the areas that most recruiters test your experience and knowledge on. Therefore, certifications help you advance in your job search.


Certifications are essential in data science. You must join a reliable and appropriate data science certification course in Pune. They are very useful for learners to get certified in data science with the help of experts. You should carefully decide which certifications to take on based on your skills and experience.

IBM and Microsoft provide reliable certifications for beginners in data science or working professionals desiring to enter data science. You can evaluate the online certification courses based on some features mentioned above. It is necessary to decide on a helpful data science course in Pune.

You may enroll in the Data Science Courses in Pune to efficiently prepare for job opportunities in data science. They offer study materials, expert mentors, placement assistance, hands-on projects, and more in their data science online certification courses.

By gaining IBM and Microsoft data science certifications, learners can advance their careers. They may complete the course and projects for these certifications and become certified data.