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The Augmented Data Scientist: Trends Redefining Roles in the Coming Year

By Nivin Biswas Category Data Science Reading time 4.3 mins Published on Mar 28, 2024

Industry Defining Data Science Trends 2024 You Should Look Out For!

Augmented analytics is on trend now. We are living in the ever-expanding digital universe where piles of live data have emerged as the cornerstone of success for any industry. Within a nanosecond, an immense volume of data is born, shaping the industries and driving prodigious changes in business operations. Due to these, industries are facing critical challenges.

But why so?

Well, as the data keeps booming at a novel rate, deriving meaningful insight from such oceans of data is not a walk in the park. So, upskilling with the latest data trends is now like a strategic necessity rather than an option to thrive in the competitive market. And here comes the need for augmented data scientists.

But first, you need to understand the basic terminology of “what is Augmented analytics”?

Augmented analytics

Advanced-level data analysis can be a daunting task for professionals across industries if they don’t have adequate knowledge of data science. Augmented analytics works as the simplifier that bridges the gap between unstructured data and actionable insights.

At the initial stage data analytics needed exclusive expertise for profitable insight generation. In fact, it used to be a bit difficult to hire a batch of expert data scientists or analysts. Augmented analytics has disrupted this paradigm with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation and made the entire analytical workflow super smooth.

For a better understanding, just imagine you have an intelligent helping hand who handles the data collection, filtration, pattern recognition, and analysis seamlessly. Augmented analysis is such a helping hand that works using AI-driven algorithm streamlining processes.

The increasing usage of sophisticated analytical tools helps business leaders and marketers to come up with expert analytical output even with limited knowledge of data science. Hence, we can say that augmented analytics is a transformative force that is shaping the worldwide business landscape.

Similarly, there are more data science trends in 2024 shaping up the industries.

1. Big data for analytics

A recent data science trend in industries is big data analytics. Companies that are using big data to perform analysis gain an edge over others. The subset of Big data analytics known as predictive analytics helps in becoming a significant game changer. It helps companies make better decisions by understanding and predicting results.

Predictive analytics assists companies in becoming competitive. Hence, it helps gain new customers while retaining existing ones. New analytics techniques that can process and analyze massive datasets are being introduced. They prove to be of significant help during data-driven decision-making.

An image shows edge computing for data centers using the cloud and its functions.

2. Edge computing

Data centers using cloud computing are nowadays utilizing edge computing in their functions. Edge computing benefits businesses by processing data locally while decreasing costs and latency. It leads to better and more effective work when it comes to real-time data.

Businesses also make better-informed decisions due to lower latency rates. Industries relying on quick data insights also benefit from edge computing.

3. AI and quantum computing

Quantum computing is on the path to alter the data science industry. In many research centers, it is one of the main priorities. The most essential feature of managing and comprehending the massive set of databases makes AI a valuable commodity. Additionally, quantum computing and AI are so well integrated that they can help programs in various sectors across the globe.

4. DataOps

If we rely on AI trends, dataOps proves to be an essential competitor in enhancing and solving the complexity of data pipelines. The primary focus is on building and strengthening the data management capabilities.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain acts to provide an extra security layer to online transactions and holdings. The basic use of blockchain is in the field of cryptocurrency, providing a versatile and secure approach. Additionally, apart from cryptocurrency, any other sensitive data can be easily protected using the power of blockchain technology.

6. Hyper-automation

Hyperautomation helps automate various tasks and boosts overall task efficiency. Simultaneously, it can benefit any organization and business by integrating ML, AI, and operations to gain the digital transition. Businesses nowadays are relying on hyper-automation as it helps them to reduce costs by providing huge efficiency.

An image shows edge computing for data centers using the cloud and its functions.

7. Accessible AI

Businesses of all sizes utilize AI in one or more ways. AI helps complete tasks with speed and efficiency. The major role of AI in data science is to simplify data management, modify business procedures, and boost customer relations. AI-powered analytics and deep learning technologies bring massive potential.

AI will turn out to be an unstoppable method of implementing marketing techniques. Additionally, the evolution of AI-based methods can easily be harnessed with a useful understanding of data science techniques.


Augmented analytics has reached the zenith to enhance businesses with AI-based techniques. The upcoming trends in the market are more inclined toward the use of Augmented analytics and can easily transform business-based scenarios.

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Frequently asked questions:-

Ans. The development of data science technologies through generative AI is an innovative approach in 2024; the innovation of chatGPT and its upcoming development with AutoML and NLP has enthralled the tech world.

2. Is pursuing a data science major in 2024 a good option?

Ans. The data science field shows tremendous growth in today's job market. Every company is looking for an in-demand data science enthusiast to help them out with data insights.

3. Is data science going to be in demand in the next five years?

Ans. Looking at the current job trends, it is an auspicious career, and within the next five years, the jobs will grow for sure in the field of data science; data science jobs have reached almost every sector considering their relevancy with industrial trends.