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Why One Must Opt for a Data Science Course

By Sonalisha Mohanty Category Data Science Reading time 9 mins Published on Jul 24, 2023

Ace Your Career With An Industry-proven Data Science Online Course

With notable innovations, the modern digital age bridges the gaps between the physical and virtual worlds. Amidst such tech shifts, business and job landscape alter their direction, moving toward a data-driven culture. Thus, the terms like data science and data analytics have become commonplace expressions.

To be precise, with data science platforms, the emergence of in-demand jobs and a progressive future look for upskilling. Recent years have witnessed increasing enrollments in data science courses, while the lingering skills gap is directed toward generic learning. Now this enhances the value of a data science online course program with 100% job assistance and real-time knowledge of data science tools.

In the past, businesses relied upon instincts and secondary data available with the team to reach a solution. But a relentless rise of tech innovations attracts firms toward insightful business decisions. Thus, an inclination toward the data field increases across start-ups and MNCs across the globe.

In fact, a Data science platform valued at USD 95.3 billion in 2021 now expects to reach USD 322.9 billion by 2026. A clear indication for upskilling with a data science online training marks here that no working professional should avoid.

Why Learn Data Science?

Data science has become a source of enlightenment for firms that simultaneously transforms the job landscape. Data science holds endless scope for career growth in this field that brings stability in the future.

Now, as firms prefer insightful decisions and resilience in their operations, the search for skilled data scientists has increased. Hence, you must learn data science online to map with trending skills in your desirable domain. Undoubtedly, with the surge in job opportunities in the data science field, the threat of industry competition also gets severe.

Often data experts fail to understand real-world business issues and the ways to apply data science tools in real-time. But with a proven data science course program, one can use the domain knowledge with technical expertise while working on capstone projects.

With the dawn of a data-driven culture across the globe, the job landscape welcomes the endless potential of the digital world. Sound knowledge of data science and related tools has become a need that holds the power of bringing groundbreaking success in the future.

Thus, certain online courses for data science have been trending in recent years that help in building a growing career.

As per the reports, the rate of jobs looking forward to trending data science skills expects a rise of 27.9% by 2026. Now, the one with skills in the trending data science tools with practical learning gets more notice than the generic ones. With a proven data science online course program, getting versed in trending skills is not hard.

Factors Behind Increasing Demand for Data Science

The job landscape has seen massive changes in job titles and roles after the advent of data science. Amidst risks and growing business rivalry, the leaders see the core benefits of having a data-driven culture.

Data science simplifies complex datasets to bring insightful business decisions. Even the online courses for data science support the same and curate industry-proven course modules for the experts to learn.

To be specific, the upward-sloping trend for data science has two factors to consider, and they are -

a. Changing job landscape:

The current job outlook seems different from the earlier ones, as the demand for more unique and insightful roles has increased. At present, data science job roles are trending with expanding job opportunities. In 2022, the BFSI sector had over 18K jobs, followed by E-commerce with 13K vacancies.

No wonder the forthcoming years will see tremendous growth in data science job roles in various domains. In this, a trending data science online training comes as a true guide for the experts. During the learning sessions, you will learn the practical use of data science tools in analyzing patterns, suggesting improvements, and actionable decision-making.

b. Growing demand for recession-proof careers:

No doubt, the in-demand data science roles are increasing each year, but the magnificent rise in the use of data is undeniable. In the digital age, uninterrupted use of data has triggered the emergence of skilled data scientists in the industry. This is why the future scope for data science job roles expands.

Plus, with massive layoffs and cost-cutting metrics amidst uncertain times, the demand to shape a recession-proof career increases. Viewing the considerable scope of data science at present, the online courses for data science help in upskilling with trending data science tools.

Skills to Become Eligible for Data Scientist Role

In the ever-evolving digital age, the emergence of upskilling persists longer. From getting adapted with continuous innovations to factual decision-making practice, data scientists trend all the time. 98.6% of professionals agree with continuous upskilling to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, you must learn data science online to stay updated with industry trends and demanding tools.

An industry-driven data science online course curriculum starts with an introductory session. This briefs the learners with fundamental concepts of data science, related career growth scope, basics of programming, and statistics used in real-time.

Yet, a proven course program offers the scope to build the below-discussed skills useful in data science.

a. Python & SQL programming language

Data science with Python programming language has become the most popular skill set for experts and a way to grab lucrative job offers.

Basic Python skill is useful to start a career in the data field, while the need for advanced programming is still in demand. In the present tech age, programmers and developers see a rising trend in the job market. Plus, the trending data science era sees the dominance of Python and SQL-like programming languages.

Data science online training in Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, & Sklearn helps experts in data analysis. The programmers at both the beginner and advanced levels find Python simple to use and reliable in processing complex data patterns in real-time.

SQL works well with data science and helps the experts extract useful data from the company’s database and analyze the patterns. Managing daily workflows with the use of a database becomes an easy task when you learn SQL programming language.

b. Statistics & Machine Learning

According to Data Science Skills Survey in 2022, around 84% of experts opined that ML & statistics are the two most trending skills in the data science field.

Data needs in-depth analysis, evaluation, & fair interpretation to make valuable business decisions. With exponential growth in the use of data, the emergence of developing basic statistics and ML knowledge becomes essential.

Data science enthusiasts must have a deep understanding of statistical methods for data exploration and processing. The online courses for data science provide real-time learning and practice of statistical tools in their projects.

To work seamlessly with the data science lifecycle, a basic knowledge of ML algorithms and their practical use is essential. ML algorithms help experts to have a clear picture of the market trends, use a decision-tree model for factual moves, and develop better insights.

If you join a proven data science online course program, your knowledge of ML will get stronger with practical sessions.

c. Tableau

Visual analytics is useful in viewing the data patterns and creating stories in the dashboard. Tableau helps data experts derive insights from unstructured data sets and use the same in business decisions. With visual analytics in Tableau, data scientists can solve their daily business issues with facts in hand.

A trending data science online training equips the learners with hands-on projects to gain practical knowledge of Tableau. From designing dashboards to having real use of predictive models, a course refines an expert’s visualization skills.

d. PowerBI

PowerBI eases the task complexities of the experts. From viewing the latest data trends to designing attractive dashboards, PowerBI helps in in-depth data analysis. You must learn data science online to unfold different facets of PowerBI in simplifying data analysis work.

PowerBI goes well with programming languages, statistics, ML, & Tableau to ease down the data exploration burden of the data scientists. Plus, designing data reports and dashboards is an additive advantage.

e. Big Data & Spark

Big data is crucial in the data field. The power of data gets unlocked when the right skills and expertise are applied by the experts. Big data leads the data experts to have control over the larger datasets and mark the trends.

Data needs to be extracted, stored, and analyzed to deliver better results. With consistent learning from data science online training, a data expert gets to know the real use of Hadoop and spark analytics in data analysis.

f. Time Series Forecasting

Time series forecasting helps data scientists in predicting future trends and make optimal decisions. The online courses for data science offer the privilege of reading through existing data patterns and forecasting future trends.

The real-time use of ARIMA models for behavior prediction and analysis under a course program guides the experts to have better data analysis. Data analysis is incomplete without data prediction. Sound knowledge of time series analysis and related use in data science speaks to the success of insightful decisions in businesses.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Data Science Course

a. Industry-led Learning with 100% job assistance: The trending online courses for data science come with learning sessions curated with the latest trends and tools. Plus, the benefit of professional grooming and mock interview sessions offer the benefit of placement assistance. Having an association with industry partners makes a learner capable of appearing for interviews with leading MNCs.

b. Real-time upskilling with trending data science tools: You must learn data science online to get real-time upskilling with in-demand tools. The industry projects, according to your domain choice, guide your career in data science well. Upskilling with practical learning enhances the chances of cracking product-based interviews in MNCs.

c. Unstoppable career growth: Data science proves to be a recession-proof career with endless possibilities for growth. Upskilling from a data science online course helps a data expert to shape a bright future in this field. Plus, faster promotions and attractive salary hikes are additional perks here that you should consider.

d. Wide range of career options across MNCs: Data science is trending due to its attractive job landscape that unlocks several career opportunities. A data science career path has different level-led roles, from entry-level to senior designations. If you opt for a data science online training program, you can delve into wider career roles. A proven course program helps the experts know different data science roles with opportunities and threats analysis.

e. Stay updated with the latest trends: A data science online course keeps the data experts updated with the market trends and the latest updates in real. If you stay alert to the latest changes in your domain expertise, performing well with relevant data science tools will become easy.

What else to consider??

In the realm of tech innovations and the dominance of trending data tools, relevant experts find the data science field lucrative. Certainly, upskilling is an effective way to reach the zenith of career success to cope in this rising field. You must learn data science online to see a rising career in data.

Yet, sometimes learning from a generic course program or less experienced mentors restrict your career success rate in the trending field. Thus, wise choices for mentors and practical exposure to trending tools are equally useful in shaping your career in data science.

A good data science online training program has the potential to refine your skills with practical exposure to the real world. Also, experienced mentors in the training programs strengthen your skills and domain knowledge. Thus, you must opt for online courses with experienced mentors and real-time projects in different fields.

End Notes!!

The essence of modern technology revolves around ‘data.’ As businesses embark on a data-driven journey at present, the rise in demand for skilled data scientists is seen. Owing to this, data science has been trending as a prominent skill along with AI, ML, cloud computing, & blockchain. Yet, the persisting skills gap in the industry increases the demand for upskilling.

Through industry-led data science online training, upskilling becomes easy and helpful for reshaping a data career. This program will broaden the data science abilities and knowledge of the latest tools. The program brings fresh capstone projects that refine the real-time skills of data experts, making them versed in real business instances.

With Data Science and AI Foundation Program, aspiring working professionals can have industry-specific mentoring values. With basic knowledge of applied mathematics or statistics, one can learn the trending data science tools with proven capstone projects in an offline experience lab. The learners have the scope to choose any domain as per their educational background or career interest and start learning data science.

In addition to this, the learners get the value of 100% job assistance that includes 1:1 mock interviews, offline resume building, interview calls, & offline counseling by industry experts on your chosen domain specialization. The course program has collaboration with tech giants IBM & Microsoft that accredits your learning with a globally recognized certification.