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Data Science Course Syllabus – For Every Aspiring Data Scientist!

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 13.2 mins Published on Sep 06, 2023

Know How- A Proven Data Science Online Course Syllabus Shapes Unbeatable Career

With the fast-paced rise of digital shifts, tech innovations have done splendid jobs. Some tech creations like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, & many more take charge of revolutionizing the world. With this, data has become ubiquitous. Now, this sets the stage for the evolution of ‘Data Science’ & ‘Data Scientists’ in each sector. Thus, the demand for skilled data scientists has outpaced the supply levels. To bridge the skills gap for data scientists, upskilling with the data science online course is advisable.

Leading giants like IBM, Google, Twitter, & Facebook make notable inputs to the data created daily. Owing to the rising demand for data-driven workplaces, employers are looking forward to skilled data scientists who can deliver insightful outcomes to their firms. Indeed, consistent learning through online data science programs can safeguard one’s career.

According to the reports, the jobs with demand for data science skills expects a rise of 27.9% by 2026. Precisely in India, employers are more in search of data scientists able to handle related tools and support data-driven culture. Also, it expects to have 137,630 job openings in data scientist roles by 2025 which speaks to the emergency for upskilling.

But experts often fail to decide on the data science certification online that they must opt for. Many data science pros deal with complex data sets and help the authorities to make better decisions. Thus, the companies hire data scientists with better control over data trends & tools.

Before delving more deeply into data science, let’s have a brief introduction.

Data Science in Brief!!

Over time, ‘ data science ’ has made a vital place in each sector, bringing insightful changes. As companies face tech shifts and welcome an automated future, the rise of data science justifies their approach. Undoubtedly, the creation of AI, ML, IoT, & many more displays the need for data science in this 21st era. Enrolling in a data science certification online fast paces the career growth trends, aligning with in-demand roles in many sectors.

Data science refers to the process of simplifying complex datasets and gathering insights for informed decision-making. Over the years, data has become cheap and popular among users. But in reality, controlling the vast amount of data created daily becomes a major concern for many, especially firms.

An urge for a data future brings demand-supply gaps in the skills level of the working pros. Thus, anyone wishing to shape a career in data science must opt for upskilling. A proven data science course can make the career transition journey a success if you enroll in the right program.

Each sector, from healthcare to space, runs with data. The integration of data-driven culture sets a new journey toward breaking down enormous datasets, short to extract facts for better moves. The online data science programs encourage such insightful skills that each data expert must have.

The demand for skilled data experts tends to grow while persisting skills gap affects the employment scenario. Concerning the skills gaps, working pros opt for upskilling regardless of data science course fees online. But they often miss checking the most important thing – the course syllabus!!

In this blog, we will review Learnbay’s Data Science Course Syllabus, which aims to make a swift career transition for the experts.

Check Out Learnbay’s Data Science & AI Foundation Program Syllabus

Regardless of data science course fees online, working experts join for upskilling to cope with the changing job scenarios. While in such cases, the first thing to consider, most importantly, is – the course syllabuss. Yes, upskilling with an industry-driven data science certification uplifts the chances of cracking MNC interviews. Plus, you gain real-time knowledge of the in-demand data tools and their uses.

Learnbay’s course module for this data science course has four parts -

Module 0 – Preparatory Classes (Includes basic programming and numerical)

Term 1 – Python for Data Science

Term 2 – Statistics & Machine Learning

Term 3 – Data Science Tools

This is a proven data science certification online that builds a roadmap to success for the working pros. Anyone from early-level to mid-career-level, hopeful to see a career in data science, can join this program without any doubt. The industry-led training sessions refine your existing domain knowledge in addition to the latest data science tools & trends.

In collaboration with tech giants like IBM & Microsoft certificates, Learnbay brings a certified data science course program with 100% placement aid. The working pros from esteemed MNCs like TCS, Wipro, Amazon, & IBM come forward to upskill with Learnbay and gain practical experience with the latest data tools. Unlike other online data science programs, Learnbay welcomes non-techies with no coding experience.

Thus, shaping a career in data science without a CS degree or coding expertise has become a sheer reality with Learnbay.

A data science enthusiast is holding a certificate after completing an online data science course successfully

A Summary of the Course Program

Learnbay’s Data Science online course is a proven career growth solution for working pros in any field. It understands the expectations of the rising data experts and the need for upskilling in recent times. Thus, it has designed a learning boot camp for the working pros who can grab any job role with the leading MNCs or MAANG seamlessly.

Any working professional opting for this course has to invest 200+ hours or 5–7 months to complete the program. Learnbay understands tight work schedules and frequent network issues that most learners face. Hence, it has come up with both classroom and online modes of training that dismisses all your worries in one go. Now, upskilling with data science certification online is easy for working pros.

Concerning the recent trends in the data science field, this course program curates the course modules that will arm you with desired skills. Learning the latest trends, followed by hands-on experience with fresh capstone projects, is the USP of the course. The online data science programs that offer 100% placement aid and globally approved certificate rank higher. Fortunately, this course program has all the features that make it worthy of upskilling.

Breaking Down Data Science Course Syllabus by Learnbay

Learnbay’s course modules consider the latest data science trends and tools that are changing job scenarios. This data science course curriculum helps the working pros know and work with data science tools through capstone projects. A real-time theoretical and practical learning scope is seen here with this program.

Let us break down the entire syllabus to know it better -

Module 0 – Preparatory Classes

This module is a basic program to help the working pros to know the importance of data, its uses in the real world, related growth scope, & other fundamental concepts. A proven data science certification online equips the experts with real-time knowledge of data. Learners get an open platform here to share their thoughts about data science and build a good connection with industry experts and peer learners.

This module is again subdivided into three topics -

Topic 1: Cohort Orientation

  • Briefing about data science tools and trends
  • Introduction to live projects or capstone projects for hands-on learning
  • Know data science and related career growth options
  • Know about the uses of data science in managing business operations & decision-making

Topic 2: Fundamentals of Programming

  • Know Python fundamentals
  • Briefing about computing programs like Anaconda & Jupyter notebook
  • Briefing about Python modules & their uses
  • Know working with Git & GitHub

Topic 3: Fundamentals of Statistics

  • Introduction of mean, median, & mode
  • Learn about standard deviation, average destinations, probability functions (permutations & combinations)
  • Basics of linear algebra

Term 1 – Python for Data Science

Python has great importance in data science. The online data science programs consider Python as a key factor of their modules that equip data experts with better skills. With Python programming skills, data analysis and visuals become easy for experts. Hence, opting for a course module without Python sessions is a waste of time.

This term has a submodule -

Module 1: Python Programming

  • Know the basics of Python and environmental set-up
  • Overview of Python programming essentials
  • Get versed in loops and, control statements & strings in Python
  • Introduction to Python data types
  • Learn the use of Python libraries for analyzing data sets (Numpy & Pandas)
  • Learn the use of Python libraries for data visualization (Matplotlib & Seaborn)
  • Get hands-on working experience with 8+ programs (functions, lambda, modules, generators, etc.)
  • Get hands-on working experience with 10+ programs (file I/O, exceptional handling, & expressions handling)
  • Get real-time learning with case studies curated with Python libraries learned in the module

Term 2 – Statistics & Machine Learning

This term aims to refine your statistical & ML skills to be useful for data-led job roles. Irrespective of data science course fees online, working pros opt for upskilling with ML models to thrive in their careers. Basic knowledge of statistics helps data experts in handling complex data sets and cleaning for better visuals.

This term has two submodules to consider -

Module 1: Statistics

  • Briefing on statistics, probability & maths
  • Learn how to develop statistical thinking
  • Learn about population and sampling techniques in statistics
  • Know different types of statistics – Descriptive & Inferential
  • Hypothesis testing – what is it? & how it works?
  • Basics of Linear Algebra
  • Learn the use of statistics in data processing and having exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Get hands-on experience with assignments on learned concepts (EDA)

Module 2: Machine Learning

  • Briefing on machine learning and its uses
  • Learn about regression models in ML (Linear regression, logistic regression)
  • Learn about classification models
  • Know the use of evaluation metrics concerning classification models
  • Learn everything about Data (data preprocessing, encoding, & analysis)
  • What is K Nearest Neighbours Model?
  • Decision tree model and its real-time use
  • Random forest model
  • Hyperparameter tuning
  • K means & Hierarchical Clustering – uses
  • Learn about Principal Component Analysis
  • Work with a case study of Naive Baye’s model with regard to the kart model business and random forest concepts
  • Work with a Support Vector Machine (SVM) case study concerning data analysis with different projects

Term 3 – Data Science Tools

This term trains the pros with the latest data science tools that help with data. A data science course program brings an open learning platform where pros learn the in-demand tools in real-time. From SQL programming to time-series analysis, this term helps learners with the best possible upskilling.

This term is divided into six modules -

Module 1: SQL

  • Briefing on SQL programming & its uses
  • Learn advanced SQL
  • Learn the use of different database management systems (RDBMS, HBase, MongoDB, NoSQL)
  • Know the basics of JSON Data & CRUD

Module 2: MongoDB

  • Briefing on MongoDB
  • Learn the basics of advanced MongoDB

Module 3: Tableau

  • Know the basics of Tableau and its uses in data fields
  • Use of Tableau in dashboard set-up and story making
  • Learn the use of visual analytics in data science
  • Get hands-on working experience with Tableau projects (data cleaning, data sourcing, charting, & visualization with predictive models)

Module 4: PowerBI

  • Introduction to PowerBI
  • Learn how to program with PowerBI in data science

Module 5: Big Data & Spark Analytics

  • Get introduced to Big Data and Hadoop
  • Basics of Spark
  • Learn working with PySpark
  • Get hands-on working experience with PySpark project (MapReduce case, analyzing YouTube data, & Programming with Spark RDD)

Module 6: Time-Series

  • Introduction to time series and its uses in forecasting
  • Learn the use of different predictive models (ARIMA)
  • Work on case studies in time series (user behavior prediction, stock price trend analysis, & sales forecasting)

The description of the course syllabus helps the working pros upskill with the latest trends and tools useful for data careers. From sourcing quality data to bringing out accurate facts, data scientists learn many things with the right upskilling. Enrolling in an industry-paced data science certification online helps you upskill better compared to others and gain expertise with in-demand tools.

Learn the In-demand Data Science Tools with Learnbay

The data science online course program by Learnbay trains the working pros with the latest tools that employers often look for in their resumes. To highlight the promising yet rare data science skills, learning the data tools with better practice is worthwhile. Upskilling not only enhances the chances of cracking down the jobs at MNCs but also enables you for better hikes.

Such tools are -

  • Jupyter
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Statistics
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • PowerBI

Regardless of data science course fees online, working pros are advised to go for proven programs that provide them with training for in-demand data tools. However, to manage these tools, you must possess desired skills. Apart from technical expertise, a data scientist or a data architect, or any data-related job role must develop soft skills.

Soft skills like conveying facts, solving an issue, critically analyzing a case, networking, & leadership help data experts excel in their field. Irrespective of hefty data science course fees online, you have to work on your own to upscale your soft skills. The course programs just help with professional development sessions that may need prior existence of soft skills.

A Comparative Study of Leading Courses and Their Syllabus

Upskilling is vital for career growth, but choosing the right data science online program levels up the quality of education. Apart from placement aid and love projects, the course curriculum is also vital for a career. It tells about the concepts and tools that a pro will learn through the course.

In this section, we will compare Learnbay’s data science course syllabus with two leading institutes, edX & Intellipaat.

Learnbay’s data science syllabus vs. edX’s MicroMasters Program syllabus vs. Intellipaat’s data science course syllabus

Course name Data Science & AI Foundation Program MicroMasters Program in Data Science Data Science Course
Course provider Learnbay edX Intellipaat
Course fees ₹79,000 +18% GST ₹104,238 ₹100,035
Duration 5-7 months 10 months 7 months
Key elements of the syllabus Python, ML, Statistics, SQL, MongoDB, PowerBI, Tableau, Big Data, Spark, Hadoop, & Time series Python, ML, Big data, statistics Python, Linux, Git, ML, Statistics, AI & Deep Learning, Tableau, & MLOps
Hands-on tasks Case studies



N/A Projects



Considering the analysis above, Learnbay’s data science program excels in reaching many aspirants with a better scope for career growth. Unlike many online data science programs, Learnbay’s course maps well with the data trends and trains the experts with real-world cases. But the final decision to join a program depends on your requirements.

What Else to Consider Before Opting for a Data Science Course?

The field of data science demands constant learning and regular update with the data trends. When the topic of upskilling with a data science course comes up, some questions arise in mind -

‘Who is eligible for data science? What is the course fee range for a data science program? Can upskilling with data science in 3 months be possible?’

From the eligibility criteria, Learnbay welcomes working pros from any domain in entry-level and mid-level careers. With basic work experience, one can kick-start upskilling with the online data science programs by Learnbay. A graduation degree in computer science is not mandatory, as it is open to all. Rather, it demands good academics and sound domain knowledge, to make learning data science easy. Another vital requirement here is knowledge of applied mathematics or statistics to learn data analysis and dashboard designs faster. Good knowledge of statistical analysis makes way for accurate data analysis and better moves.

Well, before opting for a data science certification online, you must look out for a fee structure that best suits your budget plans. The data science online course fees in India can extend up to 4.5 Lacs INR. Thus, you must choose the one that fits your budget plan. Learnbay’s data science course costs you ₹79,000, +18% GST. But its no-cost EMI plan makes it affordable for many.

Coming to the data science online course duration, Learnbay targets quality education with the latest data trends and tools. Upskilling with a bounded 3 months or 5 months program is not useful. Instead, it has to be more practical and updated with the latest trends. This course duration ranges from 5 to 7 months, covering hands-on experience with live projects. Also, you get 1 year of job placement aid from the institute.

In a Nutshell,

Since data science is thriving here and there, the demand for data scientists has outpaced it. Here, upskilling becomes a true savior for the working pros who face stagnancy in their career. Attentive learning with online data science programs can remove the redundancies and upgrade you with trending skills.

Learnbay’s Data Science & AI Foundation Program offers industry-led training to the pros, enabling them to grow in the data field. From learning to practicing with in-demand data tools, this data science course online upscales career growth chances. The hands-on learning with live projects at offline experience labs adds more gains to the career. It comes as a data science online course with placement aid that gains the trust of the aspirants.

Plus, a globally approved certificate from IBM & Microsoft helps experts apply for data scientist roles across the globe. From having attractive positions to lucrative hikes is possible with Learnbay’s course program.


Can I do a data science course online?

Looking forward to the tight schedules and other risks faced by the learners, many institutes have come up with online learning platforms. So, yes, you can learn data science courses online in your leisure time on weekdays or weekends. But opting for an industry-paced program is always wise.

What is the data science job salary?

Data science-related jobs in India are increasing at a faster rate. Regardless of the designation level, data scientist jobs are grabbing attention. With a proper skill set and work experience, a data scientist earns 3.7 LPA to 25 LPA in India.

How hard is data science?

Data science is used in many fields. It is not hard; redundancies in your career can make it difficult to survive. Hence, upskilling with a proven data science certification online can protect your career. With proper learning, data science is easy for a career with endless growth options.