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Data Structures or Algorithms: What to Learn First?

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Structure Reading time 10.35 mins Published on Aug 10, 2023

Break the Biggest Doubt of Upskilling with Data Structures vs Algorithms

The rise of tech innovations creates a landscape where human imagination meets the digital space. With the intent of breaking down human thoughts in a simplified form, many tech shifts have occurred. Gradually, the demand for core tech skills has increased. Data Structures & Algorithms is one among them. The in-demand roles like software engineers, coders, or developers find DSA skills useful for senior-level duties and better yield.

Are you finding difficulties in learning DSA? Then, enroll in the best DSA course online to lift the optimal benefit of upskilling and refining your coding efficiency.

According to the reports, global employment for software engineers, developers, & analysts expects a growth of 22% by 2030. No wonder the hype in demand for skilled programmers will increase in forthcoming years. Upskilling through a DSA program with real-time projects can elevate the chances of getting into this competitive field.

DSA operates with computing skills. Hence, learners in this field find this vital for their careers. But upskilling in DSA always brings one doubt in the learner's mind - 'Which one to learn first; data structures or algorithms?'

In this blog, we will review many facets of DSA to reach a wise decision for upskilling.

Data Structures Defined

A data structure is a holistic program that helps the experts to organize, process, and store the data. It is the way to have efficient and organized handling of the firm's data record. A computer system comprises numerous databases, and storing them in an accessible manner proves to be a challenging task. But learning through DSA courses online helps to store the data according to their unique IDs.

Software experts often face hardships in managing vast volumes of databases. Hence, they look for time and cost-effective solutions for the same. Core knowledge of DSA can store the data in lesser time with lesser space used in the system.

For example, arranging books in a library using DSA keeps the books in an orderly form, so readers can easily find their books. The DSA tools help the experts to extract any info about the books. As an expert, you can also display your skills by upskilling with data structures and algorithms courses with the latest trends.

Several types of data structures help the experts have a competitive edge over database management. Experts deal with arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, graphs, and trees in arranging the data.

Anyone interested to learn data structures must consider these types well. A proven DSA course online helps the learners know the real-time use of these data structure types.

Algorithms In Brief!!

Now, let us move to algorithms. Algorithms always come in paired with data structures that guide the experts in solving the issues with any task. Database handling often encounters numerous issues that algorithms can solve. Algorithms consist of many steps to take to completion of a task & make decisions.

A DSA program with live projects helps the experts to know the use of algorithms and how they work with data structures. Algorithms operate in a step-by-step form that solves an issue and executes the task using smartphones, websites, or systems.

For example, in the case of subtraction, the steps will be like this -

Step 1: Take two numbers

Step 2: Identify the greater one and the smaller one

Step 3: Subtract the lesser number from the greater one

Step 4: Show the result

Thus, algorithms are about designing the steps or writing the rules to execute the task. If you upskill yourself through DSA courses online, designing these steps becomes effortless. To shape a career in the software engineering field with DSA skills, you need to learn core concepts.

Algorithms like sorting & search, greedy algorithms, bit, graph, backtracking, divide and conquer, and so on are vital for experts. A computing system is a machine that hardly knows human thoughts. Fortunately, algorithms are there to ease down the task and help the system operate seamlessly.

The industry-led data structures and algorithms courses help the experts ace proven skills and improve their coding efficiency.

Why has DSA become important to Learn for Working Professionals?

With the fast-paced rise of technologies, the emergence of upskilling increases. In such a case, doubts about course programs or learning concepts arise. Software engineers or programmers often resist upskilling with DSA, but it's a need.

But one must know that DSA helps in having faster and more efficient coding expertise that is the base of many advanced tech creations. Learning through a DSA course online can help one grow amidst the tech shifts.

Be it data science or AI, an ability to work with programming languages always lessens the burden of complexity. Thus, a working pro with sound knowledge of DSA, along with Java, Python, or SQL, works wonders. Still, the confusion over upskilling with data structures or algorithms persists. After going through the DSA program, you will be able to know its use in real-time events.

The further sections will take the approach to resolving your query with proven solutions.

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Learn Data Structures

The rise of tech creations makes the role of programmers vital in each field. But programming skills can become redundant if it lacks the efficiency to handle the latest tools. Employers look for skilled programmers with sound DSA knowledge that delivers better codes for different tasks. Hence, by registering with the best DSA course online, you can have better chances to crack interviews with leading MNCs.

From designing software applications to executing algorithms, data structure is vital. But each task needs a different data structure type to make it accurate and complete in less time. In the context of coding, data structures are vital as it manages an enormous amount of data. Hence, in today's date, data structures have become a vital skill to learn through a DSA program.

When you learn data structures, sorting and storing the data becomes accessible. You start understanding the data attributes and structures to apply, making data storage effortless. A firm works with different applications and data structures to help the pros organize the data in a structured manner. Through DSA courses online, an expert can get the scope of working with many live projects to know the real-world usage of data structures.

A database system consists of vast volumes of data that require efficiency to reach quality info. Once you learn DSA, you get hands-on experience with using search structures. With binary search trees and hash tables, complex data sets can be arranged as per their attributes, and real-time info can be extracted. Data structures and algorithms courses come with an industry-led course module that refines your skill set at basic and advanced levels.

Learn Algorithms

In the 21st era, technology is here and there. Its active presence all over the world bridges the gap between human ideas and tech creations around. Still, reading complex patterns of human behavior turns out almost impossible for the systems. But thanks to the existence of algorithms. Algorithms convert human languages into computer-friendly codes that the system can understand. With industry-led DSA courses online, you can also see easy conversation ways with computing systems.

Even if experts are proven efficient in handling enormous datasets, their skills need the help of troubleshooting. The steps and instructions under the troubleshooting option are designed with algorithms. If you want to learn the core use of algorithms, then a DSA program for the working pros shall be useful.

Algorithms develop a step-wise guide for the experts to deal with a particular task. Each task requires a different set of protocols to follow along with algorithmic thinking. Algorithms operate to save time and space for each task executed and perform with better yields. Also, different tasks require different sets of algorithms for desired results.

From solving Rubik's cube to solving a puzzle, each needs different algorithms to reach its goal. By upskilling with the best DSA course online, effective use of algorithms becomes possible in real-time.

In the present tech world, every sector gets automated, and thus, dependency on the computing system increases over time. From managing social media handles to chatbot management, DSA drives seamless operation. This has become possible with the efficient use of algorithms in real-time cases. Irrespective of your domain, you can upscale your coding expertise with data structures and algorithms courses trending lately.

Data Structures & Algorithms Complement Or Contradict Each Other?

Even though data structures and algorithms seem different, they rely on each other. Most cases see data structures and algorithms complementing each other. They both always work together, regardless of the motive of the task. Hence, when you opt for upskilling with DSA courses online, you must learn both.

In computer science, programming languages are vital. Upskilling with basic coding is essential for techies. But with the rising tech creations, a knowledge of DSA has become a prime need for many firms. DSA makes a way toward upscaling the level of coding and has proven expertise in the same. Thus, the demand for an industry-curated DSA program has increased.

In the context of software design & development, the IT team works together to solve the issue in lesser time and gain effective results. In the real business world, coders lead the project from the back-end and front-end interface. Thus, lacking knowledge of DSA concepts and types can demean their efficiency.

Having a programmer in the team is not sufficient in present times; instead, it has a lot to do with saving time, money, resources, & power. When you opt for a DSA course online, the sessions lead you through many projects in diverse domains to know their real uses.

Data structures and algorithms complement each other. But just writing code for software development tasks is not enough. It needs to resolve the data storage and handling issues too. Here, algorithms come into the limelight as it supports data structures in getting into deep data patterns, store, & organize them carefully.

Attentive learning through data structures and algorithms courses can offer the help of manipulating data and storing them with lesser use of resources. Algorithms are kind of helping agents to data structures that generate the codes to solve an issue.

For example, to store data, you need to sort them properly, which is problematic in array data structures & you opt for sorting algorithms to complement the task. Array and sorting algorithms can solve the issue of retaining the unique elements and discarding the unwanted ones. Such types of real-time uses of algorithms can be learned through the DSA courses online.

Data Structures vs Algorithms – Which One to Learn First?

If you are eager to shape an inspiring career path in the IT field, then upskilling with the DSA course online with a certificate is useful. But which one to learn first? Let us know better.

Learning data structures at first helps you learn data storage functions. From storing data on devices to extracting data from the data record, data structures provide better help. Processing vast volumes of data becomes easy for the experts opting to upskill through the DSA courses online.

But many types of data structures help in data storage and handling activities. Hence, the working pros must be able to choose the correct data structures that will save their efforts, time, & resources. From processing the data to deriving insights from the database, a good knowledge of DSA always helps. Hence, enrolling in a DSA course online can safeguard your IT career from upcoming risks.

When you start learning data structures at first, many concepts will lead you to know the real-time use of the same. Even problem-solving is another benefit that learners will have with upskilling in data structures. From managing modifications to using the best applicable data structures, the DSA courses online elevate your skills.

But opting for learning data structures at first carries certain pitfalls too. Without the knowledge of algorithms, you will limit your learning to basic data structures. To learn its advanced-level usage, you need to know algorithms. Data structure concepts like disjoints and segment trees need basic knowledge of algorithms to have real-time use. Also, in some cases, extra knowledge of algorithms with data structures is vital.

Thus, when you opt for data structures and algorithms courses, check the course level and curriculum for better decisions.

Upskilling with algorithms at first can have some gains and losses too. Problem-solving is the key metric of algorithms in DSA. When you decide to learn algorithms first, simplifying the issues get easy. You learn to cut down a problem into smaller blocks and then design the code. From knowing the problem to solving it with lesser effort becomes easy with algorithms. Thus, going for a DSA course online can safeguard your career growth plans if the proper training is provided.

Learning algorithms firsthand help IT experts debug the system and make it work seamlessly. But prior knowledge of data is still a need. If you lack basic knowledge of data storage, data handling, & processing, you may fail in having real use of algorithms. Any DSA program starts with data structure sessions at a basic level, and hence, opting for algorithms first can threaten to upskill.

For efficient use of algorithms, in many cases, demand good control over data structures. So, learning through data structures and algorithms courses takes your path toward a successful future. You must always opt for learning data structures at first but at a basic level. For diving deep into the advanced level, you need algorithm skills.

Final Words!!

Data is here and there, and having good control over data sets marks the way toward proven success. If you are eager to shape a career in the IT field, redundant programming skills won't work longer. With the best DSA course online, your career path in this field will flourish.

Data Structures Algorithms & System Design is an industry-paced program that enables IT experts to upscale their coding skills with real-time handling of projects. The live projects help the experts become skilled software engineers or developers with proven work experience. With the job-ready program and placement aid, learners can have better chances to ace their careers in the IT field.

Plus, this DSA course online with a certificate from IBM & Microsoft elevates the success chances.


1. What is the best DSA course online?

Any DSA program with 100% placement aid, mock interview sessions, & real-time upskilling with the latest trends can be useful. Upskilling with a proven DSA course must have the goal of leveraging coding skills. This is possible with the practical learning and hands-on experience scope.

2. How can I learn DSA online?

The first step to learning DSA online is searching for a course program with placement and live projects. Then, you can enroll in the course and get started with their sessions. To test the quality of the training, you may also opt for demo sessions with industry experts.

3. Can I complete DSA in 3 months?

There is no specific duration for the DSA program. According to the course level, the duration gets changed. But concerning the course curriculum of DSA, one cannot complete it in 3 months. Also, it takes extra time to work on live projects beneficial for your career growth.