10 Reasons Why Data Science is A Best Career Move

By Manas Kochar Category Data Science Reading time 7-8 mins Published on Nov 28, 2018

Without wavering - 'Data Science is the new corporate currency'

The field of Data Science is booming because it is validating to be viable not only over businesses but also over divisions inside the businesses as well.

It seems impossible to envision how much information (data) is being gathered per second all over the world. But for sure, for whatever length of time this information is being gathered, there will be an interest for Data Researchers, regardless of being a Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, or Data Scientist.

Among other occupation designations, especially in the field of IT (Information Technology), Data Science designations are the most predominant ones. Why?!! Because they are they are in 'High Demand, Less Supply'. Because the comparative compensations are higher. Because it has low entry hindrances. So forth so on.

Listed below is the synopsis of '10 Reasons Why Data Science is the Best Career Move?'

1. Foremost Requested Calling

'GlassDoor' positioned it top place for prominent occupations. Indeed Data Science career is the maximum demanded career. There's a tall request for Data Scientists at present and this request will colossally increment by 2020. The dark data analytics is thought to be the most drifting expertise by 75% IoT (Internet of Things) suppliers. Around 70% of these are attempting to find employees with significant ability. Thinking about the above statistical data points, you can envision the extent of opportunities in 2018 and the years to come.

2. Scarcity of Expertise

According to some trusted online educational organizations, the United States alone is anticipated to have a deficiency of 1.5 Lakhs– 2.0 Lakhs Data Analyst Experts by 2018. This could be a gigantic prospect for Indian companies and service providers. The dark data investigation in India is expected to witness an eight-crease boom via 2025 - from the contemporary $2 billion to $15 billion, in line with industry specialists.

3. Lucrative & elevated payrolls

In a data science career, you will have the capacity to make around $ 5k to $ 6k per annum as a fresher. The range of abilities, and the aptitudes required for a fresher in data science can differ over the business. This salary span relies upon the class of a commitment proposed to the organization. Aside from these, they likewise get an extra reward that begins from $ 1k for the level 1 job and to a considerably higher range for the level 3 jobs.

4. Opportunity to be a Freelance Specialist

You can go well beyond your companions and effectively work as an independent (freelance) data scientist. With some good knowledge of savvy calculations, algorithms and the latest Data Science technologies, you can go about as a key individual for several organizations who will rely upon your information bits of knowledge for taking essential choice for the firm. By designing strategies, doing analysis, to visualization of various data coming from multiple sources, you can offer insights about key areas that could include marketing, sales etc.

5. Quick job finding

As there is a shortage of talent in the field of Data Science, finding a job is easier and quick. Job assurance is very much there in the field of Data Science. In the event that you are great in data science, you can wear various kinds of job hats (Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Science Generalist, Business Intelligence Analyst, or Data Scientist etc.) are accessible.

6. Plethora of interest based opportunities

You can get an opportunity to choose from an assortment of businesses that match your aptitudes and benefits. This could include Healthcare, Real Estate or Construction, Education, Chemical, Travel & Tourism, Media, Retail and even Defence, to name a few. Progression in Data Science Analytics has provided an enormous opportunity to accomplish leadership control in various improvement domains.

7. Connection with Top-Level Management

Data science team structures are integrated and specialized. Since you gain considerably a good knowledge of about what can actually work or not, the insights are both important and interesting directly for any business owner, hence the job keeps it touch with your seniors or the bosses.

8. Leadership Power

Career in Data Science is a job of logic, algorithm, facts & figures. Clearly almost everybody will get inclined towards the choice which has numerical and logical reasons. Data Science career thus helps in realising leadership and trust.

9. Excellent career development opportunity

Data is multiplying at a fast pace. It almost doubles every second year. Newer and newer ways and skillsets are being developed to deal with the accumulating dark data. So there is a tremendous scope for the carrier growth in the Data Science careers. With the lightning speed of digitalization in almost every field, a range of new roles and skillsets are in demand every now and then. It enables you to fuel your knowledge aims and aspirations. There is a wide extension for tenderfoots and experts with the important range of abilities.

10. Not confined to Tech Monsters

To some, the name 'Data Science', sounds overwhelming and seems to be intended for huge players. It additionally seems to require awesome technical know-how. As a matter of fact it isn't the situation! More small to medium organizations have now begun taking the benefit of Data Science. Today, a talented Data Science worker can utilize analytics to settle on information driven choices that relate to his or her business issues without stressing over the

underlying technicalities. Small or medium organizations are taking the upside of their speed and client vicinity and when that joins with new data insights, it can turn into a defining game changer.

Data Science will be in great demand and interest at least for the following decade!

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