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Data Science Courses to Supercharge Your Career in 2023

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 15.21 mins Published on Sep 07, 2023

A Proven Data Science Certification Online Unlocks Growth Opportunities

Today’s world has seen fast-changing spheres of the digital universe due to its tech creations. From artificial intelligence to robotic innovations, firms in each sector see an automated future. No wonder, soon we all are going to be a part of a human-machine world that shall be inseparable. With the vast amounts of data created daily, the role of data-driven culture emerges here and there. Now this enhances the growth trend of ‘Data Science.’

Also, the global job landscape sees an upward trend with data science-led roles. Thus, the demand for data science certification online keeps on increasing. According to key findings, the employment rate of skilled data scientists expects a growth of 36% by 2031.

The evolving urge to have insightful decisions has bought terrific shifts in firms. Thus, an urgency to have a skilled data workforce comes into the limelight. As upskilling becomes a need for working pros, choosing the right course program becomes a hurdle for many. Regardless of online data science course fees, working pros can opt for many paid and free programs with better gains.

This article will review some trending courses (paid/free & online/offline) that may refine your skills with the latest data science trends.

Top 5 Data Science Courses Online (Paid)

Before opting for online data science courses, learners look out for many factors. From course modules to the fee structure, a learner checks each detail that shall make a way to a bright career in the data field. The online data science course fees are costly for many, turning a hurdle in upskilling.

Here, we have discussed some proven programs with a flexible fee structure that you must know -

Professional Certificate in Data Science by Harvard University - edX

Description: Harvard University brings an industry-paced data science certification program on the edX platform that commits you to a successful career in this field. From R programming languages to data visuals & wrangling in real-time projects, you learn to deal with real issues.

Learning platform: edX

USP: Scope of becoming a researcher with HarvardX while you learn, capstone projects, & professional certificate.

Fee: ₹81,976 (Approx)

Duration: 1 year & 5 months

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: Get an online data science certificate in association with Harvard University.

Data Science MicroMasters - edX

Description: Data science is becoming the hottest job in the digital era; this MicroMasters program by edX brings a compelling platform for upskilling. From learning data cleaning to knowing the use of Apache Spark in data analysis, this program trains working pros with the latest trends. An online data science certificate from this program will equip you with mathematical and applied skills

Learning platform: edX

USP: Collab with UC San Diego & flexible learning.

Fee: ₹104,238 (Approx)

Duration: 10 months (9–11 hours every week)

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: Get an online data science certificate in association with UC San Diego after the completion of all four programs.

Data Science and AI Foundation Program - Learnbay

Description: Learnbay brings a proven data science program for working experts in different fields with 100% growth assistance. From learning tools to work on live projects, this course program trains the experts in real time. The online data science courses guide the learners through industry experts and prioritize their skills and income growth.

Learning platform: Learnbay

USP: Offline experience labs, offline job-assistance program, online training sessions with the latest data tools, fresh capstone projects, & a global certification.

Fee: ₹79,000 + 18% GST (flexible financing option)

Duration: 5-7 months

Placement aid: Yes (300+ industry partners & interview calls)

Certificate: An online data science certificate from IBM & Microsoft

Data Science Course - Intellipaat

Description: Intellipaat brings an industry-led data science certification program in collab with IITM Pravartak. They aim to train the working pros with the latest and in-demand data tools to reshape their career. With no coding expertise required, any working pro can restart his career in the data field with a 100% growth guarantee.

Learning platform: Intellipaat

USP: IIT Madras faculty-led training program & campus drive with IITM Pravartak.

Fee: ₹100,035 (No-cost EMI option)

Duration: 7 months

Placement aid: Yes (Job assistance, interviews, & resume building)

Certificate: In association with IITM Pravartak

Advanced Data Science and AI Certification Program – Learnbay

Description: Regardless of the online data science course fees, Learnbay’s Advanced Data Science and AI Certification Program offers learners an extensive course guide. Anyone hopeful of building a career in the data field can opt for this program which comes in three levels – basic, intermediate, and advanced. With live projects to 1:1 mentorship, upskilling delivers better gains.

Learning platform: Learnbay

USP: Training on fast-paced data science & ML trends, Live projects in the context of real-world business problems, Dual certifications and Domain specilaization.

Fee: ₹99,000 + GST (Flexible EMI options)

Duration: 7–9 months

Placement aid: Yes

Certificate: An online data science certificate from IBM and Microsoft.

A data science enthusiast is sitting in front of a laptop and searching for data science courses.

Top 5 Data Science Courses Online (Free)

How much does the data science certification program cost? — This question comes up each time when a learner thinks of upskilling. In some cases, working pros drop the decision to upskill, witnessing the hefty amount it charges. Thus, some prime institutes in the data science and data analytics industry have come up with free online courses.

Here, we have discussed some free data science courses online that you may opt for to refine your skills -

Data Science Methodology by IBM – Coursera

Description: Coursera brings a free data science course in association with the tech giant IBM. Data Science Methodology by IBM guides the learners in upskilling with trending tools to handle live projects. Amidst the costly online data science course fees, IBM supports quality learning free of cost. It mainly focuses on data methodology or procedure to work with datasets in real time.

Learning platform: Coursera

USP: Expertise training in data science methodology & hands-on experience with data modeling tools.

Fee: Free

Duration: 8 hours

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: A data science certification online by IBM.

Applied Data Science with Python by the University of Michigan – Coursera

Description: For making upskilling easy and smooth ride, Coursera comes with a free data science course with specific training in Python skills. Knowing the use of Python in data analysis, visuals, & managing ML models, this data science certification program trains learners with self-paced learning scope.

Learning platform: Coursera

USP: Real-time upskilling with Python programming

Fee: Free

Duration: 3 months

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: An online data science certificate from Coursera in collab with the University of Michigan.

Learn Data Science With R Part 1-10 – Udemy

Description: Regardless of online data science course fees, Udemy introduces this free course program for refining your skills with R programming. With the basic of R by experts-made learning videos, your programming skills get reshaped. Anyone interested in learning R programming in the context of data science uses can opt for this free course.

Learning platform: Udemy

USP: R basics about data science trends

Fee: Free

Duration: 8 hours & 42 mins

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: A data science certificate by Udemy.

Intro to Data Science – Udacity

Description: Udacity curates this free course program competes with many data science courses that keep the learners engaged over free learning platforms. This program delivers brief knowledge about data science, Python, data analysis, data wrangling, viewing the patterns, & MapReduce. However, before opting for this program, one must have basic knowledge of statistics & Python.

Learning platform: Udacity

USP: Introduction sessions by data scientists from Google & Twitter

Fee: Free

Duration: 2 months

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: An online data science certificate by Udacity

Data Science Course – Mastering the Fundamentals – Scaler

Description: Scaler brings an industry-paced data science certification online course free of cost. This program empowers the learners with vital data skills to deal with real-world business problems. The course curriculum includes a good knowledge of statistics, programming languages, visual tools, & ML models. This free learning platform helps the learners get well-versed in SQL & Python libraries like Pandas & NumPy.

Learning platform: Scaler

USP: Training sessions from the top industry experts & unlimited access to learning materials.

Fee: Free

Duration: 8 hours & 44 mins

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: An online data science certificate by Scaler

Top 5 Data Science Courses Offline (Paid)

Gaining an online data science certificate has become an effective way to shape a career in the data field. Yet, not all working pros are confident with online training modes. Some also opt for offline learning platforms as per the need.

Below are some industry-led data science courses offline that you may consider while reshaping your career -

Certified Data Scientist Course - Datamites

Description: Now, becoming a certified data scientist is easy with Datamites. Like data science courses online, this in-classroom program also offers many career growth options to the working pros. From self-paced learning to preparing for the interviews, this program by Datamites delivers better gains. Real-time learning of tools and hands-on experience in 25 live projects & 1 client project refines data skills.

Learning platform: Datamites

USP: Industry-proven certificate from IABAC & NASSCOM, cases for better decision-making skills development, specialized sessions for managers.

Fee: ₹82,845

Duration: 8 months or 700 hours

Placement aid: Yes (Interview + job assistance)

Certificate: A data science certificate from Datamites in association with IABAC & NASSCOM.

Advanced Program in Data Science – IIM Calcutta

Description: IIM Calcutta supports the growing data science field and brings an open-learning platform for the techies and non-techies. Unlike the online data science course fees, this program is expensive for the working pros. This course aims to help learners with in-demand data tools and trends and have real-time uses. IIMC faculties guide during project handling to strengthen the foundation of data knowledge.

Learning platform: IIM Calcutta Campus

USP: Learning from IIMC instructors, upskilling with real-time industry cases, & a program best for working pros, especially managers.

Fee: ₹480,000 + GST

Duration: 12 months (once a week, either Sunday or Wednesday)

Placement aid: Campus drive (probably)

Certificate: Like a data science certification program, you will also get a certificate from IIM Calcutta as a trained data scientist.

Social Data Science – University of Oxford

Description: The University of Oxford brings several courses in data science, like social data science, health data science, and many more. Like data science courses online, this offline course helps industry experts in working on real-world projects and make data-driven decisions with social values. From machine learning models to visualization, a learner gets the scope to upskill with the latest trends in data science. This course links a connection between policy and practices that will help managers in making firm decisions.

Learning platform: University of Oxford

USP: Gain better knowledge of using data science tools about social cases.

Fee: $4,000

Duration: 10 months

Placement aid: N/A

Certificate: Like an online data science certificate, the University of Oxford also offers a proven certificate for this offline course program.

Data Science 360 Course - Analytix Labs

Description: Considering the prominent industries thriving around, the demand for data scientists has outgrown. The demand for data science certification online is emerging for training the experts in this role. Also, some offline courses like the Data Science 360 courses come forward to upskill the experts with real-time skills. From MIS reporting analytics to R programming, you can learn anything related to data science.

Learning platform: Analytix Labs

USP: A scholarship of ₹8,000 from the Government of India after completing the course.

Fee: ₹52,000

Duration: 500 hours (46 classes)

Placement aid: Yes (Resume building, mock interviews, job referrals, & continuous assistance)

Certificate: A data science certificate by Analytix Labs, Future Skills Prime, & NASSCOM.

Certified Data Scientist Operations Course - Datamites

Description: Datamites bring a reputed offline course program for working pros hopeful of shaping a career in data science. With specialization in the operations department, this program helps the pros upskill with the in-demand data tools. Like online data science courses, this offline program also guides the experts. It helps learners to learn the use of predictive analytics in operations & solving complex issues. Plus, the live projects help the experts gain hands-on experience with real-world industry cases.

Learning platform: Datamites

USP: Cloud lab access & Global certification

Fee: ₹32,445

Duration: 3 months or 400 hours

Placement aid: Yes (Internship & job assistance program)

Certificate: A globally recognized certificate from IABAC & Jain University

These discussions on courses available for the working pros shall help them make a wise career move. Be it online or offline, paid or free, a proven course program must be able to offer real-time upskilling with the latest data tools & 100% career growth help. A data science certification online shall give better results if quality investment in education is made.

How to Choose the Best Data Science Certification Online

If you wish to shape a career in data science, then choosing the right course program is essential. But how to decide & make the right move?

Here are some tips about the features that you must check while opting for certification online -

Industry-paced course module:

One must check the course module before enrolling in any data science program. An industry-paced training program curates the course modules as per the latest trends. Be it online or offline; a data science course trains learners with data tools and methods that are in demand.

An online data science certificate is worthy if the learner is educated about the in-demand data tools. A complete course module comes with tailored sessions that provide both theoretical and practical training to excel in the data science career.

Thus, before registering for any course, consult with reliable counselors and know the modules the program has.

Mentors with relevant industry experience:

Mentors or industry experts help upskill with any course program. The working pros with any domain expertise need upskilling to excel in the desirable field. In the tech era, since data science is thriving here and there, the demand for industry-led data science courses online has increased. Hence, you must learn such demanding concepts from anyone who has expertise in his areas.

Mentors or industry experts are the ones who directly train you with the latest tools. But data science training requires a more practical approach to teaching rather than an academic style. A proven data science certification program offers you the scope of getting trained under proven experts with related years of experience in the same field.

Flexible yet Affordable:

Do you know most learners back out from upskilling due to hefty course fees?

Many working pros refuse to consider the thought of upskilling due to time constraints and lack of finances. The digital welcomes data science for its approach toward an insightful future, paving the way toward actionable decision-making. But proven data science courses bring a flexible learning platform that helps the pros in having a work-learn balance.

Online data science course fees impose a threat of redundant careers. Due to costly course fees, many working pros at an early level back outs from the decision to upskill. Also, some experts feel investing in expensive courses could be more worthwhile, resulting in increasing skills gaps in the data science industry.

Thus, while choosing the right course, you must consider flexible timings and an affordable fee structure with good financing plans.

100% Placement Aid:

Upskilling with a common course is not good for the career transition journey. Instead, it has to consider the job readiness of the learners. Before opting for an online data science certificate, you must look for placement aid and tied-up industry partners.

A worthy enough course program will offer you 100% job help with real-time job readiness programs. It includes interview preparation, resume building, helping with portfolios, and mock interviews with chosen industry partners.

Thus, you must opt for such data science programs that offer better placement drives after you complete the course.

Globally Accredited Certification:

Does obtaining a globally recognized certificate upscale the chances of getting premium job calls from MNCs?

A course program that you will be joining for upskilling must be accredited at a global platform. This enhances the chances of landing your dream roles with the lead MNCs across the globe. Accreditation brings confidence to thrive in the chosen data science career.

Regardless of online data science course fees, a globally recognized certificate can take you to the endless scope of career growth.
An image displays the eligibility standards for data science courses. The mentioned criteria are graduation degree, domain knowledge and applied mathematics/statistical knowledge.

Know Your Eligibility for Becoming a Data Scientist

The data science field is lucrative and carries endless scope for growth. But it has specific requirements that one must consider to make self eligible for the field.

To make a career as a data scientist, some requirements must be kept in mind -

Graduation degree

To have a career in the data field in any role, you must have a graduate degree in any field. It is the minimum educational requirement for the aspirant. Having a UG degree lets you start your career in entry-level job roles. Plus, a degree must possess good knowledge of academics. With this degree, you can also opt for data science certification online to learn the latest tools and trends.

Domain knowledge

Having a sound knowledge of academics and your domain is vital for a data science career. The rise of data science in several sectors has made it domain specific. Even data science courses come with different domain-specific projects that you may need to work with while upskilling.

Applied mathematics/statistics knowledge

To kick-start your career in data science, you must carry basic knowledge of applied mathematics/statistics. Data science deals with huge datasets, and simplifying them needs good control over numerical. Basic knowledge of stats and their uses helps the experts learn advanced versions and use them in the data field. Also, upskilling with data science courses online demands knowledge of mathematics/statistics.

What Else??

The data science field has been thriving lately. With endless career growth options, this data field welcomes many skilled data experts in different roles and positions. In this scenario, continuous learning has become vital for many working pros. Regardless of online data science course fees, pros are opting for industry-led training programs with 100% placement aid.

Attentive learning through a data science certification online can make a successful way to achieve career growth. Learning with the latest data trends and tools can guide learners in solving complex business world issues. Also, a globally approved certificate is vital to match the changing job outlook of data science roles.

Final Words

Recent years have seen data science grow as a gainful career path for many working pros. Indeed, data science has built a strong position in this digital space. In such growth cases, one question has become famous - ‘Who can shape his career as a data scientist’

Answering this, anyone who knows to solve complex business problems insightfully can become a data scientist. With mastery over data science tools and trends, a generic working expert can make his career as a data scientist. An industry-led data science certification program can help you become a data scientist with all the trending skills.

Again a doubt raises the question, ‘Which certificate is worthy for starting a career in the data science field?

Our blog has provided some good examples of data science courses online that bring better career growth options. Yet, you must choose the one that offers benefits like -

  • Training sessions on the latest data science trends and tools
  • Real-time learning with live projects
  • 100% placement aid
  • A globally accredited certificate

Data Science and AI Foundation Program is an industry-led online course that offers you all the options for career development. This program brings an interactive session for the working experts who are hopeful to make their career in data science. From real-time learning of related tools to getting hands-on experience through live projects, a learner gets wings to fly high.

This course offers a job-readiness program offline across its experience labs with 100% placement aid. Plus, a globally approved certificate in collab with IBM & Microsoft lifts career growth options in data science.

Now, shaping a growing career in the data science field with in-demand job roles is relatively easy. Instead, upskilling with the wise course program expands the growth options in real time.


What is the best data science certification course online?

The best data science course offers the scope of real-time career growth for working pros. Under such courses, a learner gets flexible upskilling with the latest data science trends and tools and works with capstone projects. Plus, a job-readiness program followed by a globally approved certificate adds more gains.

Is the data science certificate worth it?

An online data science certificate is a worthy upskilling program that opens career growth scope. In this thriving data-driven world, having proven knowledge of tools and techniques is vital. A certificate is vital to display your skills and add a global badge to your resume in a data-led job landscape.

Is learning data science in 3 months possible?

Data science courses range from six months to one year. Duration does not matter; the level of program you opt for decides your career growth. Hence, learning data science in a vast course in 3 months can give you the basic knowledge, but working with live projects needs more time.