7 Best Machine Learning companies to work for in Bangalore 2023

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Here are the companies, ready to pay any figure to an eligible machine learning engineer

Machine Learning connects software engineers and data science. It works together to find a specific solution to a problem. It helps in creating new business opportunities. India has opened up many jobs for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers with a deep, diversified market. Every location has different customer behavior. Global companies are improving customer relationships through machine learning operations in India. Organizations have accepted the core value of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning engineering. They are hiring AI and ML experts faster than institutes can teach them.

Indeed stated that job postings for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engineer increased by 30%. But candidates using AI and ML for job search went down by 15%. AI and ML have revolutionized the digital ecosystem in the past two decades. Machine learning originates from a computer algorithm. It develops a program that can access data and learn by itself. Many organizations are recruiting professionals. Who can fit in with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineering jobs? Even fresher can receive the best job as machine learning engineers. We have a list of the best machine learning companies to work for in Bangalore in 2022.

Here are the 7 best companies for a machine learning engineer to work for in Bangalore

A map with locations for the top seven companies in Bangalore for machine learning engineers, such as Accenture, IBM, Wipro, FugenX, Gramener, HP, and Infosys.

Note : All the vacancies are with respect to the Bangalore location and different ML roles.

1. HP

HP is always committed to delivering solutions with a positive impact. HP is a global technology business and operates in 170+ countries. Its mission is to develop technology by improving the lives of people everywhere. HP's commitment would say who they are as a company. Here employees can be themselves from the boardroom to the production floor. HP values the idea that you may feel at home and bring your whole self to work every day. You'll be more innovative as a result, which will help them grow in their bottom line. Come to HP to succeed!

  • More than 350 ML job vacancies every month.

  • Offers a package of 18-21 LPA.

2. IBM

IBM has diversified environment committed to creating a diverse environment and also takes pride in providing equal employment opportunities. Every qualified candidate is offered consideration of employment without any discrimination. IBM is even committed to compliance with fair employment opportunities with regard to citizenship and immigration status.

  • Five hundred eighty vacancies in every quarter of the year.

  • 10 LPA is the average package for mid-career-level ML pros.

3. Accenture

Accenture is an international professional service provider. It provides services in the digital, cloud, and cyber security solutions. They provide interactive technology, Strategy & Consulting, and Operations services. Accenture has a center for the global network in advanced technology and intelligent operation. Accenture has unparalleled experience and specialized capabilities in more than 40 sectors. Their workforce of 674,000 employees works for technology and human innovation. They have customers in 120 countries. Accenture believes in the power and transformation of producing value with sharing success.

  • 150 ML job opportunities per month.
  • 7-8 LPA in the mid-level ML roles salary range.

4. Infosys

Infosys is a leader of digital solutions with consent to the future generation. They provide solutions in almost 50 countries. Clients take their support for the digital transformation of their businesses. They guide clients through their digital journey with 3 decades of experience. They manage the systems of global organizations. Infosys accomplished this by providing enterprises with AI-power prioritizing change implementation. They equip companies with a strong digitalization approach. Infosys helps its consumers achieve higher performance levels by delighting customers with the transmission of digital skills, ideas, and experiences from their innovative ecosystem. They are always on a learning agenda, driving their continual advancement.

  • 240 vacancies every month.
  • Paycheque of 7-8 LPA (mid-senior level).

A robotic machine that can build an Innovative ecosystem.

5. Wipro

Wipro is a pioneer and a leader in global information technology, business services companies, and consulting services providers. The power of business with cognitive computing, hyper-automation, cloud, analytics, and robotics in a digital era. IBM is globally recognized for its portfolio of solutions and great commitment. They have around 220,000 employees on almost 6 continents.

  • Four hundred eighty vacancies per month for different ML roles.
  • Salary starts from 7 LPA for the ML expert role.

6. FugenX

FugenX technologies provide solutions in Machine learning, Data Science. They have received awards for many innovations in products in the digital space. They offer the best solutions and value to its clients. FugenX does this by recognizing both risks and opportunities in the market.

  • 35 job vacancies per month

  • 6 LPA is the starting salary for mid-level ML expert roles.

7. Gramener

Gramener is a little different from AI and ML providing a data science platform to customers. The uniqueness is that they convert insights into data stories. Their platform Gramex creates a visual representation of different analytics with speed. Gramener's platform even helps collaborate with cooperation in their client's team. Its founder and CEO MR Anand is India's top 10 data scientists. It is completely a data-driven company situated even in USA and Singapore. It is an ideal firm for AI and ML engineers.

  • 35 job openings per month
  • 10-14 LPA is the average salary range


All these companies are the best machine learning companies to work for in Bangalore. This blog contains companies that work with Machine Learning technology. Most of the companies mentioned above have been delivering Machine Learning solutions for over 5 years. India being a hub of startups and unicorns, have over 1700 AI and ML firms for machine learning engineers to work for with the best organizations. But to be a part of such technology and industry, you have to gain knowledge and skills. We provide training in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with domain specialization and guaranteed job. If you do not get recruited in 6 months after you have finished your course, you can claim your fees back. Our experts help you in resume building and conducting mock interviews, so even you're soft skills are enhanced. With our capstone real-world projects, you would be able to stand out from the other applicants and can call yourself a professional Machine Learning engineer with project experience in hand.

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