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12 Best Data Science Courses for Working Professionals in 2023

By Manas Kochar Category Data Science Reading time 6.7 mins Published on Sep 08, 2023
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Top Online Data Science Courses That Working Professionals Must Enroll In!

If you're looking for a course through which you can successfully transition to another domain, then data science is the right choice. The field of data science is fascinating, especially for newcomers searching for exciting and sustainable work opportunities.

Data scientists act as leaders when solving problems in various fields. They use data-driven strategies like creating personalized ideas using market predictions. They must have solid statistics, computer science, and mathematics knowledge to develop data-driven solutions.

Data science online training is best suited for beginners to develop into data scientists. Data scientists earn around Rs.14 Lakhs per year, according to Glassdoor. This helps increase the need for qualified professionals in data science. Online data science courses help a lot in this case.

You can gain relevant experience, knowledge, and certifications from a data science course online. We will go through some of the top online programs for data science aspirants. We used factors such as data science course fees online, modules, requirements, etc., to help you navigate through the list.

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List of 12 best data science courses

1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This data science course online on the Coursera platform is a great program with IBM. It offers several topics, such as machine learning, visualizing data, natural language processing, predictive modeling, etc. You will gain skills in Python, GitHub, SQL, Pandas, and more.

There are nine courses available, along with one capstone project. Learners can enroll to begin their data science journey or boost their current skills. They will build hands-on experience with data science libraries, languages, and tools.

Required experience: A basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

Certificate: You get industry-recognized IBM certification.

Course fees: Rs.3,226/month

2. Data Science and Machine Learning Program

This online data science courses program on Scaler offers custom-made modules built on insights from data science experts. The course prepares learners to handle a business's ML and data science needs. You will work on answering real-world problems through constant advice from industry experts.

The modules cover basic and advanced coding concepts, ML, and modern data science topics. They provide placement aid, one-on-one mentors, and a solid peer community. The program is suitable for novice, moderate, and advanced-level learners.

Required experience: It requires experience or knowledge of coding.

Certificate: There is no certificate.

Course fees: Rs.3.59 Lakhs

3. Advanced-Data Science and AI Program

This data science course online is one of the most thorough programs for working professionals. Learnbay Institute offers this advanced data science certification course and provides live data science online training to learners. They can learn online and offline at their convenience. They also get mentor assistance along with the course.

The updated modules cover basic coding, machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence tools, AWS, and more. The institute provides live training facilities in major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and more. Learners get one-on-one doubt clearance, real-world data science projects, and placement assistance.

Required experience: The program is for individuals having a bachelor's or a minimum of one year of IT/Non-IT experience.

Certificate: On completing the course and capstone project, learners can earn IBM and Microsoft certifications from the institute.

Course fees: Rs.99,000 + 18% GST and EMI option for Rs.9,735/month.

4. Python for Machine Learning and Data Science Bootcamp

The Udemy program focuses on utilizing Python for ML and data science. It is suitable for learners who have basic knowledge of data science. The mentors offer modules together with Jupyter Notebook for easy understanding.

Learners also get a video explanation of the solution for every problem. You can enroll in this course and an individual probability and statistics program. The modules cover Analysis of Big Data, Python for Data Science and ML, Support Vector Machines, Natural Language Processing, and more.

Required experience: Knowledge of Python or any language is preferable.

Certificate: Udemy offers a certificate of completion.

Course fees: Rs.4,499

5. Advanced Program in Data Science

IIM Calcutta provides this data science course. This course teaches various ways to handle, analyze, manage, and interpret data. Learners can gain practical data analytics experience. It teaches tools like SPSS Modeler, Tableau, Oracle SQL, Python, Hadoop, etc., to manage and analyze data.

Learners will gain a strong basic knowledge of applying complex quantitative and statistical practices in decision-making. IIM experts deliver guidance in live projects. You can also practice hands-on with various languages used in coding.

Required experience: You need basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

Certificate: You can gain the IIM Certificate.

Course fees: Rs.4.40 Lakhs + GST

6. Data Science Orientation

This course covers concepts such as machine learning, data mining, visualizing data, and exploration in data science. EdX, along with Microsoft, provides this data science online training.

It is a self-paced data science program. The program offers exposure to a network of data experts. You can also connect with data science professionals for any doubts.

Required experience: People with no prior experience can enter.

Certificate: Learners can receive an official certificate.

Course fees: Free, but the official data science certificate requires Rs.20,601.

7. Data Science Career Track

It is a great course from DataCamp providing concepts such as ML algorithms, R, deep learning, data modeling, and visualizing data. It is also a self-paced program. It gives real-world problems and job help through resume building.

Required experience: None

Certificate: You can earn your certificate after completing the course.

Course fees: Rs.37,148/year

8. Data Scientist in Python

This comprehensive study from Dataquest includes more than 1000 hours of material that learners can access. Accessibility can play an essential role in making the learning experience an exceptional one, especially in urban centers such as Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, or Pune. Here, you may take full advantage of this feature and maximize its advantages for maximum benefit.

Required experience: None

Certificate: You gain a certificate after completion of the capstone project.

Course fees: Rs.4,054/month

9. Professional Certificate in Data Science

Harvard University supports data enthusiasts in building a promising career in data science through its training program. Upskilling with ML algorithms, R language, and data analysis tools help the data experts in handling business issues and solving them. There are nine modules, and after completing these, you may complete a project in data analytics.

Required experience: None

Certificate: There is a course completion certificate.

Course fees: Rs.81,992

10. Data Science Specialization

Johns Hopkins University provides this data science course online and delivers modules on concepts and tools used in data science. Learners can create a great portfolio of work through this course. They will gain hands-on skills in real-world problems to develop a data product.

Required experience: Coding experience and basic knowledge of algebra.

Certificate: Learners can receive an official certificate.

Course fees: Free, but the official certificate requires Rs.4,054/month.

11. Introduction to Python Data Science

The University of Michigan program provides learners with basic data science knowledge using Python. It covers Python, data analysis, and changing and visualizing data. The self-paced program offers quizzes, assignments, and video lectures.

Required experience: None

Certificate: None

Course fees: Free

12. MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science

It is a course from MIT that helps learners study and master statistics, machine learning, and data science. You will work with big data and create predictions through data analysis. There are four thorough modules. You will gain hands-on experience in Python and machine learning concepts.

They teach ML concepts such as deep learning, linear models, and reinforcement learning. You will practice supervised and unsupervised learning, like deep neural networks and clustering.

Required experience: Knowledge of Python and mathematics reasoning.

Certificate: You can take an online supervised exam to earn the certificate.

Course fees: Rs.1 Lakh.


The courses mentioned above can help to work professionals become expert data scientists. You need to make sure the program you pick offers accreditation and job placement assistance. But, choosing the suitable one among the vast options available can be difficult.

You can decide based on factors such as data science course fees online, learning format, material, duration, reviews, ratings, and mentor aid offered. A lot of the courses provide flexibility, which is required for working professionals to manage their work-life balance. It is best to opt for online data science courses that offer hands-on experience working on real-world projects, creating a viable option for effective career growth.