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A Peek Into Data Science Job & Market Growth Stats

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 7.5 mins Published on Jul 14, 2023

Understand the Job and Market Insights Before Enrolling in a Data Science Course Online

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced daily, data science gets the title of 'the hottest job in the tech evolution era'. No doubt, the massive production of data triggers the rise of a data-driven future, with facts and insights readily available.

The 21st century sees exponential growth of data-led business activities that highlight the growing future of data science careers. But does that mean doing a data science course online can drag you into the cyclone of this job market demand?

It's not that easy at all. Although the demand is kissing the sky, yet, with the absence of desirable skills, experts fail to undertake the tech future. Fortunately, the best online data science courses can help in solving these skills gaps.

Recent years are proof of data science integration across different sectors with the hope of building an insightful future. But the question is, why data science is so useful for our corporate culture? Why are firms mending their actions in a data-driven path?

Let us review current industry trends concerning data science to gain insights.

Present outlook of the data science industry

Data science is a multi-layered field that fits into every business sphere. Its ability to mend the changing trends of the industry makes it famous among business leaders. This is the reason the current job landscape sees an upward trend of data science careers with a bright future. The past few years have seen a continuous rise in the demand for data scientists with lucrative job scopes.

Do you know a data science online course with certificate can elevate the chances of cracking MNC interviews?

Data Science – Global Market Insights

As per Fortune Business Insights, the global data science market size was estimated at USD 64.14 billion in 2021. The growth cycle in the past few years states that the data science market had an upsurge trend. Compared to 2019, the data science platform market value witnessed 25.7% market growth in 2020.

Experts hopeful of making a career in data science must know the market growth scope. The global data science market has seen almost 650% growth since 2012.

The journey of tech evolution is unbeatable. You can also be part of the data field if redundant skill sets are shed. A data science course online can provide the upskilling scope for a successful career.

No doubt, the advent of AI, ML, and IoT are the reasons behind the explosive growth of the data science field. Furthermore, the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and other market risks creates an urgency for having insightful decisions in firms.

Yet, restraining forces like a lack of technical skills and dubious approaches by experts restrict career growth for many. Experts' advice states that to shape a successful career in data science, learning the trend skills is a must. Here, the best online data science courses grab the attention of the learners with practical learning & 100% job assistance.

The data scientist role has become a global trend due to exploding rise in the generation of data. With advancing technology, business leaders look forward to building a data-driven culture that supports insightful decisions. Almost 80% of the data that firms collect comes in an unformed format that needs refinement. Data science skill development is the only way to resolve risk & support, business leaders.

According to India Skills Report 2021, the maximum number of skill gaps were witnessed in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML). Even though 45.9% of youths come under an employable group, many of them still require upskilling. In this fast-growing economy, re-skilling and upskilling are key ways to reach career success.

Data Science – Job Outlook

A data science career seems lucrative, but one may face many challenges while entering the field. The gap between job expectations and actual duties affects career growth margins to a greater extent. The real struggle starts when you enter this rising industry.

Plus, the data science online course fees are expensive, which limits most of the experts from pursuing the same. But do you know a data science course online with placement facilities can support you in hard times? There is no wonder data science is bringing up the hottest jobs in recent years. However, the absence of the right skills can delay your progress.

The job outlook of the data science career sphere has unlimited scope for growth. Data scientists can see increasing scope for growth from e-commerce to entertainment. If you know about trending data science skills, then your career in this field will see a rising future.

Are the skills enough to handle real business world scenarios?

Absolutely No. But a data science course online helps you cope with real-world scenarios with facts available. The industry projects and practical learning of tools support an expert in cracking the in-demand jobs in data science.

As per Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation reports, industries all over the world faced a shortage of 38% – 40% of highly skilled workers. The absence of data analytics skills and data scientist skills resurfaced the scenario, causing difficulties in filling job vacancies in the data field.

In such scenarios, the best online data science courses come as true guides, paving the way toward a data-driven future. But not many are aware of such facilities that ultimately affect the job market in data science.

To date, the data science field is untapped for many. Lack of awareness and limited skills and knowledge are restricting the experts from recognizing the real value of data science. Many experts are still unaware of the data scientist requirements restricting a successful career switch in data science.

The forthcoming years estimate to have 40,500 job vacancies in the data science field, and you can be a part of it with the right skills. Hence, seeing tremendous growth in data science job roles will no more be a dream for anyone.

Irrespective of the sectors, predictions state that the volume of data created across the world will increase to 175 ZB by 2025. Hence, the demand for employing data scientists will rise evenly to handle data disruption in the upcoming years.

Coming to the data scientist qualifications, with a basic graduation degree and good knowledge of applied mathematics/statistics, one can kick-start a career in data science.

Data Science - Future Industry Growth

Career stagnation is the real pain that every expert faces in their lifetime. Upskilling is the getaway to surpass career hurdles and join an astounding career path. Poor data sets can damage an industry's fame, and good ones safeguard a company's goodwill. A well-organized and arranged set of data demands specialized preparation, processing, and evaluation, which a data scientist can accomplish.

A data science online course with certificate shapes a data scientist career that knows no limits. From spotting anomalies to presenting insights, a skilled data scientist supports building a data-driven future. No wonder the future growth outlook of a data science career has unstoppable paths.

As per Allied Market Research, the global data science market size expects growth of 33.6% by 2030. Data science expects to scale up industry growth with its reliable tools and proven applications.

A success rate of data-driven shifts comes up with the rise of data science. It accelerates the quality of larger datasets backed up with updated insights to deal with challenges. Since the global big data market is forecasted to reach USD 745.15 billion by 2030, business leaders have gained the courage for a transforming future.

From a job growth point of view, the employment of data scientists expects to see 36% development by 2031. To sustain in a digital economy, the firms look forward to skilled data scientists.

End Notes!!

There are millions of jobs created every day. But not each of them provides you with scope for shaping your career with the latest technologies. At the same time, a data science career comes with endless scope for career growth and success. Yet, just with a graduation degree in computer science and basic knowledge, you cannot crack MNC/MAANG interviews in data science.

An effective solution here is getting into a data science course in India with placements facility. With any proven data science course online, you get the scope of learning leading data science tools, programming languages, and their uses in real business cases.

A Data Science and AI Master Program elevates the chances of shaping a career in this promising field. With at least six months of work experience, you can enroll in this data science course. Its industry-led sessions through online courses help you learn in-demand data science tools and use them in real scenarios.

Now the queries come, 'How do I prepare for data science placement?', 'Can I get a job from learning data science online?'

This master's program supports your learning with industry experts who guide you through the course. Through capstone projects, you can have the benefit of real-time practice with data science tools. During preparation, 1:1 mock interviews with leading questions help you practice your technical as well as soft skills.

The job readiness program by industry experts helps you practice the proven data science skills and tools learned. From resume preparation to strong portfolio building, you get everything done as per industry trends. Also, you get unlimited interview calls after the completion of the course.

In addition, the online data science course with certification by IBM & Microsoft accredits you with a globally recognized data scientist title. The certificate boosts your chances of getting into leading companies with better salary hikes.

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1. Which data science institute is best for placement?

In India, there are many service providers with affordable data science online course fees. But the best institute will be the one that will support your learning with the practical use of data science tools. Plus, a good placement facility will offer mock interviews, professional grooming, and 100% job assistance.

2. Which online data science course is best for placement?

A Data Science and AI Master Program is useful for shaping your career in the data science field. You get the scope for learning industry trending tools through capstone projects under an industry expert's guidance. Plus, it offers 100% job assistance with 1:1 mock interviews.

3. How much does a data scientist earn?

A data scientist with proven skills and work experience earns 11.5 LPA on average. Yet, continuous upskilling and consistent use of soft skills can promote you to higher positions.

  • Entry-level data scientist - 8 LPA

  • Mid-level data scientist - 15 LPA

  • Senior-level data scientist - 23.5 LPA